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Planta MOD APK v2.10.0 Latest 2024 [Premium Unlocked]

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Strömming AB
Compatible with
8.1 and up
MOD Features
Premium Unlocked
Updated on
Feb 8, 2024

Planta MOD APK 2024 is a free modification for an exceptional planting app that apprises you entirely about the chronic details of your plants and caring!

If you believe in Sadhguru or see any of his videos related to anything, he always utters about planting. He loves plants like the abyss, which is why he is currently working on the Save Soil revolution too.

However, it’s legit because nature is only beautiful with Plants, and Plants are only surviving because of soil and water. If you’re a planting freak too and want to participate 100% in saving this world, get this apk from here ASAP.

As we always remind you, if you’d use technology correctly, it contains hundreds of thousands of advantages to making most of your tasks easier. It doesn’t matter even if that task is your most influential hobby, PLANTING.

If you love planting and finding a protocol for taking care of your plants more efficiently than no knowledge, you need a helpful virtual platform.

Planta is a world-class protocol to feed your mind with enormous planting knowledge. Not just that, it offers you information about every plant there in the world to enhance your curiosity, knowledge, as well as planting skills.

Planta MOD APK

Moreover, it also provides you with information about what’s suitable for which plant. It’s an excellent Android app that lies exceptionally in the planting category. Later, the Planta MOD APK is genuine love for its generous features!

What is Planta App?

Firstly, when I used to get started with Planta, I got a negative feeling, like how an Android app can help me learn planting. Everyone once gets this feeling, and they never install these apps only because of this single thought. If you want to see the real magic and believe in the fruits of technology, try the Planta app right now.

Planta is a simple software that passes its users the answers to all their curiosities and necessities of particular plants. Suppose you’ve three different categories of plants, and in that case, each of them would require different kinds of precautions, foods, and manures. If you’d make any mistake in between, you’ll destroy them all. Planta helps you here!

This app provides you with a complete understanding of each plant’s lifestyle and necessities after taking monthly or annually recurring payments from you. Conversely, they offer you so many premium features, such as a plant identifier add-on, where you can scan a plant and know its name and necessities, Care Schedules, Reminders, and everything.

What is Planta MOD APK?

The plant doesn’t only require seeds, water, and sunlight to grow, but they also need a specific amount of care. You always need to employ the necessary amount of water, soil, and manure per your plant’s category. Requirements and Warnings get modified on each age of plants, and that’s what you get with Planta Premium.

Planta MOD

Nevertheless, after being such a successful premium plan, Planta Premium is the costliest one which offers you three different recurring programs, including 720.00 INR monthly, 1600.00 INR quarterly, and 3200.00 INR annually.

For the smartest planters, we’ve something else called Planta MOD APK. It is the abbreviation for a modified version, consequently a software that includes a free premium subscription of Planta.

Being an aspirant and low weighing pocket, you can still take care of your plants using this app. It’s a successful modification, including all the features listed on the official premium page. Just hit the below download button and make it all yours in moments.


Presently, it has become tough to believe something without knowing efficiently about it. The same feeling you’re getting about modified version and I smelled that very well. Don’t worry; we’ve listed below all the features of this app with a mere description to have it –

Water Scheduler

You have some timetables where you eat food, drink water, exercise, and sleep. Correspondingly, plants are also supposed to work on schedules more brutal than yours.

While using the official Planta Android app, you would have to starve for this feature. But Planta MOD APK transports it to you for free. It’s an amazingly free feature, where you can schedule once, and the app will promptly notify you the moment as per plan.

Plant Identifier

Have you gotten annoyed asking your uncle, aunt, or friend’s mom about which plant they planted before their house while finger-pointing it? Never ask, and use the free IQ of MOD!

Planta MOD offers you an exceptional AI-based feature, where you can open the app camera space and scan that plant to know its name, necessities, and habitat for free. It sounds a little impossible at first, but I tried it independently and told you from experience.


The interval when it gets most complicated to make plants survive is in WINTER. Fundamentally, the winter season requires you to take more care. At that time, most of the rarest organisms pass through these plants.

Additionally, such templates are meant to be protected from fewer temperature places. Plus, the application includes overwintering learning, which means finding a sheltered area for plants during WINTER.

Recommended Plants

It basically works on a Level basis. In other words, it marks each user by his levels, including the age of planting experience, curiosity, and generation.

Later, after knowing your level, Planta MOD will tell you all the plants recommended for a planter like you so that you can grow those plants at your home and enhance your plant portfolio!

Care Guides and Articles

Nothing educates humans more than words, and consequently, nothing includes educational words more than the articles. You can get acknowledged about the complete planting process using guides and reports presented at Planta.

However, the official Planta app didn’t pass you these articles and guides complimentary. But we’re not here for something official, right? Download Latest Planta MOD APK from the below web link and get free access to all these guides ASAP!


Do you know what the humblest and most impressive thing you can do to embrace your life, parents, and the whole world right now is? Plant as many trees as you can, and if you need quick assistance for that, remember this application.

Time to get free access to this fantastic android app and plant trees with the broad understanding of necessities, manure, and watering schedule you require to keep that plant surviving and growing.

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