Pizza Boy GBC Pro APK v6.1.4 Latest 2024 [Patched]

File Name
Pizza Boy GBC Emulator Pro
Pizza Emulators
Compatible with
4.4 and up
18 MB
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Updated on
Feb 8, 2024

The Pizza Boy GBC Pro APK is a classic Gameboy emulator for an android smartphone in which you will obtain unlocked paid features of the pro version.

Are you looking for a way to download Pizza Boy GBC on your smartphone? Yes, you have finally reached the correct place where you will receive the GBC emulator, which you have been looking for for a while.

The Gameboy classic games are quite different and unique as they have been marked in our childhood memories.

In the old days, we spend hours and hours playing GBC games with our friends. Unlike arcades, where we have to wait for our turn each time, it’s not the case with that Gameboy emulator box. You can play any arcade game at any time.

Whether you are at home or playing virtual games with your friends outdoors, everything becomes possible through that tiny box.

Remember, you have collected several discs, such as Pokemon, Sonic, and many more. But as you have grown up, you have lost touch with all those amazing arcade games. What if, I told you, it’s possible to play those games on your smartphone?

Yea, it’s possible, and all you need to do is download and GBC emulator app over your android device and extract the game ROM to go down memory lane.

It’s time to dive into all of those nostalgic feelings. Before you are getting started, we recommend downloading Pizza Boy GBC Pro to experience those games on your smartphone.

Pizza Boy GBC Emulator Pro APK

About Pizza Boy GBC Basic?

The Pizza Boy GBC Basic is the free version where you won’t even get Advertisements. Although, the app has a limited amount of resources and features.

Despite this, the overall user experience with this app is pretty good. You can easily play Gameboy classic games over this emulator and live to those nostalgic moments once again.

Besides this, the app also provides advanced features to customize the controller size and button according to your desire, while at the same time, you will obtain various shader options inside this app.

But if you want more customization features, we highly recommend you check the premium version of Pizza Boy GBC Pro.

What is Pizza Boy GBC Pro?

The Pizza Boy GBC Pro is the paid version emulator that allows users to play various Gambody classic games with numerous advanced features.

Moreover, the gameplay with this application would be impressive and smooth with 60FPS settings. On top of that, you can apply custom themes and adjust the controller settings.

Pizza Boy GBC Emulator Pro

Besides this, the application also supports Joystick, which will further expand the user experience while playing those classic arcade games.

The improved cheat manager makes the UI better, while GameBoy camera support allows you to take a screenshot of your gameplay. Following this, you will also obtain quick save and load options.

The Pizza Boy GBC Pro is a fabulous deal at $5, which will grant access to all of the classic Gameboy games.

However, you can download the Pizza Boy GBC Pro MOD APK, which will provide all of the premium features free of cost. So, get the app from the following section.


It’s time to know more about the Pizza Boy GBC Pro features so that we can implement those amazing traits while playing those games without any hassle. With that said, let’s get started!

100% Ad-free experience

Unlike other GBC emulator platforms, the Pizza Boy GBC Pro renders an ad-free user interface in which you don’t have to worry about being bombed by ads notification.

Besides this, the clean UI experience is one of the reasons why every user like this application.

On top of that, you can be fully focused on the game as there will be no distractions while playing long gaming sessions.

Rediscover classic games

The most amazing feature of this GameBoy Classic emulator is that you will obtain access to every popular or less know game.

You can recall some of the famous titles that you used to play to kill time during summer vacations. You can play retro games that will bring back memories of the old days.

Modify controller skin

The emulator is loaded with numerous customization features that will help you adjust the controller and background according to your desire.

You can change the size of the button, add different themes to the controller, apply a shader, and do many more things using this app.

Get a unique appearance of controller skin and play your favorite games without wasting your time.

Aside from this, change the colors, and textures, and add various controller skins to get a personalized experience. You can change to unlimited colors and textures for a cool feeling.

Customizable Game speed

In the older days, you can’t change the gaming speeds, and it takes quite a while to complete each level.

But if you desire to speedrun the game using the cheat codes, the app will provide customizable game speed, which can be reduced and increased according to your requirements.

Easy Interlink

The additional features of the Pizza Boy GBC Pro grant multiplayer with your friends and spend your time like the old days.

Besides this, it’s quite easy to use and all you required is Wi-Fi with a data plan. With this, you can utilize the interlink feature and play various multiplayer arcade games.


There are hundreds of games that you can play with the Pizza Boy GBC Pro. It will give you the best experience with various features that make the overall gameplay better and more appealing.

Though it might not be perfect, as a GameBoy Classic emulator, it’s the best option that you can choose for your android phone.

On the other hand, you will obtain a beautiful GUI, themes, and shaders, which will give you more personalized features.

On top of that, you can play arcade games and live those old memories once again. Get the latest version of the Pizza Boy GBC Pro with unlocked paid features to form this post.

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