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BetterSleep MOD APK v23.18 Download 2024 [Premium]

File Name
Package Name
Ipnos Software
Compatible with
6.0 and up
228 MB
MOD Features
Premium Unlocked
Updated on
Feb 8, 2024

Nothing matters more than personal health in our life, as that’s the only spot where no one would ask about or help us in any way.

Consequently, personal health keeps related to having quality food, quality exercise, productive struggle, and most crucially, quality sleep.

According to Statista, global sleep quality is lowering intensely and marked 10% as an all-time low. Let’s make the sleep quality sleep with BetterSleep MOD APK.

The complete technology, future, AI, Metaverse, and everything is in the most productive hands of the global youngsters, but how would they work creatively if they won’t get plenty of daily sleep?

Most people mark many different problems with their sleepiness, as last year we have seen Anxiety, Depression, Daily changes in sleeping schedule, Waking up with headaches and body pain, and all such demerits of having low-quality sleep.

If you’re suffering from any of these snags, and have an ultimate desire to save yourself from these evils, we have got a better way to get you out.

As we tell you every time that technology can help you everywhere; they’ve built an amazing Android app known as Better Sleep.

The app lets you filter problems with sleepiness and solve them all using music and all effective sources.

Better Sleep MOD APK

What is BetterSleep?

Are you running behind the success every day? Are you working at your prime level every day? Are you trying your best to gain muscles and have a top-notch figure?

If any of these things you’re going through, the most vital schedule you need to add to your daily life is quality sleep.

We work everything in a disciplined way for getting success in our life but function in an undisciplined way while sleeping.

Don’t worry, we would help you in sleeping with ultimate discipline and have a daily quality sleep to be damn immune, creative, intelligent, and spiritual in life.

Meditation is a way of getting quality sleep, but we all think of it as a complex deed, and that’s why I’m here today with the Better Sleep app.

It’s an Android app that helps you simplify meditation techniques, as well as use effective methods and transport quality sleep.

Sleeping won’t sound a bit complicated or stressful to you anymore as BetterSleep will help you at its best with the free and premium subscription plans.

Yeah, it works in a freemium way and includes a paid annual plan of 899.00 INR. Getting it for free is what comes to your mind at this instance, and we’re in motion to serve you with this modded version.

What is BetterSleep MOD?

Keeping similarities to the official BetterSleep app version, the Better Sleep MOD APK is a modified version.

The main reason behind creating it was to deliver you all the premium sound effects of BetterSleep and the best meditation ways for absolutely free.

Realistically, the app includes 40+ music effects, but it provides only 10 of them within the free version. If you’ve got bored with the current melodies and effects, it’s time to upgrade.

Better Sleep MOD

BetterSleep Premium can be said as the free upgraded version with an ultimately ad-free interface, 160+ meditation guides, relaxing sound effects, nature sound effects, weekly content updates, and everything exceptionally designed for the go.

If you’re finding a protocol to get better quality sleep, there is nothing better than Better Sleep MOD!


Quality Sleep doesn’t require a perfect bed setup, soft pillows, and an extraordinary mattress. These are all the things that feel quality, but the real quality is your sleeping technique. If you’re a finder, then find it within the below list.

160+ Guided Sleep Meditations

There are so many techniques to sleep properly and spend quality sleep at night, but the first and most renowned technique is meditation.

If you don’t know, meditation isn’t just a memory and focus enhancer protocol, but it also helps you sleep properly.

Further, the app provides you with 160+ guided meditation techniques to sleep properly.

Unlimited Access to Resources

If you already have got a ride of the free official app version of BetterSleep, you must know that they offer a recurring payment subscription plan only on an annual basis with a 3-day trial.

But here in Better Sleep Unlocked version, there is no need to pay a single dollar to the app servers and you can enjoy unlimited access to all the premium sources listed on the app interface.

Weekly new content

We love the online android apps primarily for the coolest benefit; vigorous online updates. The offline apps require to get updated completely, but the online ones update important data on the same version we installed.

Auspiciously, BetterSleep also provides you with vigorous weekly updates for all those app resources, including meditation techniques, music effects, and articles. Learn and Earn quality sleep!

Create Smart Mix

You would understand Smart Mix more influentially after knowing well about Better Sleep’s music effects. There are 30+ music effects, and you can add 10 of them to your smart mix.

Later, you can enable the Smart Mix option to start listening to those effects in the loop with exceptional AI designs that would reduce and enhance the voices of each effect for creating a relaxing music mix.

Bedtime Stories

Are you a bedtime story guy, and loved your Granny who woke for you every night and narrated the bedtime stories? That’s a good thing and would feel more fantastic after enjoying BetterSleep’s bedtime story collection.

The official version includes them all locked on the interface, but contrastingly, it includes 100+ bedtime stories for you. It includes all the important genres, such as Kingdom, Spiritual, as well as Space!

Final Words

BetterSleep is the most intelligent option to change your simplistic sleep into quality sleep as it contains the rarest Smart Music Mix feature.

Moreover, you’d get all the music effects unlocked within the BetterSleep MOD APK’s app interface without paying their recurring premium payments.

It’s time to begin having quality sleep and become way more productive than in your old days in your daily crucial tasks.

Earn money, health, family time, and all necessary elements using this small magical app from today!

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