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Lojong MOD v2.8 APK Latest 2024 [Premium Unlocked]

File Name
Package Name
Lojong Meditation, Mindfulness and Sleep
Compatible with
5.0 and up
54 MB
MOD Features
Premium Unlocked
Updated on
Feb 8, 2024

If you’re finding the best ways of meditation and got annoyed with the outer noise, Latest Lojong MOD APK is here to help you meditate better!

Things won’t work for you until you won’t work on them, but before all that stuff, first, you need to intensify your inner engineering, which is only possible with daily meditation.

Many people call Meditation an art of doing nothing, whereas others think it is the hardest thing on the planet, and the only problem here is the lack of meditational education in the current public.

We’re inherently educated about things like Physics, Chemistry, math, English, and Economics, but never comprehended the most important thing in this world, i.e., Inner Engineering.

However, things can still be fine, and all you need is the Lojong Android app responsible for making things simple. It’s a sarcastic Android app that helped millions of worldwide people meditate properly and easily.

Moreover, we’ve reviewed so many Play Store comments dropped about the Lojong app, which is all inevitable and amazingly written. Lastly, we have also got something fantastic for you what’s called Lojong MOD APK!

Lojong MOD APK

What is Lojong APK?

People these days download workout Android apps for finding the best ways to work out directly from home and think of meditation as the easiest thing with no need of downloading any exterior app.

Well, that’s good for the experienced guys, but not for the ones who’re beginners and not even meditating properly with their inner peace. Don’t get worried about things, as Lojong is here to look at your entire meditation procedural stuff.

Lojong MOD APK S1

Sadness, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, and Mind Bogglingness can all get eliminated with just 15 minutes of daily proper meditating. Fortunately, the Lojong app is here to help you learn the proper procedure for meditating daily.

It includes the best lessons of meditating, including all kinds of protocols, such as online animated videos, realistic videos, and conversant articles.

First of all, you need to download the app, register a new account, and choose the fields you’re more interested in.

Lojong MOD APK S2

Later, you can choose among your low points such as Anxiety, Stress, Anger, Jealousy, Sadness, or Agitation to cure any of them, and lastly, choose your age and gender to get started with some sophisticated meditation lessons recommended to you.

The app will take some time and select best practices for you to enjoy meditating!

What is Lojong MOD APK?

But what? You processed everything listed above and soon got pinged by the premium subscription plan of Lojong, costing 300.00 INR annually and offering all the important features you were looking for, such as complete training, all lessons unlocked, and BGMs.

Lojong MOD

It’s the harsh reality of the internet these days, that every online protocol includes a paid premium membership plan, same as Lojong! But don’t forget that there would always be a God to eliminate Evil.

If there is Lojong on the internet, you’re also getting free access to the Lojong MOD APK, the free modified app version, including most beneficiary privileges and all the premium advancements embedded for absolutely free.

It’s an ad-free app that delivers hundreds of free meditation programs except the initial free meditations of the official app interface.

Lojong MOD APK S3

So why are you waiting now? Get the MOD APK to your smartphone interface and install it ASAP for getting an exceptional response on your life and making the best engagements in life with inner engineering.


Wasting time wouldn’t be a great option for the optimists like us revolving around success. We can’t wait to learn meditation procedures, and that’s why need to know about all the app features ASAP –

100+ Guided Practices

Can you ever imagine that there are hundreds of guided meditation practices in the world? Nope, eh? That’s because of your simplistic way of thinking that lets you think of just closing your eyes as the only process of meditation.

But no, my friend! You’re required to download and install Lojong MOD APK to understand more than a hundred guided practices developed solely for meditation and inner peace. Download it ASAP and get access to advanced lessons!

Offline Lesson Download

Meditation isn’t that easy, and consequently, it sometimes feels challenging with some big and advanced procedures, requiring an online internet connection every time in the Lojong official app.

Swap the official app and start using the application. This amazing modification includes an Offline Download feature that lets you download the procedures and listen to them even while having no internet connection.

Create Playlists

Suppose that you’ve liked some meditation programs that worked for you among the whole jargon list of hundreds of protocols. In that case, the official Lojong app won’t let you create their playlist.

But why we’re even thinking of the official app, when we’re getting absolutely free access to Lojong MOD. Yeah, you heard that right! You can create free playlists of all your favorite meditation programs within Lojong with zero struggle at all.

Anxiety and Stress Reduction

Every second guy globally, or even the 1.5th guy is suffering from Anxiety, Depression, Sadness, and Stress in their life, because of their Career plans, Failed business, and Last Love.

You all need nothing more than the Lojong MOD APK to eliminate all these negative points. The app delivers you a free Anxiety and Stress Reduction program, including the exact meditation techniques to affect the required points of your brain.

Background Music Unlocked

The next thing we need to concentrate on effectively and mark our minds in a single direction is MUSIC. Music has some curative powers that you won’t get on any other entertainment source.

If you’d choose the official version, you won’t get the implemented background music within the lessons. But it includes them all for absolutely free and makes your meditating flow state bigger to survive.


There are many researchers examined the effect of mindfulness meditation on the emotional states of depression, anxiety, stress, sadness, and anger.

We can have better self-control over ourselves with just a simple drop of meditation every single day. But everything depends on consistency and proper processing.

You’ll get complete process knowledge using Lojong MOD APK and all its amazing features. Lastly, the only remaining consistency would come through your own deeds. Download this modification ASAP and meditate daily from today to glimpse the most exceptional future results.

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