GuitarTuna MOD APK v7.38.1 Download 2024 [Premium Unlocked]

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Feb 8, 2024

Guitar works best with all our emotions, feelings, and events, but playing the guitar sounds tricky. Learn it now by GuitarTuna MOD APK for free!

Are you a Guitar and those string music instrument lovers finding classes to enhance your skills? So, stop finding classes, as everything you can get these days is virtual using technology.

Virtual classes wouldn’t just offer you video classes but also provide you with a free actual instrument walkthrough.

If you’re new to this, you can get started with a quick Android app for that. These days, Android Smartphones include the Google Play Store with hundreds of thousands of quick software best in everything.

If you once got trapped on the GuitarTuna official application in the lust of all its features and want to get the premium subscription for additional privileges, please don’t spend money there.

You can make most of your tasks simple using these Android apps, and if you want more convenience, go on with those modified app versions.

GuitarTuna altered version doesn’t compromise with premium features and provides access free of cost!

GuitarTuna MOD APK

All you need is to download this modified version, and it’ll actually provide you with the exact premium subscription plan of the app without charging you a single dollar. Sounds great, eh?

What is GuitarTuna APK?

These days, enormous android apps are advancing music instrument learning with some exceptional privileges, including the best one called realistic go-through.

Nowadays, people can play virtual guitars, pianos, flutes, and almost everything using the exact controls while touching their smartphone screen. GuitarTuna APK works exceptionally the same!

Being the worthiest Guitar learning android app, GuitarTuna is the one that offers you all the world-class guitar learning classes with the actual work.

Here, you can find all your favorite songs to play with guitar and the online virtual courses by real guitar experts on how to make your skills more influential than an average Guitar player.

Not just that, GuitarTuna app also includes a few more musical instruments with strings, including the complete learning protocols, example songs, and an authentic feel.

This app contains Guitar, Violon, Bass, Ukulele, Cavaquinho, Mandolin, Balalaika, Banjo, and Chromatic tuner.

In simple words, this app is a whole bundle of musical instruments developed to make you skillful in playing all these things and make your name skyrocket.

What is GuitarTuna MOD APK?

What would be better than an Android app with over eight different musical instruments’ official feel, learning protocol, tools, and songs?

But still, one thing remains that no one told you efficiently; it’s about the premium subscription plan of GuitarTuna APK called GuitarTuna PLAY.

This premium plan contains pro-quality guitar songs, an ad-free interface, synced tools, and many more amazing features you have never utilized.

GuitarTuna MOD

Harshly, if you want these features in the official app version, you would have to pay either 148.99 INR monthly or 1048.99 INR yearly.

You can use a 7-day free trial plan, but it’s just to attract you more towards buying this costliest premium subscription plan.

Now, for those of our professionals and enthusiastic students trying to get these pro lessons freely, we’ve GuitarTuna App.

Like all other times, GuitarTuna APK is the free modified version of the official GuitarTuna app developed to make you feel exceptional every time with this virtual guitar.

This revised version includes all the most remarkable premium features that you can either get by paying to GuitarTuna or by hitting the above link and downloading latest GuitarTuna MOD APK for absolutely free. Choose the way to your destination!


Irrespective of what would happen, you’d only choose the smart option to download the free modified version and stop spending hard-earned dollars on Android applications.

Let’s now understand all the features we’re getting with this free version:

Pro Quality songs

Quality matters and Spotify Premium is the most prominent example of that! They have sold millions of subscriptions till today, and the reason behind that is the pro-quality songs.

But do you know that the official GuitarTuna app contains the usually defined songs?

Yeah, and such reasons will direct you to download the modified version of the app elsewhere and learn with the pro-quality songs for free.

No Advertisements

The following reason to stop using the official GuitarTuna app would be its ad-rich app interface. We can’t learn anything with most online distracting ads about games and money-earning apps.

We utterly need GuitarTuna MOD, the 100% ad-free version of the official app developed to deliver you the most prestigious instrument learning lessons and tools absolutely free.

Chord Synchronization

Suppose you’re playing a song using your virtual guitar on GuitarTuna APK, and suddenly you forgot strings. In that case, the delay would make you lose those lyrics and start it from the beginning again.

No one has enough time and bearing capability to initialize the instrument playing every time they use the wrong chord. That’s the worst problem with GuitarTuna’s official app.

You won’t be stuck with this app demerit because we’ve developed the modified version GuitarTuna.

This app contains a chord synchronization feature, where it’d start and stop with your guitar playing. In other words, you own that song, not that song owns you!

Virtual Lyrics

Birds flying high, you know how I feel, it’s a new dawn, a new life, and what’s next? Have you ever got stuck in such a situation while using the virtual guitar on an app having no lyrics feature?

That’s what you’ll feel with the official GuitarTuna app, and that’s why we’ve developed the modified version.

The MOD version would regularly provide you with correct lyrics for every song and help you every moment in advancing your skills.

100+ Tuning options

If you have got a Guitar, you must know how important it is to tune it before playing it and creating a new node. Similarly, the GuitarTuna official app also contains a few tuning features, but all of them are basic.

For all the professionals who want to enjoy the new version of guitar here with 100+ tuning features across 15 different instruments, we’ve got this GuitarTuna app.

This modified version is for the new dawn, new day, and new life of your upgrading skills.


Taking an ultimate decision would always be your chore, and we won’t put any pressure on you as you can make your intelligent decisions on your own.

Choose the best between the official GuitarTuna app and the GuitarTuna MOD version to start evolving your Guitar playing skills.

Get ready for the advanced competitions and tournaments to beat with the learning of GuitarTuna!

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