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Power VPN MOD APK v2.1 Download 2024 [Premium]

File Name
Power VPN
Package Name
PowerVPN - Fast, Unlimited & Secure VPN
Compatible with
5.0 and up
22 MB
MOD Features
Premium Unlocked
Updated on
May 7, 2024

There is no nobility in being a well-known wealthy guy and doing all the stuff in front of the public because meanwhile, you’re playing with the fire.

Most of our life is required to be secret and rare, except for opening thoughts among everyone, including the internet.

But sadly, the internet has got the keys for each of your online surfing doors and none of your smartphone data is safe these days until you don’t have a Power VPN MOD APK.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is essentially the smartest online server to make your location, data, and IP address safe from hackers and the whole outer world.

Most of our transactions, messaging, browsing, streaming, gaming, and all online deeds became vulnerable because of the most brilliant hackers sitting opposite your smartphone’s screen.

If you want to stop them all from grabbing your data, location, and identity, you also need to think intelligently and take a brilliant step towards downloading modified Power VPN APK.

It’s a modified VPN app deemed to deliver you all the premium VPN servers with powerful efficiency and instantaneous speed at no need for premium payment.

Be anonymous, browse secretly, and enjoy infinitely with the free modification of Power VPN!


About Power VPN App?

“Powerful People make Powerful Places, but the Powerful VPN server makes a Powerful browsing vibe.”

Suppose about acquiring an internet protocol, where you can surf secretly and get access to any website restricted only for country users without even sharing your location and IP with the companies.

That’s the first and the most generous reverie of every internet user. We’re here to help you capture that using the Power VPN.

The world of Virtual Private Networks is damn gigantic and it includes a hazardous number of VPN apps available on the Google Play Store.

However, who knows which app is more efficient and convenient at the very same time?

Don’t worry, as we’ve hustled the hardest research and found an amazing VPN service made solely for internet enthusiasts named Power VPN.

This VPN service includes more than 500 amazing servers that’d provide you with fluent speed and more than a hundred free servers.

Moreover, its servers include all the security features, such as IP hider, Location hider, Unrestricted explorer, and the highest speed.

But ironically, you also need to pay if you want to have all such premium features of Power VPN that cost you 280.00 INR every month. Well, we’ve one more way out for you.

What is Power VPN MOD?

The way we were talking last about is the modified way, which includes a different or altered app version, including some beneficial scripts to make it possible for you to enjoy all the premium servers as they are absolutely free.

Revealing this APK! The modified version of the app includes some online scripts, where we’ve enabled the free unlimited VPN subscription for you that you can employ anywhere and anytime.

Moreover, you’re getting free access to the complete globe using this amazing app called Power VPN MOD APK.

Just download it through the link below, and you’d later get free access to more than 500 premium, fastest, and most secure virtual servers to hide your identity.

It’s an easier procedure to get connected with the powerful Power VPN server.


After the installation procedure, you just need to click on the dropdown menu for choosing your favorite premium server and click the Blue connect button.

After getting connected, that button would turn green, and you can also check the data transfer rate for that server by clicking a button on the app interface.


You’d feel extraordinary after hearing that the Power VPN armors you with 5 exclusive features listed below to make your surfing super secure and smooth simultaneously. Let’s understand them all.

Premium Servers

The most important thing with VPN apps is their servers. We all give the most importance to VPN apps including premium servers at a gigantic quantity, and we neglect the contrary.

In that case, the app will become more powerful in your eyesight, as it includes more than 500 premium servers for all the futuristic countries such as the United States, Russia, China, Singapore, and United Kingdom. Employ them all ASAP!

Speed Test

VPNs are only known for providing different region servers and unlocking all the country restrictions for us to stream the best global content, play rare games, and enjoy the absolute content of the internet.

But have you seen any VPN app including Speed Test protocol within these features? I bet you haven’t seen it yet, and the Power VPN App includes a Speed Test protocol inside there. Now, you can connect to any server and check its transfer rate in the meantime.

Fastest Speed

When we wandered VPN software to software and after using more than 100 Android apps providing the fastest VPN servers, the most convenient speed you will get inside this amazing app.

This mod version is an unbelievable design of the internet as it delivers you the exact data transfer speed you’re getting with official servers, and you can enable it just with a single click.

Ad-Free VPN

The next annoying entity with the Power VPN official app is the large number of online advertisements on the interface.

You’d watch an advertisement every time while testing speed, connecting, disconnecting, changing servers, or even just sitting on the interface.

If you want to eliminate all these ads and enjoy interruption-free surfing, switch instantly to the Power VPN MOD, as it includes an eternally ad-free app interface, and indulged all the above features.

Unlocked Restrictions

We’re not the only country on the earth, and there are 194 more countries globally creating different content that we didn’t even stream, played, listened to, or acknowledged yet.

Besides this, it is a restriction-free android app that includes all those global servers, including restricted content for your country.

Just get connected to your desired country server and start enjoying restricted content.

Final Words

Feeling insecure about your life isn’t as important as feeling insecure on the internet, coz there are more than a hundred hackers sitting opposite your phone’s screen and waiting for your one wrong move to grab all your data through the internet.

Take just one smart move to make your eternal internet surfing speedy and secure from here. Download Power VPN MOD APK right now and install it on your Android device today. It’d help you live your entire life in a more secure way!

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