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Gardenscapes MOD APK v7.7.0 Latest 2024 [Unlimited Coins]

File Name
Compatible with
4.4 and up
180 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Coins
Updated on
Mar 12, 2024

Do you want to play casual games on your Android phone? If yes, you should try out the Gardenscapes MOD APK. It’s an amazing application that will provide impressive features and perks that are missing in the regular version. So, download the most recent version from this post.

You will find various games on the Playstore from which you can easily kill time and enjoy your time thoroughly. On top of that, you can download a wide range of interesting games over your smartphone whether you love to play a first-person shooter or a mystery game.

Everything is available on the Internet so that you can choose anything that fits well with your playing style in a pretty hassle-free manner.

But if you are searching for something out of the box and giving for puzzle games, something similar to Candy Crush Friends Saga, then we suggest you check out the Gardenscapes as it will provide a pretty simple and easy gameplay experience.

Gardenscapes MOD APK

So without any further ado, let’s know about these amazing virtual games below.

What is Gardenscapes APK?

The Gardenscapes is one of the most famous games developed by Playstrix, and the developer team also releases various other games.

The list includes Homescape, Farmscapes, Wildscapes, Townhero, Township, and many more exciting options to play in your free time. The Gardenscapes comes with a pretty simple setup that will make the gaming sessions more thrilling.

Gardenscapes MOD

Like many puzzle games, you have to match three beats and complete a given quest to increase the level. Besides this, you will obtain stars when you finish each mini-games, which will further help in building the garden.

Explore an endless journey of creating a beautiful garden and solve various mysteries at the same time. But like many games, you will have to constantly watch ads to unlock additional perks and get an extra life.

Besides this, you can also purchase coins, lives, and stars if you are willing to spend some money. Although, if you are a hardcore gamer, you can also move to the tough way and don’t use those perks and complete these games with your skills.

Moreover, you will get a variety of options to decorate the garden according to your wish from grass to chair design, you can customize the garden layout in a pretty hassle manner.

Furthermore, you will have numerous characters that will assist in reconstructing the whole garden in the most efficient way.

Initially, you will start with your butler Austin, and eventually meet several other people that will help in creating different structures and provide external support. With this game, you will receive a completely different vibe from the regular puzzle games.

Gardenscapes Storyline and Gameplay

The Gardenscapes is a basic puzzle-like game where you have to reconsider the surroundings by adding different elements such as a fountain, benches, a treehouse, and numerous other things to complete the garden saturated.

Usually, you have to collect stars to complete the available quest by solving the puzzles. Like Candy Crush Soda Saga, you can play with the puzzles and connect the beats in three or five formats.

Besides this, you have to get additional perks as you will level up in the puzzle games. With each level, you will obtain the star and some coins from which you can purchase more resources for your garden or get additional lives or turns while playing.

On top of that, there are several areas that you can explore and enjoy this game thoroughly on the screen and you will acquire pets during the journey.

They will motivate you when you are playing at a tough level. Inside the game, you can also connect with your Facebook friends and neighbors in a pretty subtle way from the community tab.

The in-game social media will let you update with the new exploration results and help in building trust with other players as well.

Besides this, you can also join a clan when you reach a certain level. On the other hand, you can also purchase coins and more life with real money if you want to.

What if I told you that you don’t have to spend your money? Instead of that, you can check out the Gardenscapes Unlimited Coins APK. Let’s know more about this application in the below section.

What is Gardenscapes MOD APK?

You will find an interestingly modified version of the original games, in which you can do several impressive things, from creating gardens to building healthy relationships with pets. Plus, the mod features will further help in improving the gaming session.

Usually, when you are playing this game, you will notice that life will run out or you might not have enough stars to continue the development of the garden. In that situation, all you can do is wait, until the hearts are refueling.

Once that happens, you can continue with the troublesome puzzle level. However, if you don’t want to dive into all of that complication and are looking for a simple casual gaming experience, then we will recommend you download this mod apk version.

With this mod apk, you don’t have to think about getting more lives and simply focus on building the gardens according to your wish.

On the other hand, if you are getting bored with the development of the garden, you can move to a different location and enjoy the view. Inside the game, you will find different unexplored areas in which you can construct new things.

As usual, there are tons of mini-games that will assist in killing time while you dive into the world of garden and flora beautification. Long story short, don’t waste your time and get this apk to avoid aimless spending on virtual resources.

How to Download & install Gardenscapes MOD APK?

In the following section, I have covered the complete guide to downloading and installing Gardfenscapses MOD APK on an android phone. So make sure to follow the below instruction to avoid any trouble later on.

Let’s first start with enabling the unknown source settings. To give you an overview, if you are downloading a third-party application for the first time, you will need to enable unknown sources to download options from the settings menu. Worry not, we have discussed the necessary steps below.

  • First of all, you have to open the Settings App.
  • Now, head over to the Privacy and Security option.
  • Click on the Unknown Source.
  • Finally, allow the Unknown Source toggle.

Now that you have finished the request, let’s head toward the process of downloading and installing the Gardenscape MOD APK.

  1. You will find the newest version of the MOD APK in this post. Click on the download button to get the mod apk on your phone.
  2. Now, wait till the apk is downloaded. Once the download process ends, click on the three-dot on the browsers.
  3. Select the Download options from the list and navigate to the recently download Gardenscapes MOD APK file.
  4. Open the files and then click on the Install button.
  5. Again, wait till the installation process is taking place, then click on Open.
  6. That’s it! You have successfully installed the Gardenscapes!

Note: If you are getting a warning sign, simply tap on the download anyway to get this apk on your phone without any problem.


The Gardenscapes is a brilliant game that will provide immersive features and a completely unique gameplay experience.

Inside the game, you have to constantly win each 3-match puzzle game to unlock new perks and areas. Besides this, if you have downloaded the mod version, you will obtain the following functions.

No Ads Notification

During the gameplay, you will face Ads on several occasions from completing a quest to skipping the mini-game level or adding more lives.

In each, you will notice varieties of advertisements, which at the end of the day, destroy the overall user experience. However, you don’t need to worry about anything when you have this mod apk.

The additional features of the Gardenscapes Unlimited Coins APK will grant users a clean UI experience in which they can control everything.

With this, you won’t see those annoying Ads again while playing this fabulous game on your smartphone. Through this mod apk, get rid of Ads and enjoy decorating the garden as you wish.

Endless money supply

Inside the Gardenscapes coins are everything and without this, you can’t do certain things, which include buying resources or purchasing more lives. Besides this, you will only have a few coins in each level, which doesn’t help in the long term.

Though, if you are thinking of earning those coins faster, you need to acquire this app and obtain unlimited money.

With this apk, you will receive an endless supply of money so that you don’t have to constantly think about earning money and easily walk through different areas without even increasing your levels. Moreover, you can also purchase boosters in the match-3 puzzles without any hassle.

Access to unlimited stars

Stars are the main components that help in finishing the To-do list tasks. In general, all of the tasks related to decorating the garden appear on the To-do list.

Here, you can track all of the game progress, once you have completed one portion of garden development, new areas will open.

Although, it’s quite difficult to earn stars in each game as you will level up mini-games and match-3 puzzle games will become tougher than ever.

Despite this, you will obtain limitless stars so that you can effortlessly continue construction and decorate gardens easily.

Explore Amazing World of Gardenscapes MOD APK

You can explore different areas in the Gardenscapes world, while the cute animation of the surroundings is something that looks pretty attractive and appealing. You can move to various locations and perform a wide range of quests.

Furthermore, you will also obtain pets that will accompany you throughout the journey. Plus, it’s an offline game so you will get more screen time to reach unknown places.

Dedicate social media

The fun fact about this game is that you will obtain an in-app social media network from which you can track everything happening in the neighborhood. Besides this, you can also connect to your Facebook account to share game progress with your friends in a hassle-free manner.

Additional Features

  • Bug-free experience
  • Latest update
  • Unlimited Money Access
  • No need to work to get stars
  • Easily build gardens


Is Gardenscapes MOD APK safe?

Yes, the app is completely safe and secure, but at the same time, we have tested this application and don’t find any particular issue so far. You can install this mod apk on any Android phone without any problems.

Is it free to download?

Yes, Gardenscapes is free to download, and for the latest version, we would recommend bookmarking this page, as we will provide the newest version whenever the developer unveils the update.

Why is Gardenscapes not loading?

There might be a bug problem in the Gardenscapes, so we suggest you restart your device. If a simple restart doesn’t give any results, then update the Gardenscapes to overcome this troubleshooting efficiently.

Is there similar games as Gardenscapes?

The Playrix released several games to the Gardenscapes such as Farmscapes, Wildscapes, Homescapes, Familyscapes, and many more. All of them have similar gameplay experiences but in different scenarios. So you can also check those games in the meanwhile.


I have played the Gardenscapes and it was a completely satisfying journey for me. The cool graphics, simple storyline, and gameplay make this game pretty interesting as you will get a whole new world to explore.

Besides this, the game is quite addictive once you have finished the tutorial mode and dive into the real game. But still, spending money on virtual resources doesn’t feel justified.

In that case, you can go with the modded version as it will bring more features and give all of the premium features free of cost.

Therefore, downloading the Gardenscapes MOD APK is a great deal. Once you have downloaded this app and played the story mode, do let us know your experience in the comment section.

We will appreciate your suggestions, as well as, your doubt below, so drop your thoughts below without any hesitation.

4.6/5 (8 Reviews)

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