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Gradient MOD APK v2.10.8 Latest 2024 [Premium Unlocked]

File Name
Compatible with
8.0 and up
MOD Features
Premium Unlocked
Updated on
Feb 8, 2024

Time to stop wandering from brand to brand and searching for the best beautifying accessories there inside this whole world, and start implementing the technological advancements. Today we’re here flashing light on the amazing Android app for instant beauty, Gradient MOD APK!

If you’ve gone through those Chinese beautifying apps, like Camera 360, Face U, Meitu, and Make-Up Plus, but got annoyed after their ban in most countries like India, time to get switched on an amazing platform named Gradient.

Not the mathematical gradient, but it’s an Android application developed by Ticket to the Moon Inclusive for providing you with the best face beauty editor tools.

It’s a short-sized influential app, which includes tools like AI effects, face masks, beauty tools, handcrafted filters, and professional photo color editing tools, such as HSL, Brightness, Contrast, and the coolest filters.

Furthermore, it transports you with so many features that aren’t particularly possible on a single app. If you’re going elsewhere, you are required to download three different apps for enjoying features available in a single app!

Gradient MOD APK

What is Gradient?

The word came from mathematics and influenced beauty as an Android app called Gradient. It’s one of the top 20 photography apps designed for Android users and contains more than 10 million downloads.

Moreover, it’s a highly rated app too, summing up to a 4.4-star rating even after having such a huge number of total downloads. According to our knowledge, there aren’t many beautifying apps with this much rating on the entire Google Play Store.

Keeping the overall app statistics sideways, let’s first talk about the feature side of the Gradient app. It’s highly packaged with beauty enhancer tools, and that’s why it includes features to tune your selfies with AI.

At the first interface, you’d glimpse the body shaper tools, face glow enhancing tools, face retouch AI, and lastly some beautiful Art filters to make your editing fully automated.

Later with Gradient, you’re going to see some premium features, embedded inside the premium subscription plan of Gradient, including event styling, Animals Look-Alike, AI Demon Style, AI Face Collage, Gradient Cartoon, Celebrity Look Alike, and Beautification tools.

If you’re an app enthusiast and want to enjoy everything available in this app for free, including premium tools, you can go through the below MOD version!

What is Gradient MOD APK?

Image beautifying freaks these days love enjoying all the features provided by the most amazing editing apps. Nevertheless, almost all of them include premium membership plans, where you’re required to pay recurring monthly or yearly payments to the servers.

A similar thing is what you’d hate inside the Gradient official app. It includes a premium membership plan billed at 1750.00 INR monthly, 3350.00 INR quarterly, or 6200.00 INR annually.

Gradient MOD

This premium plan includes so many features such as all the unlocked filters, unlimited saves, premium HD export, no watermark, and free access to all the exceptional tools you’d get within the editor interface.

One of the most enthusiastic features here inside the Gradient MOD APK is free to access to the Gradient premium subscription. This modified version includes an online script that allows you to enjoy all the premium features without even logging into an account.

That’s a blessing for all the enthusiasts who got bored using the official Gradient app and all those similar free features. It’s your time to get switched on a more influential interface with everything unlocked, including those coolest filters. Time to know deeply about all its privileges.

Features That Make You Beautiful

The official Gradient app users who haven’t purchased its premium subscription yet, don’t know much about the privileges they can enjoy inside the free modified app version. If you’re the one and want to know about all of them, get through the below list ASAP:

Every Filter Unlocked

Every Gradient app user knows exceptionally about the app filters, including cartoons, fantasy beauties, beautification, vivid beauty styles, cosmetic surgery, Tokyo cute, comic book style, and all those filters.

Now, the free plan users aren’t able to use all these filters, as they get only a few unlocked ones on there. The ones who aren’t in the mood of paying that much just for filters can choose the Gradient MOD APK that is filled with all the filters.

No Watermark

The most impactful annoyance by most Android photo and video designing apps is the Watermarks. You can bear anything, but no brand watermarks on your own creations, and that’s where the Gradient app is also targeted.

If you’re a social media influencer, and you have to constantly post photos, then having watermarks on your images is a big downside. Unless and until it’s for promotion purposes, With this application, you will literally get a clean UI since there’s no watermark on the exported pictures.

FHD Export

The next mind-blowing and engaging privilege here is that you are getting FHD resolution exporting quality. It means that you don’t have to worry about modifying your photos. Furthermore, you can easily export all of your favorite creations.

This will help you in engaging all your followers’, friends’, and relatives’ attraction to your realistic kind of pictures. Want to experience that on your own; get this apk and start enjoying those perks.

Ad-free Interface

Online advertisements would just be the next barrier in your photo editing journey. Basically, those operating with the free subscription plan in the official Gradient app get lots of online ads to enjoy the premium features every single time.

Most techies want to halt these ads and enjoy the simplicity of the app but hate paying lots of dollars for its interface. For all of them, this modified app is a blessing as it doesn’t include ads in the interface. You need this modification at the very first space; grab it now!

Unlimited Saves

Every sin is worse until the real sin arrives! You’d feel damn irritated after knowing that the official Gradient app has positioned a limit on your daily saves and simply the image exports.

You can only save a limited number of photos from the free version of this app, whereas the limits can get broken using the latest Gradient MOD APK. This modified software holds a fantastic script making you capable of saving unlimited photos to post daily!


You won’t need to think even a little bit about being not ready for capturing photos every time if you know how to use the technology. Gradient MOD APK is that technology for you, which can beautify you way more than cosmetics and any treatment in seconds.

You can post all your designed photos now to social media platforms without the Gradient watermark and at the most effective quality using the modified version called Gradient MOD. Download it right now!

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