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Dynamic Island Pro APK v1.80 Latest 2024 [Android]

File Name
Dynamic Island
Compatible with
9.0 and up
5 MB
MOD Features
Pro Unlocked
Updated on
Mar 16, 2024

Get the Dynamic Island features on your android using the Dynamic Island Pro – dynamic spot, and give iPhone 14 Pro appearance on the front screen without any problem.

Are you looking for a way to make your android phone look more like the Apple ecosystem? If yes, you will obtain tons of customization options from which you can modify the phone interface according to your needs. Since the Android ecosystem is based on the AOSP (Android open source project), it allows developers to create various things.

Recently, some developers try to replicate the Dynamic Island that recently implements in the latest Apple iPhone smartphones. This feature was released with iPhone 14 Pro-series, and it looks pretty phenomenal compared to other smartphones. With this, you will receive a unique experience with the notification bar. However, there are several options feasible on the Playstore, while choosing the best one could be a tough task for anyone.

But worry not, as in this post, you will find the Dynamic Island APK DynamicSpot. Though this application is released not too long ago, it become one of the popular choices in the short span. So, without any further ado, let’s know about this application in the subsequent section.

Dynamic Island Pro APK

What is Dynamic Island APK

This Dynamic Island APK is developed by Jawomo, a famous developer that provides several apps related to android customization options. With this application, you will gain the same Dynamic Island notch over your android smartphone and easily navigate through different messages, notifications, and other functions of your phone. Long story short, it can replace the regular notification bar.

The DynamicSpot notch will provide all of those multitasking features that are accessed through the notification bar, while at the same time, you can effortlessly access recent updates or phone changes in a pretty seamlessly smooth manner. The little dark box can open apps for you. Moreover, you can long press on the pop-up menu to know more details about the recent notification.

Dynamic Island Pro

Besides this, you will obtain numerous customization options unlike the iPhone 14 Pro-series Dynamic Island, which doesn’t provide much scope to personalize this feature according to the user’s wish. But on the same note, DynamicSpot does have some restrictions, which can be explored with the Pro version. So, let’s know about Dynamic Island Pro in the next part.

What is Dynamic Island Pro APK?

TIt is a premium version that unlocks several features and provides better customization features for the users. Generally, you won’t get a single tap and long press function in the standard apk. But once you have downloaded this version, you can auto-hide the expanded pop-up when you touch outside the box.

Dynamic Island Pro S1

Furthermore, you will obtain various notification perks such as choosing particular apps to show notifications, setting pop up when the battery is fully charged, running below 15%, the phone is charging, and many more things to tweak with. All of these features can be unlocked for a small number of fees, which is totally worth it if you want to experience the Dynamic island feature on your phone for the first time.

On the other hand, if you don’t have much money to buy the premium subscription of this apk, and want to experience those robust features on your handset, we would suggest downloading the mod apk version. With the mod apk version, you will obtain all of those amazing customizable options without even spending your hard-earned money. Get the latest version from below and begin the fun.

Dynamic Island Pro S2

How to Install and Set Up?

In the following section, you will get to know about the complete process to download and install the latest Dynamic Island Pro APK for Android phones. But before you get started with all of those chores, ensure that you already enabled the unknown source download setting.

If not, go to SettingsPrivacy and Security → enable the Unknown Source toggle. Now, here are the steps that you need to put into action.

  • First of all, click on the download options from this post.
  • The download process will start when you click on the Download Anyway button.
  • Once this process ends, open the three-dot menu and access the download section.
  • Navigate to the Dynamic Island APK file, then tap on it to install the apk.

Once you have completed the installation process, you won’t be able to utilize all of the features at once, so it’s recommended to follow the setup instructions.

  • Open the DynamicSpot app and click on Next.
  • Access Select App and then press the All button.
  • Go back and allow the notification access.
  • Next, enable the Draw on screen setting of DynamicSpot.
  • Finally, click on Done to confirm all of the permissions.

At last, you have to obtain the dynamic island features of the iPhone over your smartphone. Now, you can access every notification in one place, and inside the app, you will find several interesting features. Let’s know about them in detail.

Features of Dynamic Island Pro

Show Multiple Popups

The Dynamic island function allows users to see multiple pops up simultaneously if several notifications arrive at once. You can enable allow two popup settings to receive multiple notification alerts without any hassle.


Every android smartphone notch is placed in a different corner, so the app also ensures to adjust the dynamic island notch according to your smartphone camera notch. Plus, you can modify the dimensions of the dynamic island easily.

Set Hide Pop-up Time

The app also makes sure that you can customize the time when the notification will hide automatically. Besides this, you can also hide the auto-expanded popup, when you touch outside after a specific time limit.

Change Notification Setting Easily

You can customize each app notification alert and even disable some useless app alerts when needed. Plus, you can add various alerts related to the battery, including being notified when the battery is low, the phone is fully fueled, charging, and so on.

Besides this, the app will ignore all of the notifications when the screen is turned off, and use the screen off toggle to enable these features. As an extra perk, you can also block system popups. But it may not work with some of the system apps.


I hope you understand Dynamic Island Pro APK features from this post and follow the guide to download this superb application. It’s the best app for android users who want to experience the Dynamic Island notch. Meanwhile, do let us know about your overview in the comment section.

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