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Pyramid Solitaire Saga MOD APK v1.131.1 Latest 2024 [lives/Jokers]

File Name
Pyramid Solitaire Saga MOD
Compatible with
5.0 and up
73 MB
MOD Features
Infinite lives/Jokers
Updated on
Feb 8, 2024

Tell me the first game you played on your first (old-gen) PC running on Windows XP or 7. Isn’t that Microsoft Solitaire? They were the first virtual games developed for the Windows XP Operating System and people really loved that 2D experience, where they arranged cards accordingly and created solitaire immense times each day. We’ve got the same fun back for you with additional features, using an android game, Pyramid Solitaire Saga MOD APK.

Mixing your favorite old Pyramid and Mummy stories with the Solitaire game interface, King has developed an amazing card game for all their puzzle gaming lovers. After enjoying the Candy Crush and Diamond Saga kind of match-3 puzzle games, it’s time to get started with an amazing card game, including the exact solitaire rules as you played on your Microsoft Windows-based PC anciently.

The newest technology added astounding graphics inside the game and advanced the complexities more aggressively to let you adventure the real solitaire world. Except for the complexity, King also has magically created in-game simplicity using the solitaire boosters. Same as the Candy Crush’s Lollipop and Rainbow candy, different boosters are costing in-game golds, and they’d become easy peasy accessible to you after downloading Pyramid Solitaire Saga MOD APK.

Pyramid Solitaire Saga MOD APK

What is Pyramid Solitaire Saga APK?

Solitaire is the mind-boggling game module, where you’re supposed to swap cards from the deck and arrange them as per the settled row, A-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K-A. All you need is to go on accordingly with this series and choose only the nearby members of the card. In simple words, if the chosen card is King(K) of any pattern, you can only kick in with Queen(Q) and Ace(A) cards of any pattern.

In a similar gaming module, King has developed an animation Android game, with a deck of cards and some booster options. Additionally, it offers you the game with Lives pattern, where you can only play it until you’re winning every game and not losing 5 times. After losing 5 lives, you’d either have to refill the life bar using golds, watching ads, or paying real bucks to the game server.

Moreover, the in-game boosters designed within Pyramid Solitaire Saga are also premium and require online payments; GOLDS. It’d sound like magic, but do you want unlimited boosters and infinite lives for absolutely free with the exact game levels? Yeah, we already made it possible with a modified game version, Pyramid Solitaire Saga MOD APK.

What is Pyramid Solitaire Saga MOD APK?

In most countries, playing cards is known as the mythical wrong addiction, but there are hundreds of ways to play cards effectively and make minds highly influenced. The newbies can try the Solitaire gaming mode, and our recommendation would always be there to try the Pyramid Solitaire Saga at first. The reason is the availability of more than 340 game chapters, each including 10 levels adding 3000+ levels.

Pyramid Solitaire Saga MOD

While playing this puzzling game, you’d feel a little weird at first, as the game level increment within its interface works with a high pace. In other words, you’d start finding toughness directly from the 10th level if you’re a beginner. However, if you aren’t in the mood of sequencing the complexities, you can try the free modified game version developed by us, Pyramid Solitaire Saga MOD APK.

This modified version can be said to be the free premium game version of the Pyramid Solitaire Saga game, where you can get all the in-game payment items already unlocked. Moreover, it’s an ad-free game to assist you to play your favorite game levels with zero interruptions in the way. Start enjoying it from today!


Playing games without privileges isn’t counted within enjoyment as it’s more complex than being simplistic. Privileged Gaming is what you need to make your daily gaming moments calm and relaxing. Get started today with Pyramid Solitaire Saga MOD APK and enjoy all the below-listed features –

3000+ Levels Unlocked

King’s games are renowned as the most adventurous game interfaces because they contain the largest number of in-game players. They play such a strategy only to let you play enthusiastically without feeling bored for a single moment.

Similarly, the Pyramid Solitaire Saga MOD APK includes 3000+ in-game levels based on distinct difficulty states and card states. Every chapter’s end level would enhance your optimism if you’d complete it on the first try.

Unlimited Golds

Golds are the only in-game currency inside the Pyramid Solitaire Saga game, and sadly they just deliver 100 Golds at the initial stage. You can use 9 Golds to boost up extra chances for completing hard levels.

Stop wasting your time with just 100 golds and start revolving around 99999 or unlimited Golds offered within the Pyramid Solitaire Saga MOD APK’s interface. The more you’d spend your Golds, the more they’d get multiplied.

Unlimited Lives

Lives is again an important resource inside this exclusive Solitaire Saga even before the Golds. Officially, you’d only get five lives every single time, and you need to wait after losing them all.

After modifying your gaming with Pyramid Solitaire Saga MOD APK, you can access infinite lives and play the game endlessly whether it’s an easy or hardest game level. Splendid!

Unlocked Boosters

If you’re already familiar with King’s most renowned smartphone game series, Candy Crush, Boosters won’t sound like a new complex word to you.

King includes boosters in all their creations and similarly, Pyramid Solitaire Saga MOD APK also includes powerful booster resources in infinite quantity. You can use them as many times as you want and make gaming way easier.

Weekly Updates

The last feature that would astonish your mind towards Pyramid Solitaire Saga MOD APK is the weekly in-game levels and boosters updates.

Suppose that you’ve completed the 3000 levels of the game, but it won’t end there, as the app is adding new chapters, levels, and boosters every week without updating by Google Play Store.

Final Words

Get ready to fight with the unbreakable puzzle levels invented within Pyramid Solitaire Saga MOD APK with the mightiest influence of modified scripts. You won’t feel alone while playing the hardest game levels, as scripts would help you with infinite golds and lives.

Moreover, there are no limitations to installing this game, as it’s capable to work on every Android OS above Android 5.0 Lolipop. Download this bug-free modified version today and sign in to your official game account to astound all your friends with your highest scores.

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