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Pet Rescue Saga MOD APK v1.487.5 Latest 2024 [Unlimited Lives/Boosters]

File Name
Pet Rescue Saga
Compatible with
5.0 and up
91 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Lives/Boosters
Updated on
Feb 8, 2024

Can you elaborate on all the factors you check before choosing your dream game or dull-time killing? Not to mention them all, coz the major one among the list would be the game story concept. The first thing we always see before downloading a smartphone game is the game concept, and if we create a competition for the great puzzling concepts, no one can beat King games. By the way, have you played their Pet Rescue Saga MOD APK?

King developers create most of their games in the puzzle genres, such as the Candy Crush series, solitaire series, diamond candy series, and all other games. Similarly, the Pet Rescue Saga is also a puzzle game developed for 3+ gamers. It contains the most relaxing animated graphics with the cutest pets and candies to rescue them. A similar protocol but a little different concept is used within its interface, using the match-3 puzzles to rescue pets.

You would love the complete game interface, the pet concept, the crowd of game levels, and the global leaderboards. Everything is present for absolutely free within the Pet Rescue Saga game to range your attention from those time-consuming battle royale games to useful mind-strengthening puzzle games. Further there, we are also listing the modified version of this game for all beginners and professionals seeking next-level experience.

Pet Rescue Saga MOD APK

What is Pet Rescue Saga APK?

If you’re a King Games lover and enjoying all their games consequently on your smartphone, it’s not possible for your unawareness of the Pet Rescue Saga. It’s again the exact puzzle genre game, working with the same match-3 puzzle interface, but being the smallest and most generic King’s game. Rescuing Pets is the major motive of this game but it goes on with a little tricky concept.

While initializing with the first game level, you’d find some pets sitting up above the color bricks on the different dimensions. You’re required there to click the similar colors put together and you’d soon glimpse the bricks getting crashed taking the pets downward. Within this pre-arranged interface, you’d get limited chances to crush the bricks and get all the pets down with at least a single to three stars.

Firstly, completing the initial game levels won’t be tough, but the difficulty would start firming up level by level. The tenth level would be hard, the twentieth would be a little more, the hundredth would be the hardest, and consequently, you’re supposed to play more than 5000 game levels. Wanna make it easier?

What is Pet Rescue Saga MOD APK?

“The Play Store isn’t the best place to find love so the Mod is where I go, and basically where we all need to go”. You’d love to enjoy the official Pet Rescue Saga game on your Smartphone, but uninstallation would be the only option after some time. The reason is some of the most annoying premium demerits, like costly boosters, lives, and hard levels after a sudden chapter change.

Pet Rescue Saga MOD

My friend, You’re in emerging need of the MOD potion for your gaming, and that’s the Pet Rescue Saga. This modified game version is developed with love for all our gamers commenting for a long time to eliminate all the demerits and limitations of the Pet Rescue Saga official King’s game.

After working like hell, we’ve finally removed all of Pet Rescue Saga’s demerits and created the Pet Rescue Saga MOD APK. This modified version contains some coded scripts to enable you to make online in-game gold purchases without even buying the gold from the shop. Let’s enjoy the vibe together –


Rescuing pets with Pet Rescue Saga would be fun just because of all the amazing features presented to them. There are so many additional features embedded within this app including your most desired Unlimited Lives as mentioned in the below list.

Animation Graphics

The most important benefit of all the King’s developed games is the animated visuals. The complete Candy Crush series comprises an ultimate fanbase of all ages just because of animated graphics.

Additionally, the most privileged Pet Rescue Saga MOD is also transporting you animated graphics in the app interior. Time to become a passionate gamer with the most sophisticated modified King’s game.

Unlimited Lives

Try thinking that you’re rescuing the pets in the official game version and a most challenging level gets suddenly pinged to you. Sadly, the official version would only let you try that level 5 times in a row as it only contains 5 lives.

Conversely, the Pet Rescue Saga MOD APK is amalgamated with the infinite in-game lives. In that case, you would have infinite trials of every level with no interrupting time intervals or gold payments. Sounds amazing, right?

Unlocked Maps

Pet Rescue Saga is one of the most exploratory games ever developed for the Android smartphone as it consequently includes over 5000 in-game maps all with distinct difficulties.

Being a modified version, the Pet Rescue Saga MOD APK affords you all the in-game maps already unlocked, so that you can enjoy any in-game chapter rooted with your favorite theme.

Unlimited Golds

King developers have created more than 10 amazing puzzle-based games, but all their demonstrative games include the exact in-game currencies what’s called GOLDS.

You need to gather a required number of Golds for purchasing Boosters, extra lives, extra chances, and accumulating the piggy banks to multiply Golds. That’s where you can take the free help of Pet Rescue Saga, a modified version with infinite Golds.

Anti-Ban Synchronization

Fundamentally, King games work on a cloud-based synchronization system, where you can save your in-game progress directly to either your Google Account or Facebook Account.

Later, you can get started with the exact game level where you stopped playing. Luckily, the modified version includes an anti-ban gaming script to enable you to sign in to your official account and beat the high scores of all your Facebook friends in a single go.

Final Words

God only loves those who share good things to embrace positivity and diminish negativity. Start sharing good stuff with the Pet Rescue Saga MOD APK.

Share it with all your friends and enjoy any of the 5000+ unlocked gaming levels with all of them to share the care. It won’t interrupt you for a single Gold, Life, or Booster, as you’re about to get them all for absolutely free.

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