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Citra Emulator

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Name Citra Emulator
Publisher Citra Emulator
Genre Emulator
Size 10 MB
Version bed6a4f12
Update May 28, 2024
Mod Features Premium Unlocked
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Are you looking for the latest version of the Citra Emulator for your android phone? Yes, then, kudos! Here, we are providing the newest version of the Citra emulator so that you can play Nintendo 3DS games over your android phone without any trouble. Go to the download part to obtain the application.

Nowadays, getting those old Nintendo 3DS handheld consolers becomes quite difficult, as the company has closed production from 2020. Although, there’s no denying that those amazing games are incomplete with a proper consoler feel. In the old days, you used to play those 3D games and spend your time with your friends in the most enjoyable manner.

You can’t be denied that you have even spent several nights clearing various levels. Besides this, the Nintendo 3DS provides a wide range of game libraries on the Nintendo estore.

There were many popular games that you played. It includes Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, Mario Kart, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, which were some of the most famous game titles of that time.

Unlike the Gameboy Advanced games, where you usually get the 2D gameplay, the Nintendo 3DS provides the necessary 3D element in gaming. However, it’s not possible to purchase a new handheld consoler; you can look for a used consoler online. But what if I told you, you can smoothly play all of those games, from the most popular to complete unknown, over your android device?

Yes, it’s possible. To play the Nintendo 3DS games on your smartphone, you will need an emulator software that will work a bridge to connect the game ROM to your phone. The first name that comes to our mind would be the Citra Emulator, which has the best features to run Nintendo games. So, without any delay, let’s know about this application.

Citra Emulator MOD APK

What is Citra Emulator APK?

The Citra Emulator is the best option if you want to play Nintendo 3DS games on your android phone. Besides this, the app is top-rated when it comes to using. On top of that, it has more than millions of downloads so you can see how popular and incredible the app is.

Aside from all of the statistics, you will obtain various functions and features that further help you to improvise the gameplay according to your desire.

The Citra Emulator is compatible with numerous games and all you need to download your favorite game inside the internal storage. Then start the game file and load the game on the emulator to begin playing your favorite games over your device without any trouble. Inside the app, you have to click on the load a new game options to finally start the game.

Moreover, you will also attain different features that allow you to customize the game speed as your wish. But we would recommend you to play at 100% percent speed (which is the default value) for stable gameplay. Following this, you will also obtain perks to adjust the controller configuration. Choose the best version that fits according to your playing style.

What is Citra Emulator Premium?

There are a handful of features locked by the app, which can unlock through the premium subscription. Generally, it includes options such as changing the theme to light to dark, while the best feature of purchasing the premium version would be that you will gain texture filters. It will enhance the visual of the games using various filters to increase the texture of the game.

Citra Emulator MOD

Due to this, you will get the end result of better graphics and stable performance for playing Nintendo 3DS games. However, you don’t need to purchase the premium plan to unlock those merely things as you can download the Citra Emulator version to get those extra perks without spending your hard-earn money at all. So don’t waste your time getting the latest version from the following download button.

Features of the Citra Emulator

The Citra Emulator is a completely free application and doesn’t require an online purchase. But if you are looking for more theme options, you can download the modified version. Now that you have a grasp of this 3DS emulator, let’s dive into the features sections to understand more about this app.

Simple Game Interface

The simple user interface of the Citra emulator is worth noting as you can easily navigate to a different section and choose the game from the list. You can change the controller layout that fits well to your requirements and respond to different games using various patterns. Besides this, the app is loaded with better graphic settings that make sure the gameplay goes smooth.

Better Compatibility

You won’t face any issues using this emulator as it’s compatible with most android devices so anybody can play those immersive games over their smartphones. Even though, the size of the game uses a large amount of memory. But still, you will be able to utilize this app at ease.

Various Games to Play

In the old days, you have to purchase games online, but that’s not the case with Citra Emulator. You can download the Game ROM from the internet and extract the file inside the app to enjoy those impressive games over your smartphone without any problem. There are varieties of games available for Nintendo 3DS, so choose anyone you love and start playing.

Adjust Gameplay Speed

You can modify the gameplay speed limits according to your wish. Choose a high or low limit to increase or decrease the gameplay speed. Generally, the speed limit is set at 100%, which is considered normal. You can increase the percentage to speed up the game and easily play various games on speedrun.


The Citra Emulator MOD APK is the one-stop solution for the users who desire to play Nintendo 3DS games over their different android operating system devices.

Usually, you will need a mid-range device to play those games. But this premium app also allows you to reduce the graphics setting for the low-end device.

This emulator becomes the best deal when it comes to playing those old 3DS games. I hope you understand the core features of this app from the above section and download it on your phone.

Meanwhile, do let us know about your experience in the following comment section and also recommend to us your favorite Nintendo 3DS game list.

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