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Last Day on Earth MOD APK v1.20.17 Latest 2024 [MOD Menu]

File Name
Last Day on Earth
Compatible with
5.0 and up
653 MB
MOD Features
MOD Menu
Updated on
Mar 12, 2024

Are you ready to play your favorite survival game with Mod features? It’s time to download the Last Day on Earth MOD APK!

Have you ever felt like it was your last day on Earth? Suppose what would happen when we would get a zombie crisis on earth and be required to survive days one by one?

Or imagine that you slept today and woke up tomorrow in a zombie apocalypse, and now you need to survive among the dead? That’s what you will experience within the game.

There are enormous RPG simulation Android games available on Google Play Store, making most lives enthusiastic daily, but some of these games are fabulous. The same feeling we recently got for a survival game called Last Day on Earth.

This game is based on the role-playing survival genre, making you feel like an apocalypse, and all you need now is to survive as much as you can.

However, after having such a beautiful survival gaming interface, you would still find it hard to install a beautiful experience on your mindset, as the game contains hundreds of in-app purchases.

Last Day on Earth MOD APK

It would help if you had either a struggle or money expenditure to make survival simple, and consequently, the effort requires time. Stop worrying and download Last Day on Earth MOD APK, the free modification!

What is the Last Day on Earth?

Even the name is classic and contains the complete gameplay within itself. With this most excellent Android game, you’re about to get an apocalypse interface to experience and acknowledge the survival things.

The primary role of the game is to help you learn how to survive an apocalypse by creating shelter, food, and medicines using external resources.

Are you ready to survive on Earth virtually when there is no one remaining, and you’re the only one? It’d be a little fun, but 100% of your strategy, as a single mistake can make it your final day this beautiful planet.

The game will deliver unique locations with massive forests and every kind of resource with a crafting menu. Just find the crucial aids and get started surviving.

Do you want more assistance from technology to make this survival more convenient and entertaining simultaneously? If your answer is YES, you need to download MOD APK, the modified version including several free premium benefits. Time to acknowledge the modified game version entirely with all its essential features.

What is the Last Day on Earth MOD APK?

If you understand the survivor game perfectly, the modified version of this game is just a piece of cake for you. It’s something developed for an enthusiast like you, who wants more simplicity from the advancements and saves time.

In simple words, you’re about to get all your most required benefits within the same Last Day on Earth interface here.

Last Day on Earth MOD

What’s more? You will enjoy a convenient MOD menu to make the MOD feature easier. Basically, you can enable and disable any MOD in real-time while playing the game only with the required MODs and enjoy simplicity with some challenges.

Refined simplicity neither be worth nor the advanced complexity. But fortunately, the modified version comes with a normal POV!


Finally, the wind changes towards everyday simplicity and a challenging interface. Everything is crucial for you and your enthusiasm, so let’s now have a broad view of all the features offered by this amazing survival game-

Unlimited Crafting

First of all, the most complex thing in the game is Crafting. Yeah, you would hardly find resources, and then the crafting also takes lots of time to complete. In simple words, you’re stuck all the way!

Getting rid of it is damn important, and consequently, the Last Day on Earth offers you unlimited timeless crafting. You can now instantly craft weapons and meds using resources quickly and infinitely.

Speed walking

Believe it or not, your half-life will get over while walking on the official game interface, as there is no such stamina bar within the interface, and the player walks real slow.

Speed is vital to complete levels faster and start playing the new game, and that’s why you need Last Day on Earth MOD APK. The modified version offers you a speed walking feature to deliver fast pace and fast game completion simultaneously. Enjoy it!

All recipes unlocked

If you’re thoroughly familiar with the game interface, you must understand the recipes. Now, it’s not just the food recipe, but a recipe to create different weapons, meds, and crucial food.

But sadly, you won’t get any recipe unlocked within the official game. If you want to unlock recipes, a one-by-one struggle is the only option. But why wrangle, when you can get them all free at modified APK; just the next modification feature.

Infinite Food

We forget the most crucial thing required within the game interface and even the actual survival, FOOD! Yeah, food is the most prior thing you need to survive in an apocalypse.

So stop finding plants and fruits in the forests and download Last Day on Earth MOD real quick. This modification will deliver you free infinite food to help you enjoy the game with advanced simplicity.

MOD Menu

Lastly, as we told you in the first modification acknowledgment paragraph, the app provides an accessible MOD Menu interface. So this MOD Menu will make your MOD enjoyment more accessible and more entertaining at the same time.

Just click the toggle anytime to enable or disable any available game MOD. That’s all you’ve to do with the game, and later everything is in your control!


Have you seen any zombie apocalypse movies before? If Yes, then you’re going to relate the entire Last Day on Earth MOD APK game with that movie, as you’ll find absolute movie things within this game, such the survival, shelter, fight, and weapon arrangement.

Moreover, it’s a free version offering you 100% free premium benefits. What’s more? Know that all on your own by downloading the MOD version.

Note: Make sure to read MOD Info on the next page.

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