Discord - Talk, Play, Hang Out

Discord - Talk, Play, Hang Out

v214.16 by Discord Inc. Verified

Name Discord - Talk, Play, Hang Out
Publisher Discord Inc.
Genre Apps
Size 105M
Version 214.16
Update May 29, 2024
Mod Features Unlimited Nitro
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Wanna use a VoIP but got bored of basic Discord features? Download this new Discord and access free nitro features for eternity.

Having a prosperous convo with the gaming community or the business team comes at the first urgency for everyone. There is literally no doubt in that thing, as to the date we won’t enhance our communication with the team, we can’t deal with errors and faults.

But taking these conversations on phone calls and google meets isn’t that powerful, as we take laggy servers, unorganized chats, and many such demerits. So let’s give a try to the modified version.

Whenever we talk about the online servers to chat vocally and with text, the first whisper we always hear is the Discord. It has fundamentally become a brand in vocal chatting, texting, leveling up, and server creation among the entire Google Play Store. They do that thing more powerfully than all the other apps, like Slack, Asana, and Zoom, only because they are one in the rivalry.

Discord Mod APK

Discord always had dealt a large part of their attention towards the server audio chatting, which is why it became the only one in that zone. You can use it either on your web browser, Android app, iOS app, or Windows app at your convenience.

Moreover, Discord also offers you the capability of joining more than a million guys to your server with privileges at some charges. If you want to enjoy that service free, try Discord once!

What is Discord?

Discord is the most renowned VoIP or the Voice over internet protocol. People have been using this service for more than five years now. According to Statista, there are more than 300 million users registered with the Discord database till today, and these numbers were 250 million last year. So you can simply understand the huge wave of people coming towards Discord can only be possible with prosperous features.

From a simplistic view, Discord is just a regular, everyday VoIP service offering you freely the voice servers to chat with your gamer friends, community members, or teammates without a single complexity.

But at a broad view, we see enormous privileges listed within the Discord interface. It first offers you the Nitro feature, where you can level up your community members with knowledge and distribute Nitro points.

Later it offers you so many advanced chatting features, like the high-quality voice, better emoji, personal profile customization, support repping, bigger file uploading, and HD video sharing, but everything comes at a cost.

Consequently, Discord charges $9.99 monthly and $99.99 annually subscription plans to enjoy all these benefits. Do you want all these features for absolutely free? Time to reveal the best app modification here –

What is Discord Nitro?

We are revealing the most amusing modified app here! For those guys, who’re still stuck thinking what’s the requirement for Discord, we can already chat with the official Discord app.

So priorly, this app is developed for those servers who wanna enjoy the premium Discord life or Discord Nitro life free on their Smartphone.

Discord Mod

The app is developed only for Android smartphones, and it optimistically offers you free Discord Nitro with numerous additional features. The app will evolve your server VoIP experience to the next level, so you won’t ever think of trying the official Discord app in the future.

Are you ready to enjoy the whole future through a single Android app named Discord? If your answer is Yes, let’s get to know more about the features of the app –


You’ll feel damn optimistic after knowing that Discord not only delivers the Nitro subscription features for free but also includes so many additional features. Time to enjoy it realistically, but first, let’s get through the detailed features of this app listed below –

Unlocked premium features

Firstly, let’s talk about the most prior feature, which lured hundreds of influential Discord official users to download and employ the Discord modified apk for their daily server usage – Unlocked Premium Features.

Fundamentally, the modified version is developed in such a fantastic way that it possesses the Nitro premium subscription of the Discord and offers it freely. This Nitro plan includes 6+ different features to evolve your server at an eternal level.

Compressed app size

Have you got annoyed with the massive size of Discord Windows and Android applications and want to switch to another VoIP protocol? What if we would say that you won’t need to change and use the same features on the compressed size?

We are introducing Discord! This modified application provides you with an ultra-compressed app size under 20 megabytes. If that’s not enough for you, then we’ve more exclusive features for you listed down –

Bigger Uploads

Do you know the significant difference between using Discord and other VoIP server creation apps? It’s obviously the uploading capability. You can download and use all the essential features freely within the Discord official app, but it’ll disappoint you regarding file uploading.

Don’t worry, Be happy, and try the modified version! The modified version provides you the free compatibility to upload the most extensive files on your Discord server, then either if it’s a video, audiobook, or images, make it done conveniently!

Personal profile customization

The last feature with having a free Nitro subscription in the Discord is the personal profile customization. You can now freely use an animated avatar for your Discord account and claim a custom tag for you and your server.

Moreover, the app will offer you better emojis within the profile badges, and two complimentary server boosts with your server users. All these benefits are reserved for you at just a single click for downloading this app.


We always look for long-term privileges, and the Discord modified app is something we have been using for a long time. Our first role is to check the app for bugs and viruses, not to make you any loss or stuck in the future.

Finally, the check is over, and you can now download Discord MOD APK from the download link below without any bugs or flaws. Just do that simple chore and relish Unlimited Nitro features of Discord with zero payment.

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