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Lumosity MOD APK v2021.08.27.2110334 Latest 2024 [Free Subscribed]

File Name
Lumos Labs, Inc.
Compatible with
5.0 and up
16 MB
MOD Features
Free Subscribed
Updated on
May 7, 2024

We’re daily working to strengthen our immunity using exercises, health using green food, as well as the inner soul using Meditation.

But within working on the outer and inner body, we overlooked working on the main processing part of our body, i.e., BRAIN. Exercising the brain is as vital as the complete body, which is simplistically possible with the Lumosity app.

We always say one thing to educate the world that technology can make everything truthfully possible. Consequently, technological advancements can also help you strengthen your brain.

You can use the android applications like Lumosity and practice brain exercises handily with its entertaining exercises. But simultaneously, you’d also feel a little pain of having no premium access to the official app.

If you’re finding a simplistic way of brain exercising, then the free modified version of Lumosity, i.e., Lumosity MOD APK can help you at this stage.

This modification includes free premium access for Lumosity’s in-app purchases like the ad-free app interface, zero annoyances, and access to all the premium brain exercises.

Stop being influenced by the false calls and get the premium plan for free today!

Lumosity MOD APK

About Lumosity App?

Lumosity technically means the quality of being bright and shining. Likewise, the android software named Lumosity app helps you to upgrade your brain’s quality to being intelligent and bright every single second.

Yeah, it won’t go easy and that thought is halting the procedure for a long time. But it won’t go the same ahead as this technological app Lumosity would make your brain exercise simple with simple techniques.

The app works on the optimistic and enthusiastic vibes by offering you the brain exercising module in the format of games.

We all love things and understand easier if the format of the exact things is in a game. That’s why parents these days are installing math puzzle games and general knowledge puzzle games on their kid’s android devices.

Similarly, you’re required to install the Lumosity app on your child’s, family’s, or smartphone to make the complete network intelligent. This app would deliver you all the exercises in the small-game format, like the sky wars, adventure puzzles, and the logical reasoning stuff.

Moreover, you’d get enhanced levels after completing each puzzle mode and can compete with all your network guys using the global leaderboard scores.

What is Lumosity Subscribed APK?

Android software developers work smartly to earn bucks, as they give the preliminary non-useful stuff for absolutely free and later lock the premium handiest procedures with the premium subscription barrier.

We found a way to save you money by offering a Lumosity premium subscription for 11.99 USD monthly or 59.99 USD annually.

Lumosity MOD

The modified version is created for all the students and professionals wandering online websites to get simple exercises for the brain.

You won’t need to invest a single buck within the modified version, as the online servers presented within this modification deliver an already subscribed Lumosity premium. You won’t need to wait anymore as you can download and install this modification to any of your Android devices.

No requirement of Lucky Patcher, Root Access, or any other complexity to install APK to the smartphone. It just requires your enthusiasm level to be boosted towards the top and a cool vibe to employ all the freely simple features and exercises of Lumosity.


It’s time to take a slight sneak peek at the features delivered by Lumosity. The modified version with the most exceptional features isn’t just the premium subscription app. It includes many more unique features that we listed below brilliantly:

Premium Unlocked

Lumosity app is a synonym of an all-rounder resolution for brain exercise. It includes the best methods to enhance memory, attention, flexibility, problem-solving, speed, math, and language.

But all these exercises are listed as the paid premium stuff of Lumosity. If you’re dreaming to get them all for free, It is a resolution here. This modification would deliver you an already enabled premium subscription with all the above modules.

Ad-free Interface

Online apps are literally the best future resolution as the developers can deliver more stuff at the lowest app size using the online servers. But consequently, it can also affect your enjoyment of online ads.

The exact problem is seen with the Lumosity official app version. You can either get annoyed by the ad-filled interface of the official version or download Lumosity paid with an already enabled ad-free access. The choice is all yours!

Described Insights

Everything in this world works exceptionally in an exact manner, either if it’s marketing, business, or brain exercise. You can learn very well with the insights more competitively than simple learning.

That’s why we recommend you install this APK, as it contains the described insights features, where you can unlock reports to get a more profound understanding of your training. Sounds outstanding, eh?

Online Leaderboard

No procedure is more influential than Competition because we all love challenges in our life. Well, there are plenty of challenges within the official app, but it still lacks rivalry.

Don’t worry, as we’re delivering you free access to the tools for tracking your training within Lumosity app.

To put it simply, it is possible to ascertain the manner in which your scores are altering with time when compared to all other premium members of Lumosity.

40+ Brain Games

As we told you above, games can help us more effectively in learning things as well as exercising our brains. Sadly, if you’re using the official Lumosity app, you’re required to work with just up to 10 games.

Besides, the free modification version includes 40+ Brain games, which are all new protocols to strengthen the brain. The app won’t disappoint you a little bit as it contains all the best elements.


Let’s end this guide with vast happiness on our faces as well as minds. Face would be good, but your mind would get happier after employing the 40+ brain games and a non-interrupting app interface offered by Lumosity MOD APK.

Finally, we’ve made brain exercising easier and near to you, which makes it all your choice to either get ads and low access within the official app or complete access with an ad-free app interface in the MOD; choose wisely!

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