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Mobizen Screen Recorder MOD v3.10.0.31 APK 2024 [Premium Unlocked]

File Name
Compatible with
4.4 and up
MOD Features
Premium Unlocked
Updated on
Feb 8, 2024

You can simply create a YouTube channel from anywhere these days and start game streaming or app reviews to earn money at home. Moreover, if you’re looking for a tool for that, Mobizen Screen Recorder MOD APK can help you a lot.

Online money is the easiest money these days, as there are millions of guys earning a pleasant amount of dollars online. Among these guys, some are bloggers, and most are YouTubers.

The only complexity between the way of money to your phone is the screen recording capability. If your phone includes a worthy screen recorder, you can play games like PUBG, record their screen videos, and earn followers as well as good bucks.

But if your phone doesn’t contain a feature-rich screen video recorder capability, you can choose Mobizen.

Mobizen is a smart Android app developed a massive time ago by curious developers. They developed this app most importantly for gaming YouTubers and those bloggers who’re finding a convenient way to create app reviews or interface walkthroughs to inscribe in their blogs.

Moreover, we’ve developed its modified version which was required as the first priority listed below for the enthusiasts like you.

Mobizen Screen Recorder MOD APK

What is Mobizen Screen Recorder?

If you’re the guy who reckons the screen recording stuff as the most complicated one, while using a futuristic device, Android Smartphone, you need a new tool named Mobizen Screen Recorder.

It’s a most notorious application downloaded by millions of Android employers, where some are YouTubers, gamers, and bloggers.

If you’ll ask me for the reason to get evolved towards Mobizen Screen Recorder from the official screen recording feature of your Android device, I’ll answer CONVENIENCE.

Mobizen Screen Recorder MOD

Undoubtedly, there are more than a hundred screen video recording apps published yet for Android devices, but you can’t get anything more convenient than Mobizen Screen Recorder.

This app shows you a simple button, which after pressing, generates a simplistic menu with only three options, Screen Recording, Screen Capture, and Learning videos.

If you’re a beginner, you can try these learning videos, or start with anything you desire, a Screenshot or Screen-film. That’s all, and nothing is as complex as other screen recording apps and official phone features.

What is Mobizen Screen Recorder MOD APK?

When being exceptionally optimistic about Mobizen Screen Recorder in the above section, we forgot to tell you about a bothersome problem with this app, the premium subscription.

How can someone be that rude to add a premium recurring plan on a screen recording app, but that’s the only monetization plan for the developer.

Nevertheless, if you’ve found it irritating with those online advertisements on the home screen delivered by the Mobizen Screen Recorder app, you can download the free modified version of the app from our website here.

We’ve developed the Mobizen Screen Recorder MOD APK for all the screen recorder enthusiasts who’re finding it hard to enjoy without a premium plan.

The modified version is a 100% bug-free Android app with an exact interface as the official app, but additionally, it includes an ad-free interface.

Not just that, it also includes some astonishing things you have never seen in your entire life within the official Mobizen Screen Recorder APK. Let’s start detailing those privileges in the below-listed feature section.


We already discussed above, that you’ll get the most amusing features with the modified version of Mobizen that the official app didn’t disclose before to you. All those features are listed below with descriptions in brief:

Ad-Free Interface

Take a deep breath once and start thinking what’s the most ridiculous thing within the Mobizen Screen Recorder official app making you swap it with the free modification.

Being a trusted partner, you must have gotten annoyed with those online advertisements. Everyone shares the same cause, and that’s why we’ve removed all the ads from this modification named Mobizen Screen Recorder MOD APK. Capture screen videos merely!

Watermark Remover

When someone gets up from bed, starts playing the PUBG Mobile game on their phone, and starts creating screen videos to post on YouTube, that’s the best moment of his day.

But later when they step to post that captured video, they get resisted by the watermarks. If Mobizen’s watermark is what is stopping you from posting the sharpest headshots, start using a modified version from today. It includes a free Watermark remover to remove them all and post all your favorite videos.

Own Watermark adder

Once I created a YouTube account and named it Lone Gamer to create and post some OP gaming videos. But I stopped working on it because of the complexities of having three different apps, to record, post, and brand that video.

You won’t need to do that, as you’ll have the Mobizen Screen Recorder MOD APK for your prime gaming. This amazing app includes a free watermark adder so that after creating a screen recording, you can mark it with your watermark and post it with professionalism.

GIF Creator

The video era is slowly getting disturbed and evolving towards the shortest repeating videos, what’s called GIFs in our savage language.
No one has enough time to first create a video and download a different tool for converting it to the GIF format.

Happily, after having this amazing application, you won’t need to download another app, as it also comprises a free GIF designer add-on inside. Use it now!

Additional Features

It’s the barest thing if you ever acknowledged some hidden features of the Mobizen Screen Recorder official app’s premium version. There are two of them that we’re advancing you freely.

One of these privileges is DRAW, which merely allows you to draw anything on your screenshots and screen videos to show your traffic important points. On the next page, you’d have a MINI MODE, a smaller on-screen recording icon of Mobizen than the official one.


Having a YouTube channel sounds awesome and a piece of cake at the first instance, but later it starts getting complex gradually with the newest levels. But don’t worry till we’re here with you holding your hand with the modified app versions.

Mobizen Screen Recorder MOD APK is just the first thing to help you with the most important task, and we lined up way more futuristic apps. Be in touch, pin this webpage, and be notified about every further update.

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