Nova Launcher Prime MOD v2023 APK 2024 (Lite/Unlocked)

File Name
Nova Launcher Prime
TeslaCoil Software
Compatible with
5.0 and up
10 MB
MOD Features
Prime Unlocked
Updated on
Feb 8, 2024

Nova Launcher Prime is a modified Android launcher, including free app hider privilege within the custom gestures.

The same phone’s Android interface won’t provide you with the most relaxed feel that you can enjoy with the different UIs on a single device. Now we know what you would ask in your subconscious mind, Rooting is not our game, and we never want to root our Android device, right? What if I would say that you can enjoy different UI on your phone without rooting it?

Yeah, you heard correctly, as we’re offering you today an Android application named Nova Launcher Prime. It’s a basic launcher app developed only for Android smartphones, but more than is essential, it’s the premium app version.

While rushing Google Play Store, you would find two different Nova Launchers, including the official and prime versions.

Nova Launcher Prime MOD APK

So if you want to get started with all the premium launcher privileges with a stunning UI and all the exact app features, you can download this app here. It’s a free Android app that you can install on rooted and non-rooted Android phones to enjoy a fully customizable user interface.

About Nova Launcher Prime?

Android phone launchers were first started 5-6 years ago when a developer thought of offering the custom ROM interface and a fully customizable UI in the hands of users getting scared of rooting their smartphone.

However, that thinking was exceptional as Android Rooting includes hundreds of disadvantages, and if you want to get out of those demerits with personalized UI, you need Nova Launcher.

Nova Launcher is one of the top-10 grossing Android phone launcher apps offering you the relaxed Android experience with so many Oxygen OS, Colour OS, Funtouch OS, and MIUI functionalities.

First of all, Nova Launcher is the first choice of all the 120Hz or enhanced refresh rate smartphone community, as it offers you an entirely bloatware-free user interface, where you can enjoy so many privileges as listed below:

  • Search menu with responsive Google Play Store search button
  • Upside scrolling gesture for accessing the app lists.
  • Convenient tab to switch between dark and light mode.
  • Search bar entrance by pressing the home button from the dock.
  • 100+ App Drawer customization features
  • Create folders with different background colors and layouts.
  • Back up your favorite Nova settings and restore them in the future.

What is Nova Launcher Prime MOD APK?

Including all the above-listed features, there are many more elements you will glimpse within the privileged interface of Nova Launcher. Moreover, there is also a prime or premium version of Nova Launcher called Nova Launcher Prime.

If you want additional custom gestures and a personalization menu, you can choose that sophisticated app version.

Nova Launcher Prime MOD

However, after advertising such a massive number of features, Nova Launcher has shown Nova Launcher Prime as a premium app that costs 99.00 INR as a one-time purchase.

Now, most techies won’t recommend wasting money on these things, and even we won’t suggest you do that as conversely, you can download Nova Launcher Prime APK from the below link to enjoy the same features freely at personal ease!


After inscribing the MOD term within Nova Launcher Prime, we’ve developed this version with no need for Play Store permissions.

You can download and install it on your phone without any interruption. Moreover, there are hazardous other features within the app as listed below:

Ultimate Gestures

Do you know why Nova Launcher Prime is ranked as #1 top paid in the personalization genre by Google Play Store? Yeah, it’s because of additional pro features, but the most prominent supporter is gestures.

In this technology, gestures are the only stuff that can help us simplify our tasks and daily mobile usage. Happily, Nova Launcher Prime offers you 20+ cool gestures to make your daily stuff mere! Time to use them all!

Hide Apps feature

We all have secrets and insecurities that we can’t show in public, not even our closest friends. Consequently, not every phone contains an app hiding feature.

And suddenly, we have the Nova Launcher, where you can get a free Hide Apps to feature to use on any Android phone and hide your secured apps to avoid leaking any crucial data to anyone.

Custom Gestures

Gestures are cool and damn tricky when they become habitual. But do you know what can become more chronic than simple gestures? It’s the custom gestures.

Yeah, people keep their created things more in mind than technology. That’s why the Nova Launcher MOD offers you a Custom Gesture feature, where you can create your gestures related to your ease of access and make things easier.

App Drawer Groups

Free and default things are boring, and the real fun is hidden in the premium stuff. Consequently, the premium Nova Launcher prime delivers you app drawer groups, where you can create custom tabs for an ultra-organized feel.

Time to become ultra-cool with this ultra-organized feel! Yeah, you can get it free through the Nova Launcher Prime. The modified version with multiple additional benefits and an open-source interface.

No ads

The next problem you would majorly face with the official version of Nova Launcher and no prime activated would be a little ad interruption. A guy can bear ads on apps, but ads on UI are the assassins, and you can’t bear them easily.

Try using Nova Launcher Prime, as this prime version offers you all the crucial in-app features without showing you any banner or video advertisement.


Using the virtual launchers is real fun, as there you can enjoy ten different phone experiences on a single device, no matter if you have an old smartphone or a new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Just get Nova Launcher Prime to your phone and initialize experiencing it all in the realm. Enhance your overall experience with launchers after having this modified launcher app.

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