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AppBlock MOD APK v6.7.1 Download 2024 [Pro Unlocked]

File Name
MobileSoft s.r.o.
Compatible with
5.0 and up
14 MB
MOD Features
Pro Unlocked
Updated on
Feb 8, 2024

Your mind’s primary strategy works on replaying the worst experiences of your life and soon distracts you to get back on your smartphone for instant gratification.

The greatest gift the internet has given man is the ability to generate the largest numbers in net worth, but people these days use their smartphones to do unproductive things, Gaming and Streaming. If you deem to kill them all from roots, AppBlock MOD APK would be your forever comrade.

If you’re feeling your Smartphone is a distraction box that distracts you every time when you try to do something great, today is the day to alter most things.

You can change this ultimate distraction box into a productive thing by using a lightweight Android application named AppBlock. The name absolutely sounds a little app hider and locker, but the reality is eternally different.

Your overall productivity would always be at its peak if you started using the AppBlock App from today. This app includes some psychological healing effects that it creates using the Statistics window and all the unbreakable blockages.

In other words, it’s an app for all those smartphone users muttering that they can’t stop using their smartphones and do productive stuff which is important to them.

AppBlock MOD APK

What is AppBlock APK?

To being super productive, first, you need to kill your phone’s distractions. AppBlock will help you block the unproductive deeds, like YouTube, Instagram, PUBG Mobile, Candy Crush, Camera, and all those things you’re using to kill your productive time.

This mere software requires you to make some clicks on the screen and enable some accessibility and local permissions related to the notification box and other important things.

When you’d enable all the important permissions for this app, it’d show you a smart app interface with a huge list of all the apps you’ve installed on your phone.

Now, you just need to mark the apps that you need to block to become more productive, and lastly click that Block button listed in the last row.

Additionally, it also allows you to block website links, so that whenever you’d browse them through any browser, get stopped by AppBlock.

We all know that it’s hard to permit accessibility options and notification access to AppBlock APK, but mark my words, it’s the safest app blocking service and needs all these permissions only to help you out of the unproductivity.

There is nothing to worry about while using the AppBlock software except its premium subscription plan which costs 199.00 INR/month or 1199.00 INR/year.

What is AppBlock MOD APK?

Only those who get out of worldly distractions get access to the most prosperous life, as money is successfully equivalent to your productivity and struggle.

Now, if the only thing halting you from using the AppBlock and enhancing productivity is the costly subscription plan, we’re ready to help you at that frame with a free modified version.

AppBlock MOD

It is developed with creatively coded scripts to enable the premium subscription without paying real money to the servers.

Moreover, it won’t annoy you with the proper new app interface. The modified version is 110% the same as the official version in terms of the app interface, features, and premium privileges. So, there is no need to say NO to this app anymore.

You can download it merely via the below link and install it to any of your Android smartphones operating above Android 5.0.

It requires no advanced configurations and additional advancements to work properly. All you need is AppBlock MOD APK!


We know how hastily your mind’s nerves are raising a signal to download this APK. But it’d be great if you give a little time to comprehending all the premium features you’re getting with this astonishing modification, as listed below –

Block Apps

According to the 2021 survey of Forbes and Statista, more than 60% of the average Asian population waste at least 6 hours of their daily time playing online android games.

If you want your child’s, relatives, friends, or even your productive time to not get lost in this unproductive stuff, download the modified version as soon as you get the chance.

This app would help you block apps and games smoothly with time limits or permanent blockage.

Block Websites

Applications and Games aren’t the only unproductive internet deeds. People are damn brilliant, and when you’d block the app usage, they’d start streaming and gaming through live websites.

But don’t worry, as it also has a resolution for that. It allows you to block websites within all those apps, and advantageously there is no such browser on the Play Store to browse the website blocked.

Block New Apps

Answer my question; what would you do after having a hard addicted gaming vibe and you still can’t play it because of the AppBlock MOD APK? You’d absolutely download a new game, right?

But you can prohibit this option too with the modified version as it includes an inherent Block New Apps feature. When you’d hover and enable it for your phone, every newly installed app on your phone would get blocked automatically.

Proper Statistics

If you want your unproductivity and unnecessary online apps to get classed out of your life with all its roots, first you need to understand the real evil between all Android apps.

We’d source all of those things beautifully to make you comprehend a monstrous app among all the already installed ones.

After installing this application, you’d find a statistics page, including all the stats related to hours of app usage, open times per day, etc.

Ad-free Interface

We’re primarily here to become productive in our life and kill all the nasty and unnecessary online deeds. But tell me how would we become successful if the official AppBlock contain online distracting ads?

That’s where you’d love to get switched to the MOD APK version. This version includes the very same interface and features, but with an eternally ad-free app interface. Isn’t that astonishing?

Final Verdict

Feeling guilty about your deeds wouldn’t be worth this life, more than making changes and becoming more productive at every new feast.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to all those software obstacles filling your productive period with jargon and unnecessary activities, you’re just a step away from triumph.

Click the above link and download AppBlock MOD APK to your android device and start making your future brighter by blocking distractions.

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