KineMaster MOD APK v7.2.6.31050.GP Latest 2023 [No Watermark]

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KineMaster Corporation
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7.0 and up
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No Watermark/ 4K Export
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Sep 26, 2023

In today’s environment, everyone loves shooting videos, in about every home, there is one guy born as a video editor. Video editing is a damn creative work.

And whenever we shoot videos, our minds make many thoughts such as adding a filter in the video, changing the transition of the video, adding a piece of appropriate background music to the video, and much more.

For doing all these kinds of stuff, we turn on our Computers and transfer videos through our mobile phones and start editing, and after much hard work, we make what we want. But what if we can edit videos like a pro just by using our mobile phone in place of a large machine?

“Just likes a craftsman shapes raw materials in a beautiful piece of furniture, such as that a video editor takes raw elements for making a story.”

For that purpose, there are many video editors launched now, which are everyone’s favorite. But the independent version from Kinemaster consists of simple video editings tools such as a video trimmer, audio mixer, cropper, some free simple filters, and some more zero-cost features.

But for advanced video editing, we need some extra features which we can get in the KineMaster MOD version only. So in this Video-editing era, let us all jump and become Pro just by reading and acknowledging this article.

Kinemaster Pro APK

About KineMaster Pro App

KineMaster was first named NexStreaming, founded in 2002 in Korea, and until 2014, app users got exceeded 300 million. This app struggled a lot, but after many failures, this app became a star which you can see yourself right now since this app is in the second position of Google Play’s top-grossing video players, which is an outstanding overcome of this app.

This app comes with a lot of free features, but all of those features are simple ones, which you can do even in your mobile system video editor. For getting advanced editing options like chroma effects, some additional transitions, additional themes, and many more features, you have to switch to the premium version of Kinemaster.

Its premium version costs about 4.99$ monthly, and if you take an annual plan, you will get that at 39.99$. It’s right that here it is a powerful app for video editing since even beginners can use it easily. But it doesn’t deserve that lot of money for editing video purposes, and even a lot of students and professionals can’t afford it.

So for all our editing techies, today we are here with the new article to offer you the free version of Kinemaster MOD and much more, please read all instructions and features carefully and must enjoy it.

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What’s New in KineMaster MOD?

Kinemaster Pro is a friendly and simplistic video editor that has many features. Even if we come to its starting look which is damn simplistic and very clean with color shifting background.

On using this app, your experiences really won’t matter since the app interface is as simple as even a 6th-grade guy can use it damn comfortably.

So for providing you with Kinemaster’s pro features without spending any money, we have modified the app with an inbuilt PRO version by which you can use pro features without any cost. Also, you don’t have to worry about security issues. Since this app got tested by our team already on about 5 to 6 accounts.


Kinemaster MOD provides you with a lot of notable features. It’s a completely unlocked video editor for both general and professional use, and also it supports many features in it which, we have mentioned some principle features below –

Multiple layers

The number of video layers makes video editions easy if you are editing videos in numerous ways such as transition-changing videos, chroma effect videos, audio mixing, and much more.

But in its official app, you can only form limited video layers, so that’s a bold feature of Kinemaster MOD APK that lets you make multiple layers for making your work damn easy.

No WaterMark

Watermark is the major problem of all video editors, which is just like a local advertisement for various editing companies. This watermark makes a lot of creators anxious, which results in uninstalling the app and installing a new editor.

But in-actual this is a type of video editor that if once you install it, it’s hard to uninstall because of its enormous features.

KineMaster Pro provides you with a feature that can remove the watermarks from your video at the time of editing only. This feature will make your video damn creative and make it look like you have made it on your hustle without using any simple software.

Export Video In 4K

In the last free version of Kinemaster, you can only export your edited video to the android resolution up to 1080p. But while downloading KineMaster MOD, you can export your video in up to 4K resolution, which is supported by big screens like televisions and computers.

This feature will be worth so much also if you are a creator on any social media platform or Youtube. Since on youtube, you won’t get resolution in most of the videos, above 720p, which results in poor video quality if you’re using a large screen.

For rising above this trouble, you can download KineMaster Mod since it will help you a lot.

Support All Versions

Kinemaster Pro supports every device for editing videos, which means you can use Android, iOS, Windows, iPad, and about all devices.

You can download this app from the given links for any of your techy gadgets. But for using it on a Computer, at the first step, you have to download an android emulator like Bluestacks, Gameloop, and much more.

Instant Preview Anytime

While you are creating a long video like a film or an autobiography, you won’t want to make any mistakes from starting to the end. Since after the whole video gets prepared, it’s damn hard t find small slight errors because of the size of the video.

So while using this app, you can preview your edit at any the time, from the start to the end of the video.

Rewind the Video

Reversing or Rewinding a video is one of the core features of Kinemaster MOD after instant preview. It takes some time to rewind a long video, but Kinemaster is capable of this job in a short time and also in an excellent way that you can’t even imagine that it can be an edited video.

Various mobile TikTok and youtube creators are using this app for making reverse and transition-changing videos.

More Features

  • No Watermark
  • All Premium Packs Unlocked
  • No Advertisement
  • Analytics Disabled
  • Full Subscription Unlocked
  • Full Shop/Assets Access

What’s New

Here in this article, you will receive a recently updated version with a lot of new sparking features which are listed below –

  • Color adjustment is now possible in Kinemaster MOD at the next level like hue, saturation, white balance, and much more.
  • The speed of the app and video exporting is also optimized in this app.
  • A lot of new premium transitions are updated.
  • Super Slow motion is also available right now, i.e., 0.125 about 8x.
  • Various new filters updated, which are damn creative.

There are many more new features in this app, so you must download KineMaster MOD and enjoy the vast features.

All Other KineMaster Mods

Apart from the pro version, there are still a lot of modified Kinemaster applications that have impeccable features. But the maximum features of these Mods vary from each other.

KineMaster Prime Mod APK

KineMaster Prime

Kinemaster Prime Mod is one of the additionally modified applications in which there are a few exceptional features, including the pro version. This app has the same background and also the same design as the Kinemaster Pro version. The top features of the Prime version are

  • Watermark removal.
  • Chroma key enabled.
  • Other newly updated transitions, themes, fonts, and colors.
  • It’s a fully unlocked Kinemaster.

KineMaster V8 Pro Mod APK

KineMaster V8 Pro

This app is multi-tasking and has an attractive-looking pro version enabled. It has a lot of additional features embedded in it and also it has a lot of advanced features which you will only get in Computer’s video editors, from which some significant features are-

  • This app is beat-sync enabled
  • Neon dark mode AI which looks damn attractive
  • This app is also chroma key enabled which you can change your background in the video
  • Also, some new in-app themes with a lot of new transitions.

KineMaster Diamond Pro Mod APK

Kinemaster Diamond

This mod app includes the pro version as well as a new background of the editor, which makes it better in looking as well as it became more user-friendly for beginners. Below there are some significant features listed –

  • New 150 font styles updated.
  • No watermark issue.
  • Supports nearly every HD resolution up to 4K
  • All paid filters are unlocked.
  • Making Super Slowmotion Video.

KineMaster Lite Pro APK

KineMaster Lite

By the name itself, you can understand the main feature of this app. So this app is so small in size with exclusive pro features like large-size apps. This app is useful for devices with moderate specifications, which suffer from the in-app lag issue.

The graphics of this app is too low to be accepted by nearly every device. Almost it has every feature the same as a simple Pro version, but due to its size, you have to deal with some of the features missing.

Kinemaster Mod V3 APK

Kinemaster Mod V3

MOD V3 variant of Kinemaster has every feature the same as the pro version. Still, it has an enhanced level of making transition videos and chroma key features In easy words, by using it you can make essential chroma videos and transition videos more efficiently and creatively in front of other variants.

Green Kinemaster Pro APK

Green Kinemaster Pro

Most professional creators use Green Kinemaster MOD APK since this variant provides nearly every professional tool which you will get only in Adobe Premiere Pro on Computer. So must try this app once, this app is capable of making around all types of videos. Even if you are a creator on youtube, you must have to give it a try.

How to Install KineMaster Pro Mod on Android?

You can download Kinemaster Pro damn smoothly, you only have to click on the link below and after downloading it, you have to follow some simple instructions listed below:

  1. First, download the latest version of KineMaster Pro APK on your Android device.
  2. Go to Settings > Apps & Security > Enable the “Unknown Sources” option.Unknown Sources
  3. Open the folder where the apk file is located.
  4. Tap to install the apk.
  5. Let the installation process complete.
  6. That’s it, you have successfully installed the apk file on your smartphone.

Note: The process of allowing apps to install from unknown sources may vary for different Android versions. It is based on Android 9.


Is it Safe to Install Kinemaster Mod APK on Android?

Yes, it is safe to download Kinemaster Pro app from this article, you don’t have to worry about any security issues. Since we’ve already checked for viruses and bugs in the app, and this app is damn clean.

Which is the Best APK of Kinemaster for editing videos without Watermark?

All the above Mod APKs are capable of making videos without the watermark. Still, if you’re starting a video editing program as a beginner, then you can use the default Kinemaster Pro APK since this app is so comfortable to use.

How to get Kinemaster Pro for free iOS?

Downloading Kinemaster Pro for iOS is also so much easy since you only have to click on a link given below and you will automatically be redirected to the download page, download it from there and enjoy it.

How do I download KineMaster Pro for free?

For downloading Kinemaster Pro APK for free, you have to click on the download link above and install it from this article, since if you choose the Google Play store for downloading it, then you have to pay for it 4.99$ monthly and 39.99$ annually.

What video format does KineMaster support?

It supports nearly all types of encrypted video formats. It supports MP4, 3GP, and MOV formats, and if we talk about audio formats, it supports WAV, MP3, M4A, and AAC format audios.


After examining all of the pro features of Kinemaster Pro, we came to the belief that it is one of the best video editing apps. If we talk only about mobile, this is the best video editor app ever built.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the security of your device, since we’ve already tested this app a lot, and it’s free from viruses and bugs. Must try all of the pro variants at least once and enjoy the features of all apps.

4.8/5 (34 Reviews)

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