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Minecraft PE v1.20.80.22 APK 2024 Free Download [MCPE]

File Name
Minecraft PE
Mojang Studios
Compatible with
5.0 and up
178 MB
MOD Features
Updated on
May 7, 2024

Capturing and retaining the attention of all our Android gamers while transporting a virtual simulation and own-world kind of stuff sounded like a critical task when we never had Minecraft.

Presently, Minecraft and its fanbase have grown a lot to get curious multiplayer traffic in your own world. Happily, now we don’t need a PC or Laptop to play Minecraft after having Minecraft PE.

The pocket edition or PE version is related only to smartphones and that’s why it got such a name for being a game to keep in the pocket.

If you’ve got some memories with Minecraft, it must help you advance goosebumps as the Pocket Edition includes the eternal exact Minecraft interface with some innovations and enormous modules.

Your world is waiting, and you can now grasp it on your own smartphone. The world that you can design as per your thinking, creativity, and survival limitations amplifies the gaming vibes as per the current feeling.

We’re listing below all the important releases or versions of the Minecraft Pocket Edition with all their important updates. Seize your favorite!

Minecraft PE APK Free Download MCPE

What is Minecraft PE?

If you want the answer in just a single word, we can say that Minecraft PE is the LIFE of Android gamers. If you are an elderly gamer and have gotten all the old gaming stuff, Minecraft is one of the biggest conspiracies of 2014.

It was in late 2014 when Microsoft bought the Minecraft game’s only edition developed by Mojang Studios for $2.5 Billion.

At first, people made a lot of jokes about the game as they had first seen a block graphic game and didn’t really know the exact motive to play this game.

But Minecraft was the 6th best-selling worldwide game even before Microsoft bought it. Your mind would get whooped after knowing that Minecraft sold more than 238 million copies as of April 2021 statistics shown by official Statista.

Minecraft PE

Although, the main motive for us being here is about the Pocket Edition of Minecraft which we call Minecraft PE. After the PC edition, Mojang also developed a smartphone version for both Android and iPhones to make the game reach more hands than they ever thought.

It’s not a thing to get shocked that Minecraft PE ranks #1 top-paid arcade game on the complete Google Play Store as it is worth that rank.

Minecraft PE S1

It’s a paid game that would cost you 650.00 INR or $7.49 if you’d download it from the Google Play Store. Under there, you’d get the free download links too within the complete information about each of the best Minecraft versions.

Go through the whole below guide, seize your favorite version of Minecraft, download it, and install it freely to your phone super quick!

Minecraft PE Version Releases

The day when Microsoft owned the Minecraft game access, they gave complete game control to the Xbox gaming, and they headlong created hundreds of newly updated tweaks within the game.

There is a huge difference between the old Minecraft with a simple survival mode at the exact interface and world.

To the current moment, the developers have created the most amazing Microsoft PE version releases that you can comprehend through the below list.

We’re listing the most important versions with all their most important features and the download link to help you access them. Ultimately, there are two version releases, 1.17 and 1.18, also with some sub-releases as listed below.

Minecraft 1.18 Release

Minecraft PE or MCPE released hundreds of updates from 2011 when it was first released for Android Smartphones.

The time when Android devices came into the front stream was the direct term when people got first access to Minecraft PE.

That’s why, we can’t begin from the 1.0 release, or we’d have to create a 200-paged book. Let’s first get started with the new 1.18 release sub-versions.

Minecraft PE 1.18.31

Your favorite casual game Minecraft always supported your influential gaming dreams and launched the best releases with new sensors, characters, animals, monsters, and maps.

Consequently, Minecraft PE 1.18.31 is also one of the most recent versions with immense new advancements as cited in the below list.

Ancient City

After entering the creative mode of Minecraft PE after installing this new 1.18.31 edition, you’d glimpse a new location known as Ancient City.

It’d be a little tricky to find it first as it’s hidden deep inside the Dark Depths biome. This new advancement would make your old boring things change into a new adventure.

Minecraft PE S2

The reason behind the adventuresome vibe of Ancient City is the treasure chests hidden within the walls of this mysterious city.

While playing the game, you’re required to survive as well as evade the Sculk Shriekers and many more obstacles to find these chests filled with your favorite rewards.

Also, Cheat lovers can paste the /locate ancientcity secret code to locate it promptly!


Location won’t be the only happiness source for you and consequently, you’d also find there a new rival or monster-kinda species within this 1.18.31 version of MCPE named Warden.

It works exactly the same as your hostel Warden, but Minecraft developers have made this beast blind.

Despite being blind, Warden can hear and smell you so nicely that some loud steps of your Minecraft character would make him angry like hell.

Minecraft PE S3-1

The best part is the complexity of this new beast, as you can’t hear it. Yeah, you can hear Zombies as well as Spiders, but Warden would attack you without doing any growling before.

Don’t dream or fantasize about it at night as you can virtually enjoy its existence by downloading Minecraft PE 1.18.31 version freely from the link below.

Don’t forget a trick; If you want to evade Warden, just hold your spot for 60 seconds, and it’ll leave naturally!

Crash and Bug fixes

The above advancements are best at their place, but Minecraft PE also has fixed some of the most interrupting in-game crashes, and bugs annoying you while playing the game.

There are so many things that got fixed from the recent versions, including the Ender Cities bugs, and disappearing creatures, and none of the above new advancements would let you feel disappointed as they all are professionally pitched.

Minecraft PE 1.18.32

After the creation of Minecraft PE 1.18.31 in the 1.18 release series, we saw their next and last 1.18 creation named Minecraft PE 1.18.32. There wouldn’t be any 1.18 release afterward as a new series 1.19 already got initialized.

Alongside, there are also many innovations within this new version, including the mobs, boats, and a very new gaming mode, Spectator Mode.

Let’s begin understanding all these highlights likewise.

Spectator Mode

If you’re a PC gamer playing Minecraft for so long and have enjoyed its spectator mode, Minecraft PE would unleash the exact experience upfront for you.

You can currently call it beta mode. It’s still experimental as it just got launched a while ago, so maybe you won’t experience it the exact way you experienced other spectator modes.

But everything would be exceptionally fine in the upcoming few releases. Besides, if you never played spectator mode before, it’s a gaming mode that allows you to spectate the other gamers and look at the way they’re playing, the tweaks they’re doing, and the recipes they’re creating. It’d help you in a long game!

Improved Game performance and fixed bugs

According to the biggest game info library, Minecraft Fandom, the Minecraft PE 1.18.32 version also includes improved game performance for most Android phones.

If you’re using a low configured or any such smartphone and getting lag issues or performance-related concerns with the old versions, it wouldn’t be the same ahead.

Mojang studios, the original game developers, also stated that they have improved a lot of rendering issues on Android phones.

Furthermore, they also have fixed most of the old bugs, including poor textures while building the new blocks, poor lava textures, and the constant dark loading procedure screen you have seen last while the shopping market all got fixed.

Every new element and the recent fixes are waiting for your gameplay!


For being a newbie version of Android smartphones, Mojang is gradually adding all the official exact updates for small devices that people are enjoying within the consoles and computer gaming.

Consequently, the Mojang developers have finally created the exact Mob or Villagers render for the Minecraft PE 1.18.32 edition.

You’d find the exact villagers where some of them can harm you too. Also, the last Warden monster we saw in the Minecraft PE 1.18.31 edition can harm you if you’d cause any harm to these villagers.

In simple words, you’re now required to be safe from all of them and survival is going to be a bit more adventurous.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that the Warden would harm you in every single trouble to the villagers as the complete terror would be depended on the anger ratio.

Developers are also working to create an anger indicator within the gameplay that’d help you in knowing when the Warden is angry to attack you next.


The boat is the new improvement of Minecraft PE 1.18.32 as you can either find it in the built-in chest or can build it by combining resources using the recipe book and the trolley within Minecraft PE.

This innovation would help you carry more things altogether while using the water route. After having this, you can keep more stuff on your boat except for your inventory size, and will also give you some new goosebumps.

Minecraft 1.17 Release

Before the MCPE 1.18 release, Minecraft also had its recent release lists including the most furious, Minecraft 1.17 release.

We won’t talk a lot about it as it got a little bit ancient after having the latest Minecraft PE 1.18.32, and that’s why we’re talking about the latest 1.17 release, MCPE 1.17.41.

As you get the new innovations in all the new Minecraft releases, Minecraft 1.17.41 is also one of the most gifting Minecraft versions that initialized four new innovations within the Pocket Edition as shown below.

Stony Peaks

So the first advancement to look at in the Minecraft PE 1.17.41 version is the stony peaks presented inside there.

If you’re a mountain lover and were finding rocky peaks within your own world, i.e., Minecraft PE, your search can be now over with this new Minecraft release.

Lightning Rod

Have you got annoyed with those thunderstorms breaking your eternal houses and making all your struggle unworthy? Time to deal with thunderstorms using the Lightning Rod.

Lightning Rod requires a little space in your house, and it’d help you evade the thunderstorms as it works exceptionally like real life.

It’d absorb all the thunderstorm’s electricity and would discharge it to the earth’s surface. Get ready for it!


We saw emeralds, golds, silvers, palladiums, and many such gems within Minecraft PE’s interface, and you won’t believe that I own lots of them in my game space.

Well, Amethyst is a new thing! You can call it a jewel as it’s a shiny-looking pinkish purple-colored stone that would fit in the immense voids of your Minecraft world.

Time to discover it!


Spyglass is a game thing that you can employ as an in-game cheat as it’d make you capable of foreseeing over 100 blocks away from your Minecraft avatar.

So if you’re finding it hard to explore the complete sandbox within this bedrock edition of Minecraft and what you’re using is an Android phone, time to deal with Spyglass! Download Minecraft PE 1.17.41 edition ASAP!

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