Macro Free Fire APK v2.0 Latest 2024 [Headshot, Menu Mod]

File Name
Macro Free Fire
Compatible with
5.0 and up
5 MB
MOD Features
Menu Mod/ Headshot
Updated on
Feb 8, 2024

Have you ever wished that Garena Free Fire had mesmerizing ways to shoot? In this post, we provide you Macro Free Fire APK developed by the official website (, the app, as well as ESP MODs, features for every user.

Free Fire is the only game name I’m hearing from the initialization of the last lookdown to today, and maybe you’re in the same place as me.

When people hear about the Android game’s shooting options, modes, weapons, and graphics, they can’t help but want to play.

However, there are so many times when we felt low while playing this game, and it’s because of the gaming complexities. Time to kill all those most challenging moments with a modified version!

Macro Free Fire sometimes sounds like the minor version of the Free Fire, but it’s precisely not. It includes the most significant innovation about to be created within the Free Fire.

If you’ve got bored of playing that shooting game without the amazing features and simplistic privileges, you desperately need the Macro Free Fire.

Macro Free Fire APK

However, we have found the modified version of this app, called Macro Free Fire. It’s a highly compatible Android game that you can download on almost any Android phone to enjoy the same Free Fire with the same armory but extremely advanced features. Basically, it’s developed to make you never lose a single game in Free Fire.

What is Macro Free Fire

According to the last two year’s statistics, more than 20 million new gamers joined their gaming journey in the Garena Free Fire Android game.

The best thing they all pointed out within the game was the lightest weight, compatibility, powerful armory, incredible maps, and most important, Avatars.

Macro Free Fire S1

Yeah, you heard right, gamers have spent a lot to purchase all the newest Avatars in this game; hats off to DJ Alok! But the thing is that Avatar can’t provide you with a simple way to kill enemies faster, and spending money on it would somehow not be a better option.

You can elsewhere download Macro Free Fire; the MOD Menu developed for Free Fire. After having this app installed on your phone, you can enable lots of ESPs and make your gaming the easiest level ever thought.

We have also developed the modified version of this mod apk to take you out of that bugged and ad-filled official version.

You can know more about that version below with all the features offered within the Macro Free Fire app.

What is Macro Free Fire APK

Learning won’t get successful until you take steps, and that’s the point with each of our games.

Most people think of them as fake, but the guy who downloads and enjoys them makes them large.

Similarly, we’re here offering you the Macro Free Fire APK, the rooted version of this official game listed above.

Macro Free Fire

The rooted version contains almost all the same privileges, benefits, and graphics, but what’s different is the additional features.

Firstly, it’s an ad-free Android app, and you won’t see a single interruption while surfing the MOD menu, changing AIM settings, or enabling the ESPs within the app interface.

Macro Free Fire S2

What’s more beautiful? The feature you have dreamed of for the last two years is going to come true with this most impeccable Android application named Macro Free Fire.

Exactly, we’re offering you features like the Auto Headshot, Aim to enhance, and damage enhancing, within all the below-listed features:


Shooting games are simply nothing without the modified features like some listed below and most in our minds.

However, it has worked hard in making all your aspirations true and consequently offers you all the below features.

Macro Free Fire S3

Convenient MOD scripts

Firstly, the app offers you a convenient MOD Menu. Most gaming and app surfing problems get solved with a fantastic interface.

Likewise, this app provides you with a simplistic MOD menu, making it harder to choose and enable ESPs in real-time while playing the game.

Moreover, it’s a lightweight Android app and includes no crash errors at all. Just hit the below link to make this one all yours and enlighten your Free Fire gaming journey with the features the most dream of.

Macro Free Fire S4

Extended damage

Finally, we’re getting started with the first privilege listed inside the MOD menu of the application, i.e., the Extended damage.

Suppose your Kar98k or MP14 included 200 damage with almost zero recoils. In that case, you can kill one enemy with one bullet.

Keeping that in mind, the developers have added the Extended damage MOD within the app interface.

You can choose particular weapons and swipe the toggles to increase and decrease damage.

Macro Free Fire S5

Auto Headshot script

After completing the above chores, the most adorable thing that came to my mind is that every shooting gamer thinks and dreams every night – Headshots.

It’s hard these days to kill enemies with headshots, as everything knows to jiggle by streaming YouTube videos.

So you can here take help from Macro Free Fire App that offers you the Auto Headshot MOD.

After enabling this MOD, all you need is to aim at that enemy, and the aim would automatically get stretched towards the head for a perfect headshot.

Macro Free Fire S6

Anti-Ban Support

You must have used any of the other online MOD ESP apps available on the internet before, but their problem is the least firewall protection. Those apps provide identity fastly and ban gamers’ accounts.

No one wants to lose their official account where they have purchased and stored the most significant number of skins and avatars.

Consequently, we offer you this brilliant application, including Anti-Ban support. Now you can play the game with enabled mods and zero fear of getting banned.

Macro Free Fire S7

Aim Hack for particular weapons

Are you finding it hard to kill those enemies because of the high recoil on your guns? If that’s the cause, it has worked hard for you and provided the Aim Hack.

It’s simple customization you need to make inside the app for any particular weapon where you’re seeing the high recoil.

Swipe the toggle; the more ahead you take it, the more enhanced the recoil control on your guns.

Installation Guide

If you don’t know how to install a .apk file on Android then no worries. You can follow the below steps.

  1. First, download the latest APK File on your Android device.
  2. Go to Settings > Apps & Security > Enable “Unknown Sources” option.Unknown Sources
  3. Open the folder where the apk file is located.
  4. Tap to install the apk.
  5. Let the installation process complete.
  6. That’s it, you have successfully installed the apk file on your smartphone.

Note: The process of allowing apps to install from unknown sources may vary for different Android versions. It is based on Android 9.


Ending it here with the final few instructions you need to remember before downloading Macro Free Fire APK.

It absolutely includes the anti-ban feature but is only developed for having fun with magical skills.

We’ve used this app on so many Android Smartphones, and luckily, it worked well, even better than the other MODs for Free Fire.

Just don’t think much, download Macro Free Fire APK, and happy shooting!

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