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Crash Bandicoot Mobile MOD APK v1.170.29 Latest 2024 [Immortality]

File Name
Crash Bandicoot MOD
Package Name
Compatible with
5.0 and up
718 MB
MOD Features
MOD, Immortality
Updated on
May 20, 2024

Feelings, Emotions, and Attachment, all these best parts of your life that you’re wasting on a lively human are required to be placed on the most exceptional Android games like King’s games. Android games are really worth all your best moments as they’re the only part of your whole life that won’t disappoint you at any time. Furthermore, today we’ve got an amazing game for you based on the Casual genre, Crash bandicoot Mobile MOD APK.

Running games were very first emphasized by the Subway Surfers and Temple Run. Well, they weren’t the first running casual games, but the first ones to show gaming vibes more entertainingly and with absolute animated graphics. These days, there are more than 5000 running games on the Google Play Store, and finally, King also developed their first Casual game after puzzle games, Crash Bandicoot Mobile.

This game is also known as Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! It includes the exact Crash Bandicoot avatar that you’ve seen in the old PlayStation and Java phone games with a rival Nitro gang. But this time, you’d enjoy that Crash Bandicoot on your Android Smartphone with more animated and cheerful gaming vibes. Also, don’t forget to try the Crash Bandicoot Mobile MOD APK listed below!

Crash Bandicoot Mobile MOD APK

What is Crash Bandicoot Mobile APK?

“Run boy run, the world is not made for you, and they’re trying to catch you”! These song lyrics are about to get true with a King-exclusive android game developed in the Running Casual genre. Crash Bandicoot is the coolest game story, where the Nitro Gang steal and hides all their Power Gems, and you as Crash – the real hero, are required to save the multiverse from Doctor Neo Cortex.

Apart from the main boss, Doctor Neo Cortex’s invention, you’d also get to compete with the most giant in-game bosses that you never acknowledged in any of your PlayStation Crash Bandicoot journeys. All these horror bosses would humiliate you in the Boss levels and you are deemed to craft weapons and kill them all and get the Power Gems.

Not just that, there are also in-game Avatars within the Crash Bandicoot Mobile game including the sister Coco, and both of them also include the amazing N.Sane skins in 30+ quantities. All these skins are damn adorable and contain different power-ups. Start running today and win all those skins after completing the hardest bosses levels of Crash Bandicoot Mobile APK.

What is Crash Bandicoot Mobile MOD APK?

It is a fantastic script-rich version of the official game, made to make it easier for you to gather all the powerful Crash Bandicoot skins in a single go. This game contains exact gaming levels, but with an already unlocked interface to make your mind boggle. By an unlocked interface, I mean that you’re getting free access to all the Crash Bandicoot boosters, infinite lives, and all the unlocked Crash & Coco skins.

Crash Bandicoot Mobile MOD

Crash Bandicoot is a sensation of our worldly gamers; similarly, they’d love the free modified version, i.e., Crash bandicoot Mobile APK linked below. It’d appreciate their gaming with the free stuff to make their struggle vanish and entertainment multiply. So all those people, getting annoyed with the official game interface and deeming to get all the Crash bandicoot Mobile in-game purchases for free here.

All you need is to download an APK file from the below link and install it to your Android device using the default, Click and Install procedure. It’s an already checked Android game, checked for bugs or viruses, and got a convenient success mark in all tests so that you can trust installing this game to your phone quickly.


It is renowned only because of all the privileges emitted by its app interface. As you aren’t well acknowledged of them, let me help you conquer the best frame of mind to download this modification:

Run through any level

Get ready to run inside all the levels presented by the App’s interface, as all the game levels are already unlocked at the origin of the modification.

Play the most difficult bosses the very first time opening the game to get well enthusiastic and kill all the normal bosses or complete the random levels of Crash Bandicoot Mobile.

Try 30+ Avatar Skins

Crash Bandicoot’s and Sister Coco’s avatar wouldn’t be the only gaming characters you’d find out inside the Crash Bandicoot Mobile game, as there are way more Crash and Coco skins with some amazing power-ups.

Suppose accessing the powered-up skins of Crash bandicoot. In that case, you’d beat all the bosses in a single go, without even getting scared of their power-ups. Now stop thinking, and make that possible with this modified version.

Unlocked game modes

Those who’re new to the Crash Bandicoot Mobile APK don’t know that there are four different gaming modes available within the interface. It’s not like the old King’s creations with a single puzzle mode.

You get here the Battle Runs, Collection Runs, Survival Runs, and Challenge Runs modes. The real fun is hidden for the 25th level, and if you’re deeming to get that ASAP, you’re just a step away from it. Download Crash Bandicoot Mobile MOD APK and enjoy unlocked modes.

Unlimited Diamonds

Let’s move forward towards the most fantastic game delivery that you have all been waiting for, the infinite game currency, i.e., Diamonds.
It is transporting free infinite diamonds to help you take never-ending chances in every run and use hundreds of thousands of diamonds for repeating from the exact destination. Isn’t that great?

Free Crafting

You’d see this for the first time in a King game that is a need to craft weapons to kill those game bosses. Craft Resources here includes some chemical things to craft the chemical weapons inside the Coco lab.

The above diamonds would also help you get access to all the resources in a never-ending amount. Collect them all and start crafting the inevitable weapons to kill each boss in a single hit.

Final Words

Android games are useless without their modifications, coz they just provide instant gratification with the first look, but later make us struggle with the complexities. We’re here to burn all those complexities and make your gaming more enthusiastic with all the already unlocked in-game purchases.

Similarly, we’ve developed Crash Bandicoot Mobile MOD APK, the amazing King’s game with infinite diamonds. These infinite diamonds would help you all way long to purchase everything endlessly and enjoy simplicity.

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