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GoDaddy Studio MOD v7.54.2 APK 2024 [Pro Unlocked]

File Name
GoDaddy Studio
Package Name
GoDaddy Mobile, LLC
Compatible with
6.0 and up
48 MB
MOD Features
Pro Unlocked
Updated on
May 6, 2024

Graphic Designing isn’t simple, and not everyone from everywhere can try it for their brands. But when it comes down to brand awareness, there is nothing more important than Graphic Designing, and we can’t keep a designer working every time for us.

However, spending money to hire a graphic designer isn’t the only way, as you can conversely try a software named GoDaddy Studio MOD APK.

To simplify website designing, we had something called WordPress which helped people design websites in a single day, and now we have this GoDaddy Studio.

This app works as a Canva for designing and offers us the best of all templates for posts, stories, emails, logos, banners, posters, brochures, and even T-shirt designs.

Not just that, you can also create your brand gallery in this app to indulge your logo instantly in all kinds of advertisements.

GoDaddy Studio MOD APK

The only thing you may find hard is its premium plan, as being a GoDaddy compliance, GoDaddy Studio offers a premium plan and that plan contains all the designs unlocked already.

GoDaddy Studio MOD

Similar to Canva, it created its own premium gallery, and all those elements, templates, or text styles are what you can get with the premium.

What does GoDaddy Studio do?

GoDaddy Studio is a graphic designing app that doesn’t ask you to use the hardest tools in the world that you see in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

It includes drag & drop styled designing, where you can make the best styles with a simple process. The same things you did on WordPress for creating websites, even simpler than that would be GoDaddy Studios.

This software includes a categorized app interface, where you can create a logo on one side, a banner on the other side, a brochure on the third side, and all kinds of graphics altogether.

The mobile interface may sound a little complex, as dragging and dropping smaller media files would be a little tricky.

But here you also get a zoom-in option so that you can edit those graphics with a zoomed-in interface.

Drag and drop the elements instantaneously and perfectly using the GoDaddy Studio, without hiring a graphic designer and make most of your graphic designing work get outsourced to the most simplistic software.


There are a few requirements you need to fulfill before downloading and installing the GoDaddy Studio app. It’s not for the older smartphones running below Android 6.0, and this number you need to keep in mind so that all the versions above it will be compatible with the app.

Externally, all the features related to this app or filled by this app are online, and you just need an internet connection first to let the app work with its proficiency.

Except for the OS version and the internet connection, there is nothing you require to make the GoDaddy Studio Pro work on your device.

Awesome Features

Some features you must have to know about the GoDaddy Studio app, and the reason you require it as your official graphic designer protocol, are as follows.

67,000 Graphic Elements

Creating a logo was literally difficult recently as designers didn’t have access to the elements, or smaller graphics to add and create bigger logos.

They were required to search the internet for the PNG format of elements and later add them to their overall logo systems.

But now, things have changed with the availability of 67,000 graphic elements all ready to use in the GoDaddy Studio app. Some of them are premium, but still, thousands of them are ready to use.

1700+ Templates

Apart from the simple elements, there are also presets to skip the work and get directly to the point.

You can search templates accordingly with your logo, poster, invitation, or brochure design and use them to simplify your design work.

Just change the names, words, and sentences, and you’re ready to use that poster or banner without getting scared of a copyright issue.

Again, there are a few premium styles that you can’t use until you don’t have a premium.

All sizes

You should require different sized and fitting image versions to post in different spaces. Such as being a different size for an Instagram post, little height enhancement for an Instagram story, Landscape size for banners, portrait rectangular for a Flyer or a Poster, or anything else.

This app includes all the sizes for all your graphical work to get done in seconds of app usage.

Create a Video

The app isn’t known as a professional for nothing. There are various features of the app, and one of them is video creation.

Suppose you want to make a short film, either a graphical or realistic video, to make most of your traffic know better about you more conveniently.

In that case, you can also create short videos using the video maker section of GoDaddy Studios.

Remove Background

The next feature of having the GoDaddy Studios app installed on your device is the background remover protocol.

If you got tired of using the Photoshop hard tools and gliding the area to delete from a picture, use the instantaneous background remover of GoDaddy Studios.

With a single click, your picture will get its background removed, with no other consequences at all.

Features offered by free unlocked version

GoDaddy Studios premium is the free-unlocked version that carries all the premium app graphic elements and templates unlocked for free.

You will see most of the resources marked as Pro and you can use them all for free while using the modified app version.

Moreover, there are no advertisements and no watermarks in the modified version, so you are going to create the best designs with zero interruptions.

Download latest version of GoDaddy Studio MOD APK

Get through this latest version of GoDaddy Studio MOD and that’s where you’re getting all the graphical elements and presets presented for absolutely free.

Moreover, they also contain the no-watermark option enabled so that whichever graphic you’re creating won’t include any watermark.

The latest version also includes different compatible sizes for the new kinds of stuff, like T-shirts and Snapchat posts.

So, download this latest version and go along with creating all your brand advertising stuff on your own.

Final Verdict

Finally, there are reasons in your mind to have this app installed on your phone, either for enhancing your brand awareness or for starting up without hiring a graphic designer.

You have the thing now and all it requires, at last, is to press that link and start making graphical things on your own.

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