Minecraft Pocket Edition MOD APK v1.20.80.22 [2024 Unlocked]

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Minecraft Pocket Edition
Mojang Studios
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5.0 and up
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Updated on
Mar 16, 2024

Get the latest version of the Minecraft Pocket Edition MOD APK with unlocked all of the paid features. Enjoy the custom features and create your own server to build the world according to your terms. Attain total control over the world and adjust the difficulty to enhance the gameplay experience.


Are you also bored with all of the casual games? If yes, it’s time to change to something new. Though, there are various games that you can play with your friends such as battle royal games, arcade games, storytelling games, fighting games, and many more.

However, if you are looking for a combination of all those games, then the first thing that comes to my mind is Minecraft.

Minecraft is first developed in early 2009 by the solo game developer Markus Persson and then given to Jen in 2012 for further development. All of the development and publishment of this game happened through the Mojang studio.

Minecraft MOD APK S1

Besides this, the company comes up with different spin-offs of the original games such as Minecraft Story Mode, Story Mode 2, Minecraft Dungeons, Minecraft Legends, and a few more.

Minecraft is a 3D sandbox survival game that doesn’t have anything particular that stands out. However, what makes this game more exciting and thrilling is that it gives complete freedom to the players.

The players are not bounded to completing missions or anything. All you need to do is survive and create your own world by defeating various monsters, collecting resources, and building a safe house.

Minecraft MOD APK S2

In the early days, these games were exclusive to the PC, Xbox, Playstation, and other game consoles. However, everything is changing with time; now, you can play Minecraft on your smartphone.

To play this game, you have to download Minecraft Pocket Edition, which is available in the following part. So make sure to read this properly to easily download and install Micerfact Pocket Edition.

What is Minecraft Pocket Edition?

The Minecraft Pocket Edition is a fascinating application from which you can live in the world of Minecraft without even using your computer setup.

The app is specially designed for android and iOS smartphone devices, which will help you to enjoy creating your world.

Minecraft MOD APK S5

With this app, you won’t face any trouble like the free version, and nor does the app has any restriction to change the setting.

You can customize the servers to your choice while modifying the difficult would not hassle-task. With this, you will attain total control over the gameplay and enjoy various perks of this premium application.

It will load those exciting and astounding personalized features that will make the gameplay more interesting. You can dive into the open world of the beast, monsters, and cute animals.

Minecraft MOD APK S3

All of that comes at the cost of roughly $8, which is pretty decent if you desire to try out something new in mobile gaming.

It’s a value-for-money deal if you are looking for a way to kill your boredom. With this game, you can enjoy the first-person perspective survivor experience.

What is Minecraft Pocket Edition MOD APK?

The Minecraft games are quite popular on the Internet and there are many top players who Livestream it on Twitch, YouTube, and other platforms.

But if you are looking for a method to play the Minecraft Pocket Edition on your smartphone free of cost, then this mod apk will help you in every condition.

Minecraft Pocket Edition MOD APK

With this modded version, you will attain the unlimited resource package from which you can create the creative mode servers without any problem.

So what are you waiting for get the latest version of the Pocket Edition APK from the below section, and dive into the impressive custom world of the 3D sandbox.

How to Install Minecraft Pocket Edition MOD APK?

The process of installing the Minecraft Pocket Edition is pretty simple with the following guide. Make sure to complete all of the steps properly to avoid any trouble. So, without any further ado, let’s begin the step-by-step process.

Note: You won’t able to download the app if you don’t allow the unknown sources settings. So ensure to enable the Unknown source toggle. Go to the Settings menu → SecurityUnknown source.

  1. First of all, you have to to the download section and choose the version you want to download.
  2. Once you have downloaded Minecraft from the below section, go to download and install the apk.
  3. Click on Yes to confirm the installation process and wait till everything ends.
  4. Now, enjoy the endless world of Minecraft!

We recommend downloading the latest version for a bug-free survival experience.

Minecraft MOD APK S4

How to Play Minecraft Pocket Edition?

Playing Minecraft would be a difficult task if you don’t know about the basic gameplay method. Worry not, we will provide the easiest method that will help you play this exciting game over your smartphone with no problem. With that said let’s get started.

Choose Difficult Mode

There are two modes available in Minecraft. First is the creative mode in which you will find all of the necessary resources inside the inventory. Usually, this mode is used to create big architecture, while there’s no denying that it’s considered the easy mode.

On the other, there’s a Hell mode known as the Survival mode in which you will start the game with empty pockets. You have to collect different resources to build a safe house and other necessary things.

If you are looking for extreme gameplay with the highest difficult monster, this mode will be the best way to grind.

Hide When It’s Dark!

There’s a 10-min day and night cycle inside the games. In the daylight, you won’t have any problem exploring the nearby areas. But as the gloomy night comes, you have to hide as all of the monster’s mob will become more hostile and will come to feed on you.

To hide, you have to punch nearby dirt and collect the dirt inside the inventory. Once there’s enough space inside, go inside the hole and close the barricade section with the dirt box. After the night ends, explore the world more.

Gather Resources as much as you can!

You can collect most of the resources using your punching. Want wood, punch the tree, get wooden logs. You can collect pretty much everything inside your inventory. With the recently acquired resources improve your temporary shelter.

Create Craft table

You can craft anything from the inventory options. But most of them would be basic ones, such as wooden planks converted into wooden sticks. However, you will need an advanced tool, and those advanced tools can only be created through crafting tables.

Collect four Oak tree blocks and craft them. There you have your first crafting table. With this, you can various tools including picking axe for mining ores, swords, armors, and many more other things.

Build Your first cabin with doors

Once you have attained the crafting table, you have numerous options to modify the resource qualities. However, if you are crafting on the open field, there will be a constant fear of mobs as they can easily kill your player.

To avoid this problem, we recommend you build a small cabin in which you will do all of the witchcraft. Besides this, make sure to add doors to avoid intruders’ access to your resources. Furthermore, you don’t need to spend your valuable build block, while you can open or close the door by tapping on it.

Create your first fire!

You will need coal blocks to create a fire stick. Usually, you will obtain coal near mountains and the block will have a grey color with dotted black spots. Use your pickaxe to mine the ore. Although, it’s slightly difficult to find coal in Minecraft as compared to dirt, wood, sand, and water.

But whenever you find it, you will discover coal in abundance. So mine the ore as much as you want. By adding one coal and one stick, you can craft four torches. With this, you won’t have any problem exploring in the nighttime.

Aware of your enemies

Even though the hostile rate would decrease in the daylight, it doesn’t mean that you just go near monster mobs. They will give damage even in the days. Therefore, avoiding fights would be the fittest option in the survival mode. But if you want more resources, you have to take the risk.

Learn the land Layout

You will easily get lost in your directions inside the Minecraft worlds as most place looks similar, whether it’s mountain, sea, forest, or caves. But if you have to navigate inside Minecraft, you have to create navigating marks to reach your shelter in the safest way possible.

Utilize the breadcrumb traits to navigate to your home or use wooden planks or dirt to mark the directions. Besides this, you can also create your own big castle with a sheep farm. Everything is possible with your creativity.

That’s all! With this beginner guide, you won’t have a hard time adjusting to the Minecraft Pocket Edition MOD APK.


Minecraft is a fabulous game that gives an open-world gameplay experience. Now, Let’s see the additional features that will make the Minecraft playing experience great over the smartphone through the following part.

Immersive Graphics

The core reason why everybody loved the Minecraft pocket edition is that the users will get a robust bug free and impressive graphic experience with this game. With the incredible graphics, the gameplay will be colorful and beautiful, while at the same time, you will be attracted by that building box.

Once you have dived into the Minecraft world, there’s nothing that can hold you back from creating huge mansions, castles, and big buildings. You will be immersed inside the games and build something new and exciting with your creative mind.

First Person 3D experience

The gameplay is based on the first-person perspective view so you will experience that you are living in that world. Plus, the 3D elements also enhance the overall appearance of the games and provide you with an amazing user experience.

Freedom for creative

You are not limited by any standard, you can play the Minecraft Pocket Edition games according to your will. You can enjoy the creative mode as it will provide an unlimited supply of resources, so creating a big project would be a hassle for you.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about monster mobs as you are playing the easy mode. Spread your wings and apply your creativity to your server to enjoy the personalized experience.

Hardcore suvriver mode

If you prefer a more thrilling experience, you can also try out the hardcore mode in which you will start with empty pockets. Eventually, you have to collect resources to survive those hard conditions inside the game. It’s completely different from the creative mode as you have to grind to earn the necessary resources.

Play with friends

You can also Minecraft pocket edition with your friends using the server link. With your friends, create big artichokes faster than ever or go on a hunting streak to collect valuable resources such as diamonds. Or visit the upside-down world and defeat the boss monster.

Offline Mod available

You will also find an offline server that can be played without being connected to the internet all the time. With this, you won’t have any problem building your personalized castle with the unlimited resource package options.


I hope you have grasped complete information about the Minecraft Pocket Edition MOD APK. Now, you can easily start playing Minecraft on your android and iOS phone without any hassle.

Moreover, you will also attain the additional perks that will unlock all of the paid features such as unlimited resources and adding the player to your servers.

In case you facing any issues while downloading the apk file, visit our comment section and tell us about your issue. Our team will solve the issue as soon as possible.

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