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PocketInvEditor Pro APK v1.17 Latest 2024 [Paid for Free]

File Name
Compatible with
2.2 and up
2 MB
MOD Features
Paid for Free
Updated on
May 7, 2024

While playing the Minecraft pocket edition we always think about why we are seeing so many problems in item management.

But now we can use an amazing app to manage all these items, including the item name, item sign, as well as the number of things, using a different application interface. That’s what we call PocketInvEditor Pro APK!

If you are new to Minecraft and have never played this game on your PC or even mobile, it would be a new experience for you cause block graphic gaming is the most fabulous gaming in this world.

But as I told you above, the only problem you would get in between the game is item management. Sir for getting onward and downloading the Minecraft pocket edition for smartphones let’s get a convenient thing first.

PocketInvEditor Pro is basically the professional version of the best version of this app developed by zhuoweizhang. The developer only has created 2 apps on the Google Play store and iOS App Store where one is the best version and the other one is the premium version.

PocketInvEditor Pro APK

Lastly, for letting you play the game with full convenience we are providing you with the premium version for free.

What is PocketInvEditor?

Are you an arcade game lover? Are you finding a game to make all your bored moments turn into the most sophisticated time of your whole era? Or have you already found the one which is named Minecraft pocket edition for smartphones, but finding it hard to manage items inside the game? Whatever the question is, we are about to provide you with the best resolution you didn’t ever get.

PocketInvEditor Pro

The #1 arcade game in this world, there is developed a number one item management tool, and that’s what PocketInvEditor really is. After having this amazing tool installed on your Android smartphone, you would become capable of editing the .dat game saves available on your File Manager using the convenient app interface.

Now being the best version of itself, this app would include so many things such as you can modify the item sign name, item quantity, as well as item power. So from now on, there is no need to worry about item management in the Minecraft pocket edition.

Even if you want to get out of the league and make the item alterations more professionally, you can get the premium version of this app free from the link below.

What is PocketInvEditor Pro?

Let’s get to the best part of this article, and yeah, we absolutely mean about the PocketInvEditor Pro. The moment you go there on the Google Play store and find this app, you will get the exact version for ₹182.50. Now tell me what would be the reason for purchasing this version when you can get it for absolutely free here?

PocketInvEditor Pro S1

Haven’t you got into deadly thinking? Don’t get deep inside as now is the time to get the free premium version of PocketInvEditor Pro. Now this one isn’t the modified version so you won’t need to worry about anything while playing Minecraft Pocket edition using this app’s alterations. We just have settled on a single script to make this paid version available on your smartphone for free.

Also, this app doesn’t require you to have any other privileged access like a rooted interface or anything to work properly. It would also pass the Google Play protection most sophisticatedly, without paying real money to the developer. Isn’t that a perfect item alteration thing ever developed for Minecraft Pocket Edition to make your smartphone gaming easier?


Although, you would glimpse so many similar features in this premium version as what you saw in the base version. But not all glitters are gold, and consequently, the base version doesn’t contain as many influential features as that of PocketInvEditor Pro. Let’s have a deep look at all the rare features below.

Edit Item Slots perfectly

The first feature is exactly the same as that of the base version of PocketInvEditor, as it also provides you with all the item slot alterations using simple typography.

PocketInvEditor Pro S4

So, after installing PocketInvEditor Pro, gamers can start editing all the item slots, including the item name, block name, item quantity, as well as item signs just by typing and editing the numbers and the texts.

Spawn and Remove mobs

Suppose you are there inside the game with so many mobs as it says exactly in the Minecraft pocket edition, and now you want to remove some of these mobs for the sake of convenient gaming.

PocketInvEditor Pro S2

In that case, you can use this sophisticated tool for spawning and removing the mobs from their places. Afterward, you can get to any harmful destination and make the full loot without a single fear of mobs.

Edit chests and furnaces

There was a lack of one feature inside the base version of PocketInvEditor that we heard from so many gamers who got annoyed with that version. The feature we are talking about is the editing of chests and furnaces.

PocketInvEditor Pro S5

If you’d anyhow get that feature to make any number of chests and furnaces available, you’d make a most prosperous gaming. That’s what the developer thought about Minecraft and added the exact feature within PocketInvEditor Pro available here for free.

Write on Signs

Time to make the game more enthusiastic and entertaining at the very same time. You can now write on the game signs, the signs that you’re seeing in front of doors, caves, and mountains.

You can alter these signs and type anything relative or relative on these sign boards using your smartphone’s keyboard. This would help you even if you’re an entertainment seeker or a streamer with a gaming channel.

Block customization

Not just the mobs, but PocketInvEditor Pro also believes in block customization. Subsequently, it presents free block customization for all enthusiastic gamers.

PocketInvEditor Pro S3

You can now replace the old boring blocks with the new colored and customized ones, which frequently makes you an entire game customizer. Yeah, you heard that right! Time to customize your own world in your favorite way with this futuristic Minecraft tool.


When asked about the pocket modifier, alternator, or customizer tool for the android Minecraft game, no one can have a better option than the PocketInvEditor.

But the PocketInvEditor Pro APK would provide you an ultra edge to your gaming alterations. This modified version would provide you with some additional features and won’t ask you for a single dollar of payment. Get it ASAP!

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