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Angry Birds Blast MOD v2.6.4 APK 2024 [Unlimited Moves/Money]

File Name
Angry Birds Blast
Package Name
Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Compatible with
5.0 and up
154 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money/ Moves
Updated on
Feb 8, 2024

Catapult won’t be the only way of dealing with the Angry Birds. You’re gonna see a new puzzling way with the unlocked game levels in Angry Birds Blast MOD APK.

Do you still know the time when catapult gaming started? I’m talking about Rovio developers, they built that absolute android game Angry Birds RIO which became a generous sensation all over the world.

I was back there old playing it on my computer and destroying those piggies’ mansions in one hit for getting 3 stars. Time was ultimate, but a new thing by Rovio is out named Angry Birds Blast MOD APK.

Blasting some bubbles is the actual gameplay, and you ought to make that real. The game would help you by guiding you in the first few levels that you need to tap the largest number of bubbles together for blasting them and getting the mighty boosters.

The least number of moves you’d use gaming, the largest score you’d acquire in the gaming levels, and consequently a huge score on the leaderboard would be all yours.

Angry Birds Blast MOD APK

The first few game levels would be smooth and you’d obviously complete them all with the whole 3 stars, but the later game levels would make your mind boggled. Level 1 would be fine, and 10 would be fine too, but from Level 30, the complexity would get started.

Angry Birds Blast MOD

You’re now required to have a larger number of lives and boosters for winning each game and playing uninterrupted. That’s only possible with Angry Birds Blast MOD APK!

A new match-3 way of playing Rovio’s angry birds

You know the thing about Angry Birds that made users super attracted to it and they played hours of gaming in a serious mode? That’s the animation thing! If I’d choose the best game series that initialized using animation technology influentially, it’d obviously be Rovio’s Angry Birds series. And now on, you’d have a new experience of playing Angry Birds, a match-3 puzzle experience.

Rovio’s never common. They always do unique things and that’s why you won’t get the Candy Crush kind of glide-and-match bubbles. Conversely, you only need to click the bubbles in the matching quantity of 2 to infinity. Simply, find the larger number of bubbles together and match one of them to blast them and make the booster bubbles. Later, you know what to do with them, CLICK AND BLAST!

Play thousands of game levels with complexity

How to play casual puzzle games for a long time and not get bored? The answer is adding a giant number of game levels. In the same way, the Candy Crush gaming series offered you thousands of game levels for making people always attracted to the gameplay, Angry Birds Blast also contains over 1000 puzzling levels with advancing difficulties and different gaming protocols.

Gaming would be definite here as the Candy Crush soda provided you with the sodalicious levels getting customized in a brilliant way. Angry Birds Blast won’t let you change the game or uninstall it as it’d indulge your dopamine effect and get mixed with happiness. Moreover, there are also some daily challenges and weekly events that you can join in for earning the game coins and gems.

Daily challenges and weekly events to earn coins

People get bored with career gaming modes as no one is good with completing missions and filling the checklists. But we’re living in the online world where the gameplay gets centered within the online gaming modules. You will get updates inside the game every new season in the phase of events and game challenges. Online gaming is really effective.

So if you’re a disciple towards the gaming boosters, earning game lives, and making a huge purchase, these events would help you at their best. You won’t feel blacked out in between the game after having these daily challenges and weekly events and you can also use them to get 3 stars in most of the game levels.

Get up on global leaderboard with mOD version

We all are competitive in nature and we play all the games and all the challenges for taking our ranks to the moon. Global leaderboards are very first required before initializing gameplay as that’s the only thing that provides us the perfect thrill. If you’re finding a thrill and hating the career modes because of the lack of features and premium resources, you need a modification. Uninstall the old official Angry Birds Blast game version and start using the mod.

We’re here today with the Angry Birds Blast MOD APK, a newly modified game for you that includes a gaming space you still carved. The only thing which can make you rank the game’s leaderboards is the game boosters, and being the best version of the game, Angry Birds Blast MOD APK contains that in infinite quantity for you. Don’t use the time-changing trick every time for increasing the number of game lives as the current moment is one including infinite lives.

Make it possible with infinite golds and silvers

The first thing making you hate the official Angry Birds Blast would be the game golds and silvers. These two are the only in-game currencies with this game and it costs up to 8400.00 INR for getting filled in the wallet.

You can use these resources for purchasing the game lives, and boosters, opening chests and unlocking the new boosters before their official arrival. Realistically, everything is based on these premium purchase resources.

What if you’d get all these resources in a never-ending quantity? Thinking of such a blessing only gives an instant shot of happiness to the mind. After this term, no one can ever stop you from getting 3 stars in all the game levels as that’s about to sound smooth to you.

The Angry Birds Blast MOD APK is marking your steps to free unlimited golds and silvers. These game currencies would double your spending and that way you can level up your gaming freely.

Play endlessly with never ending game lives

This trend was first started by the King’s Candy Crush series where they created a live gaming protocol. Accordingly, you get just 5 lives, which means that if you’re losing a game level 5 times, you can’t play anymore until you pay money for it or download a privileged version.

The modified version provides you with a magical mix in which you get infinite gaming lives for eternity. That’s the space where you can give all the game levels your ultimate time.

Suppose there is a very hard game level and you can’t complete it on the first try. In that case, Angry Birds Blast would support you to take millions of chances at every game level. If you’re losing in the first chance, second chance, or even the tenth chance, don’t worry as you’re getting infinite game lives.

Get completely unlocked game version with maps

By the word unlocked game version, we really meant that. Officially, you’d see more than a thousand game levels or what we can say puzzles. When we think naturally, it’s nearly impossible to get to the 1000th level even in 2-3 months.

Now assume what about the gamer who wants to play the last game levels at the very first and enjoy such a thrill. If you’re such a gamer, then Angry Birds Blast MOD APK can be your version.

The modified version is a completely unlocked version with free access to all the game levels. You won’t believe this but I played the 1000th level first after installing the game, even without signing in to a new gamer account or pre-saved cloud servers.

We basically have scripted the unlocked levels already in this modification to help you have convenient access to them all.


Is Angry Birds Blast MOD APK legit?

We always work on our games taking all the security and privacy matters in front view. So you don’t need to get stressed about installing Angry Birds Blast MOD APK to your phone. It’s 100% legit!

Why is Angry Birds Blast MOD APK not on Google Play Store?

If you want privileges other than the official game version servings, you can’t get such app versions on Google Play Store as it’s a violation of some of Google’s policies. The same problem is there with Angry Birds Blast MOD APK.

Do I need to verify Google Play Protect for installing Angry Birds Blast MOD APK?

No, you don’t need to verify this game before installing it on your smartphone. But remember to uninstall the official game version before installing this one.

Is it possible to get infinite lives in Angry Birds Blast?

No doubts! Everything is possible, but It asks you first to have a modified version of the game installed on your phone. Don’t waste time in finding it as we got that here on the same web page named Angry Birds Blast MOD APK.

How to install Angry Birds Blast on an Android phone?

Angry Birds Blast MOD APK is a default kind of android app and needs no complex settings to get installed. So all you need is to install with the default procedure. Download it, open the file manager, locate it, and click the Install button. That’s it!


How can someone stay far from such a brilliant modification and play the same official game version for a long period? No more controversies and information are required to comprehend the game intelligently.

Just click that mere download button and make the Angry Birds Blast MOD APK all yours for blasting bombs, chucks, and blues, and earn a topmost leaderboard position.

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