AVG Cleaner MOD v23.24.0 APK 2024 [Pro Unlocked]

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AVG Cleaner
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AVG Mobile
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7.0 and up
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Pro Unlocked
Updated on
Feb 8, 2024

Every android smartphone contains a bigger local storage size these days as people are getting them cheaper. But it doesn’t mean you’re just getting the privileges, as in the backside, the size of files and data is also getting enlarged a lot.

You will get music files of huge size, video files larger than what they were before, and image files also hold more than 4 MBs per image these days.

What you need the most is a cleaner app that can show you wherever there are huge files in the storage and the files which don’t need to be there for long, like the temporary cache files. That’s exactly the task of AVG Cleaner MOD APK.

The app default asks you for a few important permissions like the Storage and Internet to clear all the non-useful files.

The app here is a simple part of the AVG Antivirus group and was created only for smartphones to help clear data.


Now, this data can be in any category and the app uses the storage permissions to find out all the junk files.

AVG Cleaner MOD

Suppose you have some apps on your device and you are not using them frequently, but they are still holding your phone’s storage. AVG Cleaner can help you here, and the best part is its free pro version.

What does AVG Cleaner do?

AVG Cleaner MOD can be also said as the Cleaner Premium version of the app as it includes the Premium part already unlocked. With this unlocked part, you can make use of some exceptional features such as ad removal, deep clean, automatic cleaning, browser cleaner, long-term boost, pro battery life, and many other features.

This android application can help you in cleaning your phone’s storage simply and instantaneously. Moreover, the reviews also say that the app contains high authority and you can trust all its features and capabilities without distrusting its existence. Although, your data is more important than what you have physically because these days, companies and people are just before your data.

That’s why you need to take care of your data and that data would keep you in care. This app tells you about all the unwanted data, but at the same time, it keeps the most important data on your device safe, like your WhatsApp Messages, Media Files, and Gallery files too. Not just that, the premium module of the app offers many brilliant privileges which are all listed below.


People believe in apps on the basis of their features, as they understand about using these apps on a risky basis. However, there is no risk in using the AVG Cleaner App, not even for being a modified premium version, as the app already contains patrons as the antivirus team, including the PC software of AVG and much other software.

Ad-free interface

If you think about data clearance as an offline thing, it’s an online feature of AVG Cleaner and you need to be stuck in those online advertisements while cleaning the storage. With these advertisements, some links also send bugs and viruses plunged in and that’s why we prefer you to get this app including an ad-free app interface. It’s a no-ad official app that comprises all those features officially as the already app.

Deep Clean

The deep clean feature of AVG Cleaner gets into the local storage of your phone and checks out all the non-useful data, even the data hidden somewhere and never getting in your view yet. This app does deep research on your phone’s local storage without capturing any data and asks you to click a button for cleaning that data instantaneously. All the junk files get out of your device in moments.

Automatic Cleaning

If you have enabled the Automatic Cleaning service of AVG Cleaner, then even if you haven’t got a task on the app, or even if you haven’t opened this app, still the junk will get cleaned itself. The app automatically gets into your storage whenever you download a new file or uninstall an application to clear all the residual files. It’s an automated process where you don’t need to do anything.

Browser Cleaner

Most of your device’s cache files get stored in the browser with links, downloads, bookmarks, and history. All these things in your browser conquer unwanted space on your phone and luckily, AVG Cleaner contains the Browser Cleaner option which is directly connected to your phone’s browser. It looks for all the unwanted and temporary files in your browser and clears them all without letting you find them.

Pro Battery Life

If you have never heard this before, your phone’s battery life is also based on the unwanted data available on your device, and the unwanted cache files. But if you know that already, you should work something to amaze your phone’s battery life, and this cleaner app will be used as an outsource to your task. The Pro Battery Life feature here helps you to enhance your device’s battery life as much as it can without unwanted cache.

App Locking

Are you using a third-party app locker on your device, it’s time to uninstall this app. From now on, you can use the AVG Cleaner Premium APK which won’t just clear the unwanted files from your device but also will help you with app locking. You can secure any number of applications using this app’s privilege in terms of PIN lock, Pattern lock, Password Lock, or using your device’s Fingerprint scanner.

Photo Vault

You want more security; you get the ultimate firewall! Start using this cleaner app as it offers you a Photo Vault capability after which you can hide all those pictures and videos so that they won’t be there in your phone’s Gallery anymore. If there are some confidential photos on your device, you can hide them for a time till you’ll disable the Photo Vault feature. Isn’t that surprising?


There are no drawbacks in our version, but there are a lot of them in the official application. As one we’ve got in mind where there are so many junk files you get in your phone after installing the AVG Cleaner app and it contains online advertisements. But our modified version includes all the specialties that you don’t need to pay for, even with an ad-free application interface.


There are no major requirements for this app as it’s a general Android app ready to get installed on any android phone having the below specifications at least.

Version7.0 or upper

Download AVG Cleaner MOD latest version APK

We’ve got this far to finally get our application that’s going to be a safety measure for your device. This one here is the latest modification for AVG Cleaner MOD APK containing all the latest features shown on the Play Store page and the real official app. Open the doors for all the premium privileges using the below app.

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