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8 Ball Pool MOD APK v55.2.4 Latest 2024 [Long Lines]

File Name
8 Ball Pool
Compatible with
4.4 and up
MOD Features
Long Lines
Updated on
Mar 16, 2024

Holding a stick and hitting balls is more stress-relieving than everything else in sports globally. There are millions of pool and snooker lovers inside the esports market working hard to make their aim the best among all their competitors and win as many trophies as they can.

And it’s cool, as playing snooker virtually is more entertaining than realistically. Today, you can try it with this fantastic game version named 8 Ball Pool MOD APK.

Keeping it simple, there are more than 100 android games based on pool and snooker with both the 3D interface and 2D interface.

But most of these games suck, as somewhere the interfaces are complex, and you will get a laggy interface on the other side. But among all these games, we found one hidden gem named 8 Ball pool.

However, it’s damn hard to call it a hidden gem because more than 500 million Android gamers enjoy this game globally with both single-player training and multiplayer gaming modes.

8 Ball Pool MOD APK

The game also contributes to hundreds of tournaments and the most incredible gaming modes to evolve your enthusiasm about the pool. But the real magic you require for enjoyment with pleasure is inside the 8 Ball Pool mod APK.

What is an 8 Ball Pool?

8 Ball Pool is a traditional esports Android game that delivers the same interface you realistically enjoyed on that pool table.

Like the actual game rules, it gets started with the 16 balls initially, where seven would be yours, the other seven would be your rival’s empire, one last black ball, and one cue ball. You need to put all those seven balls of yours and lastly, the black queen ball by hitting the cue ball through a stick.

You can play this game with the precise aim you made in your favorite game Carrom Board, as it relates almost entirely to that.

8 Ball Pool MOD S1

Moreover, you would love to enjoy its interface, as the 8 Ball Pool delivers a 2D gaming interface with no bugs at all. You can take a stick, change your aim, customize the cue hit, and shoot the ball to make pockets.

Later, the 8 Ball Pool also consists of tremendous gaming modes, tournaments, and international games that you would love playing.

Lastly, this miniplay Android game delivers you an option to create a gaming account with Facebook or Google Play to store your gaming data and recent scores safely.

What is an 8 Ball Pool MOD APK?

Miniplay has worked hard within the 8 Ball Pool game interface, but they basically forgot to simplify the complexity for beginners.

If you’re a beginner and wanna play this game in the first place, you won’t have many coins, and consequently, you would need to struggle with the small aim to hit pockets.

Moreover, it would become damn challenging for you to defeat the professionals and even enter the leveled tournaments.

8 Ball Pool MOD

But why worry when we’re here holding your hand, promising you to simplify all your in-game struggles? We’re here with the 8 Ball Pool MOD APK, a sophisticated modification developed for this official pool game.

You can enjoy infinite in-app purchases with endless game coins inside this modified version. Moreover, you can also participate in rewarding tournaments using those coins.

8 Ball Pool MOD S2

Do you want to know more about this modified version? If that’s true, finally, it’s time to get to know about all the features offered by this fantastic android game in real space –


The features of 8 Ball Pool MOD APK are way more effective in evolving your mood than that of the official game. It would start with the most critical anti-ban support and will end with a magical feature that you can’t obtain even after paying money for the official game.

Anti Ban support

The first importance in your mind would be the query about your account, as you can get back everything but not your official 8 Ball Pool account. Most probably, that’s one of the only reasons you’re still away from MOD Games.

But fortunately, this modified version of 8 Ball Pool is 100% safe and secure for your gameplay as well as your account. You can use any ESP and MOD within this game without getting scared of the account ban.

8 Ball Pool MOD S3

Unlimited Coins

After having anti-ban support, you’re now ready to know about all the most impressive features introduced within the 8 Ball Pool MOD APK interface. So the first privilege here is the unlimited game coins.

Suppose you still don’t know about the game coins. In that case, they are the most important game resources that you can exchange for legendary sticks, upgrades, and joining big tournaments. After having infinite money, you can purchase the snake stick, hazard stick, and all premium stick skin without spending real money.

Free Customizations

Do you know that you can make your customizations within the 8 Ball Pool game? Yeah, you can change the color of the pool table, the stick design, and the game theme, but first of all, you need the dollars inside the game.

Dollars are rarer than the folds, as every level up offers you just a single dollar. But with the 8 Ball Pool modified game, you can enjoy an infinite amount of dollars freely at the wastage of zero extra minutes. Time to get evolved!

8 Ball Pool MOD S4

Play Online/Offline

The next feature of the 8 Ball Pool MOD APK is the varying gaming modes. If have you got a working internet connection, go on with it, or even if you’ve got no internet connection, you can play the training sessions.

In simple words, you won’t get bored while playing, by having this game installed on your Android phone.

Whether you’re taking a class with an internet connection or traveling on a train without that, just initialize the 8 Ball Pool game and go on with it!


The 8 Ball Pool game is a damn giant in terms of features, as it won’t just offer the pool and snooker modes but also provide a carnival season.

Inside this season, you can point in your money as just a one-time investment and enjoy monthly free mystery boxes, character avatars, and premium sticks.

Except that 8 Ball Pool MOD APK contains more additional features than the last one, ticking the clock awaiting you!

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