Nostalgia.GBC Pro

Nostalgia.GBC Pro

v2.0.9 by Nostalgia Emulators Verified

Name Nostalgia.GBC Pro
Publisher Nostalgia Emulators
Genre Emulator
Size 4 MB
Version 2.0.9
Update May 27, 2024
Mod Features Paid for Free
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Hi there, friends! Are you looking for the latest version of the Nostalgia.GBC? If yes, you have reached the correct place. Here, you will attain the gaming emulator that will provide a versatile and superior gameplay experience.

Being born in the 90″s era, playing GB/GBC games were pretty normal in the old days. We used to play for hours and hours without thinking about the future.

Isn’t we living the best days of our life? Now, looking at the past, those console games have faded from memory, and the mind is overwhelmed with work nowadays. But still, those games are quite good.

As we all know finding those games are tedious task and you don’t have that much time to look for the proper console apk software. But worry not about anything as we are providing one of the best GBC games over your smartphone without any issue.

We are talking about Nostalgia.GBC emulator. You should download this fantastic app to your android and iOS device to first handly experience those relic games.

For more info, let’s head toward the following section to grasp everything about this amazing application. So, without any further ado, let’s begin!

Nostalgia GBC Pro APK

What is Nostalgia.GBC?

The Nostalgia.GBC is a superb and magnificent emulator application that allows users to dive into the nostalgic gameplay experience of the GBC games.

Like I said that it’s an emulator app, it works as a consoler on the smartphone in which you will get different aspects to enjoy. You can download various ROMs of GBC and align them with the emulator controller to those amazing retro games.

Nostalgia GBC Pro S1 new

With this app, you will obtain a refreshing feel that grants a new level of dopamine in your mind. Besides this, you can emulate various games and complete the gaming strikes like you used to do.

On top of that, the app renders numerous custom features that permit you to play various games according to your wish. Moreover, you can download the official version from the Playstore in a pretty hassle-free manner.

What is Nostalgia.GBC Subscribed?

The key difference between the official Nostalgia.GBC and this privileged Nostalgia.GBC is that the Pro version doesn’t showcase a single advert inside the app interface, while at the same time, it roughly costs a small subscription to remove all of the ads from the app interface. Usually, when you are using the free version, you won’t get any additional perks.

Nostalgia GBC Pro

Furthermore, the GBC games will be bombarded with various annoying ads, but that is not the case with this brilliant software. With our new Nostalgia.GBC, you will attain everything free of cost and gain access to the console.

You don’t need to purchase the premium apk when you have this modified version. Unlock all of the fantastic attributes with this mod apk and enjoy a next-level gameplay experience.

Nostalgia GBC Pro S2

Get the latest version of the Nostalgia.GBC from the following section. Click on the download button to attain a complete GBC ad-free emulator.


Features of Nostalgia.GBC

Now that you have a grasp of Nostalgia.GBC gameplay emulator, it’s time to leap on the mesmerizing features of this application. So, without any further ado, let’s get started with the list.

Ad-Free Interface

As I have mentioned earlier Nostalgia.GBC doesn’t provide any ad notification when you open the app. However, you have to pay a one-time fee to completely remove those annoying and distracting ads. Hopefully, that’s not the case with the application that we are providing in this post.

Through the Nostalgia.GBC, you neither have to worry about the constant ads notification nor do you have to pay a single penny of your hard-earned money to anyone. Get this app for a completely ad-free interface.

Impressive Gaming Emulotor

The emulator will scan your whole device’s internal storage to find all of the available games. To get started we suggest you download your favorite games’ ROMs before you are getting started with the emulator app. Once you have entered into this app, it will arrange and filters game body color games in a list.

With that, you can interact with various games with ease. You don’t need to ROM location again and again since everything is present in one place. After completing the necessary process of identifying games, you can straightly dive into those normal games and enjoy them thoroughly with custom emulator options.

Brilliant Custom Controller

The remarkable customization options available in this emulator give an advantage to the users and help in improving the overall user experience in each game in a pretty hassle-free manner.

Besides this, you can adjust the controller settings, background colors, increase graphic quality, and so on according to your wishes so that you will receive suitable and refreshing gameplay with this emulator.

Easy Save & Load Options

In the old days, the major problem with the Game Boy Color games was that you can’t save the game unless and until you reached the checkpoint. However, the Nostalgia.GBC Pro gives users an advantage over the other apps as you can effortlessly save and load your progress from any point of the gameplay.

Through this, you can avoid the in-game save options and create a new strategy to defeat the boss monster or you can even load to your previous location from the quick save options offered in this app. It gives endless possibilities to everyone so that the users can enjoy every game to the fullest.


The Nostalgia.GBC Pro APK  is a MOD, Paid version that relives all of those nostalgic feelings with those retro yet amazingly entertaining games. Moreover, you will also get a virtual console on the smartphone screen from which you can do all of those old tricks without much hassle. If you are looking for a way to play GBC games in 2024, you should definitely need to check out this app.

You can download the latest version from the download link present in this article. Meanwhile, do let us know about your experience and what was your favorite game boy color game in the following comment section. We highly recommend you to play pocket monster if you have downloaded this apk.

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