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Looking for a walkthrough of getting more spins in the Coin Master? Ring the bells, since you have come to the right place. Here, you not only get the free spins.

But also attain tips and tricks that allow you to expand your coin pool. The below list has several amazing offers, and in case you missed out on the previous one, worry not as you will get past one and the latest here.

I have gathered around all the valid options from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit. So, you will get a free spin without any hassle or problem.

Plus, everything has gone through the security check and is being tested by our team. Thus, enjoy the free spins links!

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Today’s New Free Spins and Coin Links

Coin Master Free Spins Link Updated On Apr 23, 2024

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More Ways to get Free Spins and Coins

In case you run out of all the mentioned options available. You can also look up additional in-game methods that enable you to gain more coins, spins, cards, etc.

Invite Facebook Friends

Inviting Facebook friends is one of the trickiest you have every time to invite your Facebook friends to join the fun. This method follows by the other person clicking on the link and downloads it.

But wait, he/she also has to open the apps and sign up from the Facebook profile. Afterward, you will get the additional 40 spins from that you can boost up the coin bank.

The more people you add, the quantity of the spins will increase.

Gift Each Other

The second method you can try is to send and receive gifts from your game friends. If you invite a few of your Facebook friends, you can share benefits with them.

But what more interesting is that you didn’t have to spend your coins or spins. In a single day, you can send and receive around 100 free spins, plus you can also gift coins to them.

Moreover, if your Facebook friend already plays Coin Master, you can directly send the gifts.

Wait A Bit

Finally, if you run out of all the options, the least you do is wait! With each hour, you will attain 5 spins until it reaches its 50 spins bottleneck.

To sum up, you have to wait up to 10 hours to entirely utilized the slot machine to get the highest spins numbers.

What is Coin Master?

The Coin Master is a causal and easy-to-understand mechanized game where you have to build your villages and steadily improve their stats.

It follows the base-building strategy, and it’s pretty exciting and chaotic at the same time, as people can anytime raid your base.

You will also get your chance to loot or destroy the enemy’s base during your gameplay.

In the cores, what you need to do is earn more coins by raiding or spinning the wheel since without upgrading the villages—you can’t move up to the next level or increase the number of stars.

Moreover, there are options to place shields on a specific object of the base that will drastically decrease the financial damage.

Once you start playing Coin Master, you will quickly grasp the surrounding. The tutorial is straightforward to the point where you didn’t have to worry about game mechanics and begin playing the game.

Now, the question remains, how can I enhance the gameplay experience? Worry not, as you are going to uncover the complete guide of Coin Master.

Here, you will get a few tricks and tips to save coins and increase the probability of your coin stash being protected by enemies.

The Essentials

The primary part starts with a brief introduction with a stale tutorial that will unlock the new doors to play the game in whatsoever way you want.

With that, you are good on your own. But despite that, a few things will be unknown before starting the gameplay. For instance, how to earn coins and increase the ranking, and much more stuff. All this stuff somehow feels missing in the tutorial.

To cut to the chase, if you have the coins, you do everything since its name also refers to Coin Master, so everything revolves around earning more and more coins.

Secondly, spin energy is also an essential component of the game. The trial starts with the ways of acquiring virtual money. You can directly purchase via real money, or you go the hardcore way.

The fundamental way to earn coins is through the slot machine, raiding other players’ villages, or treasure hunting in the enemy’s territory. To do so, you require spins energy so that the slot machine can work, then open up one of the three above cases.

Thus, let’s understand how the slot machine will work.

The Slots Machine

The Slot Machine is the heart of the Coin Master, and most probably, you will spend your in-game time here. You can enter the slot machine via the menu option by pressing on Play, or you can just swipe down in your village, and you will notice the tool on your screen.

For starters, there are three vertical reels of every slot machine with a combination of six different symbols representing coins, a bag of coins, Hammer Mjollnir, a stealth pig, an energy capsule, and a protective shield.

With every tap on the spin, a spin will be gradually reduced, while if you have to press and hold the spin button, the spinner will work until you run out of turns.

Firstly, the coins arrive whenever a coin or bag of coins comes. The simplest way you will get extra cash. The Hammers allow you to attack, and the shield provides the defense.

Furthermore, the pig bandit showcases the raid option. Lastly, the Energy Capsule is the hardest one to get! With these outcomes, you can perform lots of stuff. So, let’s visit them thoroughly.

The Bag of Coin

As you might have understood from the name, you will get more coins every time a coin or a coin bag appears in the slot machine. It’s the most common outcome that you will see while playing gaming.

The reward would be low if a coin bag comes, but if three-coin bags shows in the rows, the coins amount will be comparatively huge. With more bags, you will get more payout every time.

Attack – The Hammer

The Hammer hold’s sole purpose is to destroy everything that comes in its way. Once the Hammer appears, you can attack your enemy or the random player base presented on top of the slot machine.

With each strike, you will get coins. In a typical case, the player had already applied the shield; you will receive less sum.

Once you enter another player base. You can choose any building you want to damage; if the health stats of the building are low and destroy it in a single’s trick, you will a great sum of money.

With each attack, you will get some portion of the enemy coin banks. That also means you will snatch village stars from others.

Raid – The Pig Bandit

The raid pig smirks in a pretty sadistic way, and once it comes out of the slot machine. As you guessed, you can raid other players’ villages and loot coins from their hideouts.

It’s more like a treasure hunt where you have five choices in which you will get three dinging chances and get a reward ratio of around 2:1.

You will notice three shovels that can be used to dig the five X marks. At each X mark, there’s a significant amount of money; waiting for you. Plus, you can get rich in the game if you dig the right hole.

It’s the easiest yet the worst way you can stash coins from the random player that appears in the slot machine. Once you have done stashing, the other guy would know via the system. And if you have hit on its nerves, he/she might get revenge by looting your earnings.

Defend – The Shield

The defender shield helps to guard your base against attacks. Usually, three shields can be used at once and protect over three of the property of your territory.

Thus, the village won’t be affected by the attacker’s three Hammers. If the Shield power has been applied, you will not face any damage in the star rating, either. It’s a great choice to get more shields for better protection.

The same thing happens when you attack other people’s land who has applied for shield protection. You will get less chunk of money (around 50,000 coins per shield) while neither the star rating nor the buildings would be affected.

Although even the shields can’t do anything when something tries to raid your village.

Power up – The Energy Capsule

The energy capsule formation is the rarest to appear in the slot coin machine. But at the same time, it’s the best option you can get while playing the coin master since whenever the energy capsule would be drawn, you will get ten additional spins.

That’s why the probability of getting this power-up is comparatively lower than any other choice.


Without any consideration, you will get massive events and daily rewards. You can set the betting to 2x,3x — up to 100x the bonus. And if you get lucky, you will see an impressive amount of profit in your pocket.

There’s a saying with huge risk equal amount of profit will be bestowed on you. But, the fact that can’t be neglected is that it’s a bit risky.

At the same time, the advantage of using the betting system will increase the probability of getting greater rewards. Usually, the outcome of hammer, pig, and shield is 1/4.

So investing in betting could be good and worst at the same time.

Village Building

The village consists of five major elements – house, statue, cattle, vehicle, and farm. For each village, the ecosystem is a bit different from the others.

And you will see different types of carts, cars, monuments, and terrains. Since there are a total of 323 villages, you can explore a whole new world. Take a deep dive into the unique themes while completing the villages.

You have to construct all five buildings at their topmost level. It’s necessary as you won’t move forward to the next level without completely building each.

The adrenaline rush hits when you are too close to covering the coin gap and where the fun begins. You have to progressively expand the village and keep grinding. As with each update, the upgrading cost will increase a subtle number.

The rules are simple to make every building 5 stars, and you are ready to move to the next level.


Revenge is a dish that needs to serve cold, and it is proven in the Coin Master. Here it works in a way that permits you to counter-attack the previous raider who looted from you before.

In case the raider successfully took some loot. The revenge allows you to stand again and strike back with full force.

To do so, you just have to go to the slot machine, tap on the spin button, and wait till the mighty hammer didn’t appear. Once it appears, you didn’t have to go for the player showing on top of the machine.

Instead of that, pay attention to the upper portion of the screen where the revenge list is present. There you will find out about the recent raider and pick anyone you want to take revenge on and make it fatal.


Like most casual games, unique and attractive cards are also available in the Coin Master. To get your hands on the cards, you have to purchase a Chest that holds different varieties of cards.

From one star to five stars, the higher the number of stars. The chances of getting converted are less.

Every village offers a set of nine cards. After unlocking each of them, the game system provides you fabulous perks in the format of bulk coins, more chests, bonuses, free spins, and rarely some pets.

Basically, the collectible cards are in three different forms of chests.

Whereas the villages also play an influential role in collecting the cards. At the higher levels, you will get golden cards faster. Except you have to purchase the most expensive chest to get them.

Besides that, the quality of cards depends on your village level. If you are not getting an astounding card in your current village. Well, it’s great timing to move to the upper levels.

But what is more astonishing is that you can trade cards with your friends and online communities and forums. Plus, the game also encourages the players to interact with other players on social media platforms to exchange cards.

Moreover, you can also send up to five cards daily from your friend list.


As I earlier mentioned, there are three variants of the chests!

Starting with the basic one, the wooden one got two ordinary cards. Secondly, the Golden chest brings four cards, in which getting a rare card probability is 1/4.

Lastly, there’s the Magical Chest which offers eight cards. In this chest, getting rare or even golden cards possibility is high. All of these are common ones, and the higher coin you spend, the better chest you will get!

The evergreen method of getting chests is via purchasing coins. On the same note, there’s also a slim chance that you might get in a random raid or as a village upgrade bonus.

If you are looking for low-level cards, it would be great to start with a wooden chest. And if you are searching for 4 or 5-star cards, pick the magical chest.

The event bonus is applicable in some cases! While also receiving pet XP, snacks for pets, extra spin for free, and much more other stuff. Complete the card inventory to get immersive quality gifts and in-game perks.

Card Drop Odds by Chest

Apart from the usual cards, there are advanced-level chests like Mystery, Sapphire, Ruby, and exclusive event chests. Which has a higher chance to get awesome cards and pet food with exp. On top of that, you might see a Joke card once in a while.

The primary three chests will unlock in the 3rd village afterward small luck at the 4th, and as you move to level 10th, the small easter chest would be open for use.

As for level 20th, you can unhitch the Emerald and Big Easter Chest. At level 30th, there are two fascinating chests waiting for you – Valentine and Big luck chest. But after these levels, getting more characteristics chest becomes tough.

However, as you steadily reach up to level 70th village, the Sapphire chest door will open, and the Ruby chest at 110th village. While Epic chest at 130th village.

It would be a hard grind, but in the end, it’s worth the price. Also, the dependence on better equipment and food is up to the current level of the village you are playing right now.

The following thing you can do is check out the probability of getting cards, spins, pet XP, and pet food on the official website.

The Joker Card

The Joke card is a super rare dark horse collectible card that unlocks the privilege to change into the desired card. Moreover, trading a golden card is also possible.

It’s the most famous card that you want in your inventory. Although, it’s the one and only card that has a time limitation, and if you didn’t use it in the time duration, you might never hold that card again. So, choose it wisely that further help in the future.


The Pets are cute tiny, and adorable companions that provide you with additional support in different aspects of the game—Such as raiding, attacking, and defending.

For each senorita, you have a specific pet in the Coin Master. Their goal is to help you to reach the crown of the Coin Master.

There are three pets inside the game – Tiger, Rhino, and Foxy. For starters, unlocking a pet is possible from the level 4 village, and without any hassle, you will get cutesy.

But to begin the journey with your sworn blood companion, you have to hatch his egg first. Go to the menu and then enter the pet. Or you try out tapping on the egg near the slot machine.

All of them will aid you from increasing the damage to receiving more coins from enemies. Yet, they constantly need EXP and Pet potion(food) to provide the farthest results.

Generally, once you awaken the little beast, it will stay with you for 4 hours. Afterward, the pet will go into a deep slumber until it recovers sufficient energy.

You can invest real money to evolve the pet EXP faster and constantly feed the potion to leverage the extra bonuses. There is also the possibility of a Pet treat and EXP drop via the spin in the slot machine. But, the chances are a lot, so opening the chests might sound a great deal.


The Tiger cub is the true beast that multiplies the coins whenever you attack some random player villages. Don’t go on its cute looks! It’s a ferocious beast that can destroy the shield and provide extra cash in every attack formation.

Tiger unlocks when you complete the beast card collection and grants additional pointers won in the attack battle. With each level up, you will receive more coins.


The sole purpose of Rhino inside the game is to protect the base at any cost that why its base model comes up with a 10% more chance of blocking the enemy’s attack.

It works as an additional shield when other players surprise attack with their hammer. To increase a stable defense formation, you have to XP portions.

As a result, the Rhino will feed the attacks without any problem. The unlocking processing is complete when you have all nine creator cards collected. Plus, the attack prevention traits are quite brilliant.


The Foxy is the first and best companion that helps you in raiding other players’ territory. Moreover, it gives an additional hand in the treasure hunt and increases the coin earned during the raid. In the latter half, this pet will assist you in earning most of the money.

Foxy digs the remaining hole and brings lots of coins with him, and you can hatch the egg on level 4 village. Like the remaining two pets, it works 4 hours and then goes for a cooldown. Further, XP potions and treats are required to gain level-ups.

Tips & Tricks

Giving all your time and didn’t able to reach a higher level? If yes, then this portion is yours as it covers some of the crucial tips that will lead you to boost your ranking several folds. With that said, let’s head toward the tips and tricks section.

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Don’t Hoard Your Coins!

Hoarding more coins in your possession is a good thing till you have shield protection over your villages. Plus, the massive amount of coins looks quite majestic.

But tables will turn to the south if you didn’t have to unlock the little rhino pet or didn’t equip based on the shields. In a drastic situation, it’s good to invest in the building while being low on spins.

The counter effect of holding immersive possession of the coins also allures a big raider that may sooner or later attack. If the big raid happened with the maximum bet, you lose a hefty portion of your wealth in the worst-case scenario. To avoid those raids, keep low limits in the coins bank.

Earn cards faster in specific villages!

Collecting cards could look challenging, especially when you need to fill up the gap with a rare or golden card. According to the Coin master game modules, there are a handful of villages where the chances of getting rare type cards become simple to some extent.

Starting with the beginner’s level, you can also purchase a chest in level 20th, and 27th is an excellent choice. Because you unlock two new chests here that increase the probability of 4 and 5-stars cards are high.

As you move forward, the 45th, 55th, and 65th levels also grant astounding results when you need a high-tier card, pet XP position, and pet foods.

After unlocking the sapphire chest, once you reach the 75th, 87th, 90th, or 112th level villages, you can start buying chest crates at a rapid pace.

The Epic chest comes with the extreme result and the best time to unlock them is on the 167th and 175th levels. With that, you will get more effective results than other levels!

Big Raids

It’s pretty tempting when you have loads of spins already at your disposal. If you just start playing the game, you will also gradually face the same scenario.

In the Coin Master, the best way to increase the coin earring is through the slot machine. Despite that, you need to focus on the big raids since a rich player will payout more than average.

As you constantly play the game, you will understand that in each raid, you only get around 40 to 60% proportion of the other Coin Master’s wealth.

But if you want to play with big guns, you should always focus on the players showing on top of the slot machine. It also shows the earnings, so it’s a precise decision to use maximum bet to raid whenever a rich player arrives.

Carrying out a big raid is the easiest way to earn lots of money in a short duration.

The Pros always said that “an average player should always have its foxy pet active during the raid to exploit more options to loot more from others.” Since the foxy dig an additional hole, you can squish out more coins in the long run.

Buy Chests in Every Village

The game mechanism allows you to purchase a wide range of chests from level 4th. In the early stages, you should always focus on picking low-tier cards.

A single card might not hold any significant importance in the game. But once the set is complete, you will get spectacular perks. Sadly, most of the time, the newbies didn’t focus on the card until they start facing bottlenecks in grinding.

Afterward, the chances of getting low tiers cards in the higher-level villages might not be possible. Since they haven’t focused on the card in the early stages.

The worst-case could happen is that to grab a pet, you have to spend your precious joker card. You didn’t want that, isn’t that right? Thus, buy chests in every village whenever you have the chance!

Don’t Waste Your Pet’s Bonuses!

The Pet Bonuses is something that is recommended when you have a 4hours open window for gameplay. If you didn’t have 4 hours to play Coin Master, you shouldn’t waste the bonuses. Use it when you have an apt time!

All the boosts regarding the Foxy, Rhino, and Tiger are dependent on work efficiency once the pet bonuses are applied. The fox will dig, Rhino will save, and Tiger will attack with their full potential.

Either way, if you didn’t utilize the bonus, they stay still. So choose wisely!


How do you get free spins on Coin Master?

This article uploads the free spins for Coin master every day, and you can also look at the additional tricks to gain more spins from your friends.

How many levels are in Coin Master?

With each event, the developer of Coin Master adds a few more chests and levels. As for now, 323 village levels are presented to play.

What do the stars mean in Coin Master?

Stars are the ranking system in the Coin Master that increase by leveling up the villages or getting cards from the chests.

What are cards for in Coin Master?

Cards provide additional add-on stars in the ranking. Once you complete the set of nine, you will get extraordinary gifts.

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