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Dec 31, 2022

When we were young and wild, we streamed lots of TV Channels in our daily life, as we had that big TV box in our home fixed with some of the most incredible shows. However, things have changed now, and we’re trying daily to get more familiar with the technology, keeping all the old-aged gadgets aside. We can now employ the One Touch TV APK on our Android phones and start the new age of streaming.

Online Live Streaming is the new world and would always be damn influential in its deeds. Regardless, it’s legit, as most of the younger generation left their home to do something big, and they don’t have that big TV Box at their apartments. These guys can use the fruits of technology like the One Touch TV.

It’s a futuristic Live TV resolution for all the Android Smartphones operating above Android 5.0. You can install this abundant app on your Android device and start streaming more than 100 free Asian channels and a hilarious amount of OTT content.

It won’t end here; the coolest Android Live TV and OTT application offer immense intrinsic privileges which are about to get revealed! Let’s know more –

What is One Touch TV APK

In a simplistic way, it is the lightest Android application working on the free Live TV and OTT content providing technology for years.

It’s the most trusted third-party Android app that you can install on any Android Smartphone having Android 5.0+ installed. Moreover, One Touch TV is named because it requires a few touches to get initialized.

One Touch TV Logo

Sadly, you can’t get and install this app directly from the Google Play Store, as they have abandoned this technology due to minor violations in their policies.

Basically, it provides every premium privilege free of cost, violating most of Google’s T&Cs. Still, you won’t need to get worried, as you can download and install One Touch APK from the link below and start enjoying the most delicate streaming features.

Lastly, let’s have a dig inside each of the features offered by this fantastic Android Live TV Streaming application. Being a severe app, it’ll dedicate hundreds of streaming features for the binge streamers like you, where we’ve listed the six most generous features in the below list.

Robust One Touch TV APK Features

Get started with all the features directed by this excellent Android application. Uniqueness is in the air of this exclusive application, and consequently, we find the unique features as listed below –

The varsity of Movies and Web shows

First of all, we’ve now become forlorn with this embracing technology, as there are more than a hundred online streaming protocols, and each of them contains different premium plans. We can’t pay for each of them, right?

Making this problem vanish, we’ve finally found the One Touch TV APK, which is the most lightweight application, weighing even less than 15 MBs and providing content from more than five different OTT platforms. The best thing is that all the content available is entirely free.

Live Asian TV Channels

Apart from the OTT content, you’re also getting access to the free Live Asian TV Channels inside this APK. Yeah, you heard right! We don’t only have the lust for streaming the newest web series and movies, but we also adore streaming the Live TV Channels.

Keeping that in mind, it offers more than 100 Live Asian TV Channels, offering you live content from countries like China, Korea, Thailand, and India, without charging you what cable provider charges.

Offers Different Language Subtitles

The next innovative thing launched by One Touch TV App within the app interface is the Subtitle technology. Being an Asian, we can understand the real problem with languages, as there are more than 100 languages in overall Asia, where single India holds 22 different languages.

But after having access to the One Touch TV, you won’t need to worry about this limitation. You’ll now have the Subtitles for all your favorite shows and movies in the universal English language to understand the most generous shows without language issues.

HD Quality Content Support

The next delicate thing we all want in our dream OTT or online streaming platform is the quality of the content. We can bear anything literally, but the problem with quality is unbearable. We can’t adjust in terms of the content quality while streaming our favorite TV Show, Web Show, or Movie.

Consequently, we get the HD Quality content inside the One Touch TV APK. You will enjoy the entire range available behind this most excellent app in the FHD resolution with all the above features inscribed efficiently.

Newly updated content

The following privilege you will have with this innovative online streaming module would be the varsity of the newly updated content. Basically, the application has been working long in this industry, and finally, they have got the fastest updating servers.

That’s why, whenever they get a brand new movie or web series launch, they update it within the app interface instantly. So you’re going to have all the updated content with this futuristic Android Live streaming app.

Convenient One Touch TV APK interface

Lastly, we get what we want the most with an Android app – the convenient application interface or UI. Interface stands up above everything, as none of us can enjoy a futuristic app’s features if it contains a complex interface.

Fortunately, One Touch TV is embedded with the most fantastic app interface, including everything as simplistic as possible. All we need now is to download this app and enjoy everything personally!


Let’s now end this most exciting article acknowledging a most featureful Android application named One Touch TV APK. It’s the most simplistic online live streaming and OTT content we ever have on our website, including all the above futuristic streaming features. Let’s take every stress and trouble out of our minds and stream all our favorite content on One Touch TV App.

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