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CamScanner Pro APK v6.61.0 Download 2024 (Premium MOD)

File Name
CamSoft Information
Compatible with
5.0 and up
92 MB
MOD Features
Premium Subscription
Updated on
Mar 16, 2024

Documents are the assets that we may need at any time of our ongoing life, like at the time of interview as a resume, at the time of college admission, or for various other jobs.

Even if we talk about essential documents, there are about a hundred useful reports that we may need anytime, such as Identification Cards, Bank Passbooks, Result Marksheets, and several more docs.

The point is, we can’t put these all docs in our pocket every time, but Camscanner made this difficult task possible. Since the Camscanner works the same as a scanner, even we can call it a virtual scanner as by using this app, you can easily capture a document by your phone’s primary camera and change that jpg image into a pdf document in seconds.

Camscanner is a damn useful application, and even this app holds millions of downloads on Google Play Store. Additionally, there are still a lot of features that this application provides, such as cloud storage, different languages, various file types changing, and much more.

But you can only enjoy these features if you are a premium customer of Camscanner, and a premium subscription costs a lot of money.

For most of our users, either students or professionals who can’t afford premium subscriptions to Camscanner, today we are here with the CamScanner Premium MOD APK.

It’s the modified version of Camscanner in which you can enjoy premium features furnished by Camscanner without spending a single Rupee. Must go through this whole article carefully to understand its specialties.

About CamScanner App

Camscanner is a mobile application developed by INTSIG Information Co., Ltd for both platforms, Android and iOS, on 30 Oct 2010. This app’s principal business is scanning paperwork by mobile camera and directly converting them into PDF/JPG.

Camscanner is the most prevalent PDF building or scanning app since, till 2020, this app gained 100M+ downloads.

Nowadays, about every student’s and professional guy’s phone has a Camscanner app installed in it since it’s damn useful. You can scan any document or paper from this app, whether it’s an ID card or a full A4 size Marksheet and can easily make a PDF or JPG format of the file on your phone.

Besides having these features, Camscanner also provides a premium membership termed Camscanner Premium. It’s a paid membership or subscription in which you will get an enormous amount of features.

There are numerous impeccable premium features that you will get after subscribing to its premium versions, such as Quality of scanned PDF, Recycle Bin feature, free OCR credits, and much more.

What is CamScanner Pro APK?

CamScanner Pro APK

Camscanner premium is the paid subscription of Camscanner in which you will get all the excellent premium features unlocked, and also you won’t get any advertisement while using premium.

Some of the principal features of the premium subscription are No advertisement, File Quality, 60+ languages, scanning of whole books, and there are still enormous features that you will receive below.

This subscription will give you unlimited access to all of these features, and you can also cancel the subscription within the time to avoid further auto payments.

But there are still many students and many professionals who can’t afford a scanning service at such a high cost. For those users, we’ve modified the Camscanner application so that you will get all the premium features without subscribing to it or paying any money.

In simple words, we can term it as CamScanner Premium MOD APK since the premium subscription is attached to it.

Camscanner Pro Plans

Camscanner provides its users with two types of subscription plans of which one is the Basic plan, and the other is a Premium plan. As you can compare both plans by their name yourself.

But after detailed analysis, we’ve compared both of these plans below –

1.) Basic Plan – The basic plan is free and provided by Camscanner to its unpaid users or new users. This plan consists of Unlimited Scans, 4 OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Credits, one ImageToExcel, 3 File Folder credits, and 200 MB Cloud Space by which you can store data online.

You don’t have to pay any money for subscribing to this plan since this is the default plan by Camscanner before subscribing to premium.

2.) Premium Plan – The premium plan is the paid plan by Camscanner, which offers you numerous different features. It’s just like an enhanced version of the Basic Plan.

This plan provides you features like Unlimited Scans, 1000 OCR credits per month, 500 ImageToExcel credits per month, 10 GB+ Cloud Space, and many additional features such as E-Signature, HD Resolution, No Advertisement, and much more.

This plan costs 755.00 INR per year for the first year, and after that, 4200.00 INR per year for each subsequent year.

Camscanner Premium MOD APK Download 2024

Camscanner Pro

CamScanner Premium MOD APK is the modified application of Camscanner in which you will get the premium subscription attached, which means that you won’t have to pay a single penny for enjoying premium features.

In our CamScanner Premium application, you will experience every premium feature unlocked, and also you will enjoy an ad-free experience with this app. It will also provide you with a feature that you won’t get in any other application, i.e., the E-signature feature.

This feature will support you in digitally signing some legal documents and copying and pasting your signature directly from data storage. But it doesn’t stop here since there are still many additional features that you will get with our app. So must give this app a try and enjoy all its impeccable features.


High-Quality Scan

In the basic plan of Camscanner, after scanning the document, you will only get the average quality of the PDF file. Also, the number of filters will be inferior to the premium plan.

Whereas in the CamScanner Pro APK, you will get an HD quality view in the converted PDF or JPG file as well as numerous filters by which you can create your data or paperwork look a bit professional.

Convert Photo Into Excel Version

It’s the significant feature provided by CamScanner MOD APK at no cost since, as per this feature, you can easily change a captured table photo or an Excel file snapshot into a real Excel file with rows and columns maintained.

After downloading this app, you won’t have to make an Excel file by typing and entering data by seeing in a captured image, whereas data will be auto inscribed as per the JPG or IMG file.

Enhanced Cloud Storage

It’s one of the significant features of Camscanner Premium APK for having such vast cloud storage. You will get 10 GB of free Camscanner Verified cloud storage, which means you don’t have to worry about data since your data will remain secure in that drive.

10 GB is really a lot for only keeping documents and image files, which means that this app is damn reliable.

Set Password For Confidential Files

If you are transferring someone any legal documents or storing that file, there are 90% chances of your data getting stolen by hackers. But the Camscanner Premium APK gives you the feature of making your file password protected by a password of your choice.

After scanning the image and converting it to PDF, you will get an option on the upper right corner menu termed PDF Settings under which you will get a Set PDF Password option.

By selecting this option, you can easily set a strong password for protecting your PDF file from intruders.

Auto Upload Docs

You can upload documents directly by Camscanner Premium to Google Docs, Dropbox, Evernote, OneNote, and OneDrive. It takes a lot of time to upload files by searching for the document, logging in to the account, and uploading the file.

Whereas by using this app, you can directly upload your document to the above platforms by Camscanner Premium without wasting your time. You should have to use this feature in Camscanner Premium APK at least once.

Recycle Bin Feature

Recycle bin is one of the most needed features in every data storage, data collecting, or editing application. So while using this app, you won’t have to regret if you mistakenly deleted some files since you can get those files back by this excellent feature of the Camscanner Pro app.

You can get those deleted files back by going into the recycle bin option in the Camscanner app menu.


As we already have talked before about this feature, this pro version also consists of an E-signature feature. It’s one of the most fabulous features of Camscanner MOD APK since, because of this feature, you don’t need a laptop or computer for signing your document.

You also don’t need Adobe PDF viewer to sign it since you can comfortably do that task via the Camscanner Pro application without investing much time.

You can also copy and paste your signature directly through data storage and edit that by Camscanner.

No Advertisement

Since no one likes advertisement in between entertainment, that’s why Camscanner Premium MOD APK has given this brilliant feature to its app because of which you won’t get trapped in-between ads while scanning legal documents or changing content.

By having this feature, Camscanner can compete with other online or offline scanning services easily. So must download this app and mark my words, you won’t require any other scanning or pdf editor app after using it.

How To Download And Install Camscanner Pro APK

Camscanner Premium-enabled application is too easy to download. It’s also easy to enjoy its premium features since you only have to follow a few simple steps listed below for downloading and installing this app –

Step 1 – In the beginning, click on the link given, and you will automatically get redirected to the download page.

Step 2 – Unlock the download button, do some tasks given there, and click on it whenever the download button appears.

Step 3 – Before starting the installation procedure, go to SETTINGS > SECURITY>UNKNOWN SOURCES option and activate it if you don’t have installed any app directly by file-manager.

Step 4 – After activating unknown sources, go to File Manager >Download, then locate Camscanner Pro APK there and click on it, then click on the install button in the next pop-up.

Step 5 – After installing the app, the system will ask for some permissions such as internet access and storage usage, grant all permissions.

Your app is fully set, and you can easily access each premium feature with no interruptions.


Camscanner Premium MOD is offering a lot of features if we compare it with other document scanning services as you will get a better quality file by using this app.

Also, it can easily read data written on the document by which you can edit the pdf as a word file by your OCR credits.

This app is 100% ad-free and will provide you with 10 GB of cloud storage available, so you don’t have to use your data storage to store PDFs, and there are still numerous features that we’ve already mentioned in the above section.

You can download Camscanner MOD APK directly by the link given above and enjoy its enormous features without paying any amount. You don’t have to worry about the security of your device since this application is 100% virus-free. So must download this app and have fun.

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