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Groovepad MOD APK v1.22.0 Latest 2024 [Premium]

File Name
Compatible with
5.0 and up
49 MB
MOD Features
Premium Unlocked
Updated on
Mar 4, 2024

The hip-Hop music world is enriching the new heights every moment with the evolution of the latest DJs on the floor. Recently we have seen some music creators like Yashraj Mukhate and Mayur Jumani who both created the coolest music shots with some dialogues, beats, chorus, and FX effects. If you are also dreaming to have such music creation tools, Groovepad MOD APK is the first convenient recommendation.

These YouTuber guys made millions of fans with a lust for the exact creativity. But we always feel the music creation and hip hop beat mixing complex because of the tough and costliest tools getting used by these YouTubers in streams. Technology won’t disappoint you at this time as the Groovepad android application got developed recently with the best music creation resources.

You’d get tremendous tools within this app version with premium access to a hazardous number of music resources, such as mixes, tapes, and audio clips. Simply capture all the beats, music, lyrics, and FX effects of the acquired resource tapes and record your music to astound all your contacts. Keep in mind that we have also created a modified version to provide you with all the premium resources!

Groovepad MOD APK

What is Groovepad APK?

Only creative people acquire a premium quality of traffic, fans, and creations that millions of decades keep in mind. If music is your addiction and you wanna make your brand name come in the online creative stars, you first need a good start. Don’t worry; nothing would curse you that hard as we’ve got a unique app named Groovepad APK for you.

It’s an Android+iOS creation meant to deliver you the most loved music creation tools such as a beat-mixer and a convenient app interface to mix the music most comfortably. You’d get a colorful app interface here filled with all the music effects and a button below them to press and play the beat. Play all your favorite beats together and make your own music most simplistically with Groovepad.

Moreover, if you got bored of the default chores, beats, FX effects, chords, and leads, Groovepad would also help you try over 100 premix hip-hop tracks like Classic Trap, Indie Electronica, Hip-Hop Club, Dembow EDM, Techno Serum, and Bass Rocket. But harshly, all these provided resources within the Groovepad are premium and you need to pay a premium recurring payment to enable them all.

What is Groovepad MOD APK?

Don’t want to pay real bucks and try to enjoy all the resources of Groovepad including those premium mixes and beats for absolutely free? If that’s what you want, all you lack is the Groovepad MOD APK. Yeah, that’s the only requirement you’re currently seeking as this modified version includes an already enabled premium subscription of Groovepad.

Groovepad MOD

If you’d have the same installed modification, you can run the app anytime and enjoy absolute access to the most astonishing electric, bass, tempo, hip-hop, and trap music mixes of the Groovepad. Catch out all your favorite beats from these resource mixes and mix them all together to create a never heard creative mix. Later, you can either post it on your timeline or play it in front of your network, all your choice.

Not just that, the app also includes a responsive user interface created ditto as the official one and includes no-root access so that you can enjoy all its features without rooting your android device. Besides, you’d also have hundreds of premium privileges as listed below –

Features of Groovepad MOD APK

Before going ahead and installing, you can also have a broad look at all the features you’re about to get inside this mod version. Well, there are numerous features provided within its interface, but the foremost ones are what we listed below –

Ad-free Interface

Online advertisements would be the first problem to suffer among the Groovepad official app as it’s one of the online music creator apps with numerous online resources.

If you have already implemented it in your life and found a way to eliminate those ads, say thanks to this modified app. This modified app will provide you with the ultimately ad-free app interface without asking for a recurring premium.

Access to all Songs

A music creation app is absolutely nothing without the largest number of beats, chords, and sound effects, and all these things come from the songs. The official Groovepad app won’t provide you with free access to that resource music, but this application would. Let’s make a difference with the free access to all songs available within the Groovepad library.

Record highest quality

This next quality of using the modified version of Groovepad would obviously make you astounded as you’re getting privileged access to music recording. Now you can send your exact creation with HD quality music to all your contacts and social media pages and make your fans more mind boggled than your last impacts.

Employ learning lessons

You’d get amazed after knowing that Groovepad works as a music learning app too. Yeah, I’m quite right as it offers you 10 simplistic lessons to learn hip-hop creation within the app interface.

After installing the Groovepad MOD APK, you’d have a glance at 10 different lessons for all your favorite songs. Inside there, you’d have to play those lessons as a game where you’d be required to touch on the right effect at the right moment for creating amazing music.

Use FX Effects

If you’re dreaming to become a music artist and create the best mixes of all time, you need to give a huge time on the FX Effects, as the complete fun is laid within that segment.

Fortuitously, it allows you to configure all the FX effects as the actual ones, including Flanger, Reverb, and Delay effects. These effects are officially premium inside the actual Groovepad version that costs you more than $10 every month.


There are no vibes more powerful than the music, and continuously, no one can beat the Groovepad MOD APK in intensifying these vibes. Touch as many of your favorite beats and chords as you can to create the most lovable music and record them at the coolest quality to make your fanbase stronger. Stop using the default music beats and unlock access to all the beats with this amazing app!

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