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Try out GB WhatsApp For iOS devices if you want amazing customization features on your iPhone or iPad!

Connecting the world is the modern need of the current era and numberless social media platforms are working to enhance your connectivity.

Aside from that, only a few of the vast arrays of social media platforms will meet your requirements. But few platforms are ruling the digital market with their aesthetic features, and GB WhatsApp is one of those most appealing ones.

What is GB WhatsApp APK?

Simply by using your mobile number, wouldn’t you like to have unlimited interactions with your friends and family? Furthermore, different media sharing is the success key of this platform and no matter whether you are an individual or a business body, you are going to get served accordingly.

GB WhatsApp For iOS


  • Before anything else, while being in the online world you need to take care of your privacy a lot. That is why GBWhatsApp is worth having an app as it will save you from data breaching issues.
  • Without any sharing limitations, you can share different media such as videos, pictures, audio, documents, and much more to meet your needs or requirements.
  • GB Whatsapp is such a blessing for those who have to share media in video format as you can play all the videos in the built-in video player. So, now you don’t have to get an additional app to get maximum functionality.
  • To protect your privacy from your end, you can enable password or fingerprint options.
  • Have you ever felt like downloading the stories other people share? No worries, without downloading an additional helper, GB Whatsapp can give you the chance to download it directly. Apart from this, if anyone has shared some sort of quotes in text format then you can copy it directly from there.
  • While being on a busy schedule you might don’t get enough time to talk to others. Here this app is going to work as your virtual secretary by using the auto-reply feature. You can go for both default auto-reply messages or can generate your customized one.
  • When you have to share something on your story then you wouldn’t have to get bound to a specific time frame. It is because GB Whatsapp will let you share long videos on your story as well without asking you to bound the limit to 30 seconds only.
  • This app has one of the most appealing user interfaces but in case you are looking for any customizations then GB Whatsapp will not disappoint you at all. You can go for the custom themes and a wide community of theme creators have shared their creativity. You can easily enable any theme according to your needs or requirements. The majority of the users are falling for the dark themes as they will cut off the strain on your eyes.
  • It is quite hard to find any app that will allow you to change its icon or menu. But fortunately, GB Whatsapp will let you do it in both the notification panel and in-app as well.
  • Unlike other similar apps, you don’t have to rely upon the limited number of emojis because GB Whatsapp For iOS has a wide range of emojis that can be set according to you.
  • Getting annoyed by the picture-sharing limitation is quite normal but you need to say goodbye to this issue now. GB Whatsapp will let you share more than normal pictures at once with your desired contact.
  • To get to know who is online, now you don’t have to open up different chat boxes again and again but you will be served with a separate bar to look at who is online.
  • Almost all of us would like to take a break once but what to do when we get online status? No worries, being your best possible virtual partner, Gb Whatsapp will hide your online status as well.
  • After reading any messages, you are free to decide whether to let the senders have blue ticks or not.
  • Now you don’t need to deal with the file size limitations at all because sharing more than 100MB of files or more is now possible. Most amazingly, you are free to set the file size limitations according to your needs or requirements.
  • Without pushing you to face compatibility issues, GB Whatsapp and the normal version of Whatsapp can be run on the same device at the same time.
  • Message broadcasting was never as easy as it is now for you with the help of GB Whatsapp. No matter if you need to do it for a bunch of contacts or have to share in different groups.
  • Unlike other third-party apps, you wouldn’t have to face battery drainage issues at all.
  • With high accuracy, you can share your live location and can easily know about others as well.

Is GB Whatsapp available for iPhone?

Luckily, yes, you can enjoy GB Whatsapp for iOS devices as well. All you need to change is the downloading method for android devices.


  • Boundless media sharing
  • Optional blue tick
  • Online status hiding
  • Available for multiple platforms
  • Auto-response
  • Easy chat cleaner
  • Messages broadcasting
  • Customized emoji
  • Unlimited themes
  • Bug fixing
  • Live location sharing


  • Slower updates can be annoying.


GB Whatsapp for iOS is tremendously serving users globally without burning a hole in their pocket. Connecting your loved ones was not as easier and handy as its now with this leading app.

Share unlimited media files with your favorite contacts and let the fun begins with customized emojis. The maximum user flexibility is everything you have to fall for and most importantly story recording is going to be your cup of tea.

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