Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK v1.0.42 Latest 2024 [Aimbot, Radar]

File Name
Call of Duty Mobile MOD
Activision Publishing, Inc.
Compatible with
4.3 and up
1.9 GB
MOD Features
ESP/ Aimbot/ Radar
Updated on
Feb 8, 2024

Activision has made brand fame in the action-shooting game genre with colossal Call Of Duty versions, starting from the COD 1 and ending with the Black Ops multiplayer shooting versions.

The best thing we all love about these COD games is their FPP gaming module. This gaming feature makes us feel like we’re shooting in a real army and eliminating the actual enemies. However, now we’ve got COD at our fingertips with Call Of Duty Mobile MOD APK.

Yeah, we can now play our favorite Call of Duty shooting game directly on our Android phone. We won’t need a PC with the most extensive requirements met for playing the COD shooting games, as everything is now possible with its Android version. You can download this game on every Android version above Android 6.0 and play vigorously on the fastest processor phones.

Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK

Moreover, we’ve developed the modified version of the Call of Duty Mobile and named it Call Of Duty Mobile MOD. This modified version offers you a MOD Menu, where you can either enable the AimBot, Auto Reload, or any other exceptional features available within this altered version.

About Call of Duty Mobile

If you’re a real gaming enthusiast, love playing shooting games, and have enjoyed virtual games for the last ten years, you must be familiar with COD or Call of Duty. COD and the MOH are the two prominent game series enjoyed by millions of PC gamers in their prime, even more than Counter-Strike.

Call of Duty Mobile MOD

According to Nextpit PUBG and Free Fire are just new pieces of technology, but the real FPP game we know is the COD series. Moreover, COD has also developed the mobile version for their Android gamers, where you would have access to tremendous gaming modes, incredible characters, powerful ammunition, and many more. The game is developed similarly to the PC versions, but the most elegant advancement is the online multiplayer mode.

Yeah, you heard right! COD Mobile or Call of Duty Mobile is an online Android game offering you the capability to play your favorite game with either bots or your real friends using internet availability. Moreover, you’ll observe things more leisurely with the MOD version of it, acknowledged below –

What is Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK

If you’re familiar with the Call of Duty Mobile version and have played it before this article, you must know about some demerits. Firstly, all the professional players are now inside the game, making it hard for the newbies to create their own prime. Moreover, sometimes it seems complicated to unlock the powerful weapons within the game interface.

Now, the best thing we’re offering you here the modified version. It’s nothing but just a simplistic modified version of COD, engaging your gameplay with a MOD menu. Inside that MOD menu, there are tremendous essential features that you won’t get with the official COD Mobile version.

You can also call it the Call of Duty Mobile Hack Version, as it includes most privileges that your friend will call Hack in the future. You can download this game simply from the below link and start enjoying the perfect gaming. Moreover, you can also know more about the features offered inside the game from the below section.


Currently, we’ve got access to the 2024 Season 1 of Call Of Duty Mobile version, and do you know that you can make this experience more elegant? Yeah, the only thing which would be responsible for creating that is Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK with all the features listed below –

Convenient MOD Menu

The first feature of this modified version is the MOD Menu. Basically, there are so many options to modify games, but MOD Menu is the most convenient one.

This Mod Menu contains all the essential features you can enable and disable in real-time without a single complexity. Just click that menu and side the toggle to customize it.

Compatible with Mobile & Emulator

The next fantastic privilege you would observe within the Call of Duty Mobile is its advanced compatibility. You can download this modified version and install it on your Android phone, as well as on your PC’s emulator.

No matter which gaming you love, you can choose between both Mobile and Emulator and enjoy the best gaming features on any of them.

Distance Check MOD

We know that we’re getting the MOD menu with the modified version. Let’s now look at the first feature offered within the MOD menu, i.e., the Distance Check MOD.

After enabling this MOD feature, you can check your distance from the enemy in real-time without even seeing that enemy. It’s one of the magical features of that app that you just need to try at least once.

Shoot To Aim hack

The next MOD Menu privilege would be the Shoot to Aim hack. It must sound complex, but it is really a helpful feature while playing an Android shooting game.

Basically, if you’re enabling the Shoot to Aim hack, you won’t need to create a good aim on your enemy, and whenever you shoot your enemy, the aim will adjust with them.

No Root Access Required

Lastly, you’re getting an external advantage within this modified version – No root access is required at all! You can enjoy any of the above features on your Android phone by installing this mod apk without enabling root access.

So please don’t root your phone, and just download this convenient game file from the below link to enjoy advanced shooting.


Finally, we’re here to end this fantastic article with the most trusted Android game modification, Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK. We said most trusted because we’ve installed and tried this game in more than ten differently configured smartphones, and it’s working without a single lag. All it wants is your simple struggle to click the download link and enjoy the entirety.

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