CSR Racing

CSR Racing

v5.1.3 by NaturalMotionGames Ltd Verified

Name CSR Racing
Publisher NaturalMotionGames Ltd
Genre Games
Size 76M
Version 5.1.3
Update May 30, 2024
Mod Features Unlimited Gold/ Silver
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Wanna get infinite golds and silvers within the same CSR Racing interface? Download the modified CSR Racing and bring it with unlocked cars.

Vroom Vroom…..! Their immense number of Android games, Their tremendous number of Android games, developed till today within the car racing genre. Still, all of them are third-person mod and first-person mod car racing games.

You must have heard the biggest brand names like the Asphalt, Need for Speed, Blur, and Rumble Race. But have you ever heard of a different racing game?

Riding and racing a car from the first side is fun, but do you know what it feels like when you ride a vehicle from the side view? First, it sounds rare, but after the experience, you would know the privileges after racing from a side viewpoint.

Basically, CSR Racing is a classic Android game with immense size and a hazardous amount of features. It first offers you spartan races like Drag racing, where all you need is to shift gear correctly.


Moreover, you can also enjoy the most remarkable maps inside this game with all the brand cars you have primarily heard of on your favorite car websites.

CSR Racing is developed for you if you love brands like BMW, Maserati, Mercedes, Audi, etc. Time to get amazed with the disastrous experience of all these cars, employing the CSR Racing.

What is CSR Racing?

Bing, an Android racing lover, it’s hard to find the best games. You would always have the same three options, including Real Racing, Asphalt, and Need for Speed.

If you haven’t paid anything apart from these above games, you are behind the stage right now. There’s a lot you need to enjoy in your life regarding the virtual car racing experience, and it first starts with CSR Racing.

CSR Racing is an offline single-player game that offers you a realistic car experience on your Android phone for free. It’s the hottest drag racing game among its competitors, as it provides more than 100 licensed cars like McLaren, Bugatti, Aston Martin, Hennessy, and Koenigsegg.

Yeah, you heard right! You will become astounded after seeing all these cars with the exact real-life configurations on a virtual android game.

But do you know what’s more impressive than CSR Racing? The CSR Racing because the modified version won’t offer you the same maps and car collection.

But it would also provide you with the most impressive features, like infinite money to purchase any of your favorite cars, unlocked maps, and many more. let’s get ahead

What is CSR Racing Privileged?

If you are finding it hard to play the CSR Racing Android game and unlock all those costliest cars, you need to Download CSR Racing. The game is challenging as when we played it for the first time, we got stuck at most of the levels for the first time.

Moreover, this game, every time, imagines the advertisement of the best cars which will increase your urge to purchase that car, and at that time you won’t have that money.

CSR Racing MOD

Fortunately, after having CSR Racing modified game, you can unlock any of those cars and complete all your urges damn simplistically. The game developers worked hard and offered you almost all the most incredible benefits you won’t get inside the official game.

You will find everything unlocked inside this game, including those fabulous maps and unique cars with colossal intrinsic features.

Drag Racing can’t be fabulous without easy gear shifting. After considering that, the game also delivers you a smooth and straightforward gear shifting design to play the game professionally and beat all the AI codes frequently.  Time to reveal more features offered within the CSR Racing game interface.


Being a futuristic game, CSR Racing offers you hundreds of quality-rich features that will make your gaming life easier and more beneficial. Which CSR Racing car did you dream of last night? It’s going to be all yours today with the CSR Racing using the below features –

100+ Licensed cars unlocked

We thought a lot about choosing the first feature of CSR Racing, and then one of the features pinged in our mind. How can it be other than the cars? So let’s first talk about the cars you are getting with CSR Racing.

This modified version delivers you all the racing cars, including Bentley, Audi, Bugatti, Cadillac, Chevrolet, BMW, Maserati, Mercedes, McLaren, Dodge, and Ferrari. The app will deliver you more than 100 licensed cars within the interface absolutely free.

All maps unlocked

The next feature with having the modified version of CSR Racing is the unlocked maps. Later after having all the cars, you would be required to think about the tracks where you have to ride these cars.

Unlike the official mode, CSR Racing modified application offers all the maps already unlocked, including all those tiers from Tier 1 to Tier 5 unlocked. So what’re you waiting for? Get the game from the download section.

All Game modes unlocked

What’s next? It’s the gaming modes, all the gaming modes developed inside the CSR Racing are locked inside the official game for the first time. But do you know that you can unlock them all with a simple step?

This shape offers you all those fantastic Game modes, including Campaign, the World Tour, International races, Regulation races, Ladder Races, Crew Battles, Restriction Races, and even the Multiplayer friend races.

Infinite Gold and Silver

We can enjoy inside Android games without having all the resources. Moreover, while talking about the racing games, they are literally worthless without resources. CSR Racing also contains hundreds of in-app payments for resources.

There are two different currency types inside this game, including the Golds and Silvers. Being a modified version, CSR Racing offers you infinite goals and silvers freely without even showing those online ads. Choose wisely; get the best out of it!


Ultimately, before ending this, let me tell you that many more features remain to know about this final modified version, including Unlimited Gold/Silver.

But it’s simply hard to complete them all in a single article, and that’s why we have dropped all those features for you freely inside the above-listed CSR Racing MOD APK.

You can download it instantly by clicking the link below and enjoy all the above features with hundreds of fabulous features.

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