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Mindly MOD APK v1.22 Latest 2024 [Premium Unlocked]

File Name
Compatible with
5.0 and up
MOD Features
Premium Unlocked
Updated on
May 7, 2024

Mind Maps are the best resolution to conserve and re-join hundreds of ideas together under each matter and sub-matter. Download Mindly MOD APK to map your work smoothly!

Entrepreneurs these days are finding new ways to organize their ideas with the best formats and elements. We saw those documents, got upgraded to presentations, and later saw those tricky animated videos, but this time, the learning technology is waving towards the Mind-Map structures.

Mind Maps are the simplest way to acknowledge things related to each other, including the important sources, and Mindly is the best platform to create them.

We’ve got Android apps these days for making all our essential tasks simpler like a piece of the pie.

Equally, today we’ll glimpse an android app developed to create the mind maps with the coolest elements and the most knowledgeable and easily understandable media attachments.

Those finding it a bit complex to create mind maps on Microsoft Office can create them merely with Mindly.

Mindly is the most renowned app for creating free Mind Maps with general elements. Moreover, the app also contains a premium subscription including some crucial design elements and new templates to make your task easier.

Expertise provides the premium subscription for free with Mindly APK, which sounds like a really costly buck.

Mindly MOD APK

What is Mindly App?

All our ideas are universal, and we can’t know about them all at once without mapping them together. You must have thought once before that, you get ideas for moments and forget them the next moment.

If I’m right, then the most important thing for you is mapping all your ideas together with your dream plan to have them all in a broad view for an optimistic future.

It’s a little challenging to map these ideas with pen and paper, as we literally forgot to work with those things.

Nowadays, we only have one thing in mind, the virtual keyboard and that Android Smartphone you’re currently staring at. Mindly is the brilliant solution we all need to make this idea mapping task convenient and consistent.

It’s a simplistic Android app like all other presents on Google Play Store, developed for all Android Smartphones in the ray.

After installing it, you can promptly create your first mind map by choosing all your favorite elements, different colors to prioritize ideas, and custom sizes to size those ideas. None of your next billion-dollar ideas will ever get lost again!

What is Mindly Premium?

We now know all the features embedded inside this coolest mind mapping software, and now is the time to take a look at some disadvantages of the official Mindly app.

Every coin includes both heads and tails, and Mindly also contains an inferior tail known as a costly premium subscription plan. But we can’t stop ourselves from making the premium things free.

Mindly MOD

Today, we’re standing here with the free modified version known as Mindly Premium APK. This MOD version obviously includes the already enabled premium subscription plan of Mindly for absolutely free.

In other words, you won’t be required to feel quite low ever again after downloading and employing this outstanding app on your Android phone.

It’ll deliver you an ad-free interface, a massive number of free epic elements, some rarest templates and many more influential features to mobile your hands uninstall the official version and install the modified version there.

Ultimately, it’s a user-friendly android application that any user can install on their device without tweaking it anyway.


If you still have any scary thoughts about this exceptional modified version, pointing to your device’s security, let me tell you that we’ve employed this app in 10+ different smartphones to verify it before passing you. You just need to relish the features listed below –

Passcode Locker

Your dreams are important for both you and your future! All your ideas can’t be made unsecure without securing them with passwords.

If you’re using the official Mindly app, you need an additional app locker to lock the app. Skip that struggle from today and get the app, as it includes an in-built passcode locker to protect all your futuristic thoughts.

In-built Search Option

Most people weigh their minds as trash, but according to me, every mind contains the most impressive information about the forthcoming. We live in moments, and subsequently, ideas also find passage for moments.

Organizing such a huge number of ideas and finding each after importance is complex with the official Mindly app. Forget that and use the in-built search engine to search any of your ideas with known words.

More Export Formats

One of the most annoying problems we all glimpse with the Mindly official app is the exporting styles it offers. We can only export PDFs from this app, and for IMG, we need to take screenshots.

Being a top-notch version of the app, the modified version, Mindly app provides us with the Image, Text, and OPML export feature additionally. In simple words, we won’t need to copy each text and capture scrolling screenshots anymore.

Unlimited New Elements

Our minds have become vastly injured with the official Mindly single circle and universe theme elements. We can’t see them anymore and promptly need all the rare elements unlocked inside the app.

But did you know that it cost 490.00 INR to get access to those elements? Are you backing off again? It’s time to deal with it using the modified version to unlock all elements in the exact app interface. Enjoy before it vanishes!

Ad-free Interface

Mind Maps, Ideas, and Plans are important, and bearing online distracting games and video advertisements while working on them makes us lazy towards them.

To escape these online advertisements and give 100% in creating mind-maps, you need this application, which is a 100% ad-free Android app. It offers you the exact interface and the free premium features, but with zero online ads.


Plotting your complete plan at once can’t become possible even after this generation, as thoughts are countless. We get lots of them and forget them in a single while. We need a solution to keep all our thoughts living, and that’s where we need Mindly MOD APK.

This MOD Mind Map creating application will be your best decision in life, as later you won’t miss any plan, idea, or protocol structure by taking the help of the free Mindly modification.

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