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Sexy Airlines MOD v3.0.0.5 APK 2024 [Menu/Dollars/Skins/Maps]

File Name
Sexy Airlines
Compatible with
5.0 and up
160 MB
MOD Features
Menu/Dollars/ Skins/ Maps
Updated on
Mar 12, 2024

Do you want to get a free flight ticket to chill with your flight attendant? If Yes, download Sexy Airlines MOD APK right now from the above link!

Sometimes, we all meet a sudden seduction from the front side, but we don’t take action, and that’s where we drop having that future seductive relationship.

However, being seductively powerful is essential, but the loss is why you’re not grasping that and taking no action. You’ve gone through numerous losses in your history, making you feel non-confident in front of those seductive missiles. Time to try this application.

Sexy Airlines is an intimate Android game developed by two brilliant game developers, and it’s one of the only romantic games in history that you won’t get on the Google Play Store.

You need to find and download it from the different websites surfing online, and only that way can you enjoy all the Sexy Airline hostages shown within the game interface.

Are you ready to get your mind blown with the romantic hostage chats and win this portion of your life with all the hottest hostages? If your answer is Yes, let me provide you access to the most prosperous version of this Android game, Sexy Airlines.

The modified version of the game included infinite money to unlock any desired hostage merely.

Sexy Airlines MOD APK

About Sexy Airlines Game?

For those folks who’re finding the exact meaning of the Sexy Airlines game, please don’t get deep, as it’s nothing more than an Android game delivering you the extensive romantic, intimate fun that you haven’t got from the old collections.

We all have played the College Diaries, Choices making your story, and Eroblas Waifu, but being unofficial on Google Play Store, armor Sexy Airlines to get the additional features you can’t get there.

Sexy Airlines game is a superficial clicking Android game, where you’ll first have a map in the glimpse, including your capability of running the flights between paths.

You would also have to fulfill all your passengers with beautiful hostages by choosing them among considerable numbers between these moments. Lastly, you would also need to seduce these hostages by selecting the right decision messages.

The main problem you would get is about the in-game payments, as there are many of them within Sexy Airlines.

Even when we’ll take the hostage texter option within the game, it’s a paid option and requires you to have enough in-game money for choosing romance-enhancer decisions.

You can bypass all these payments with a simple download of the below-marked game.

What is Sexy Airlines MOD APK?

Right now, we’ve taken knowledge of the official Android game named Sexy Airlines, and this time we’re ready to get the initial look at the modified version called Sexy Airlines MOD.

This modified version is developed by including lots of powerfully coded scripts to make all the choices accessible for you.

Sexy Airlines MOD

The game was developed recently by world-class developers, and they’ve added all these scripts brilliantly so that the game won’t include a single bug or tracker.

It’s just a game developed only for the enthusiasts finding the real romantic fun on their Android tweaky Smartphone. Try this one out, and tell your reviews about it in the sections below.

Lastly, let’s also carry a broad view of the modified features in mind to be clear about choosing the official or tweaked one.

Decision-making wouldn’t be complicated after knowing about all the unbelievable features in Sexy Airlines that you haven’t seen before.


Before wrapping up the entire portion with the final words, please wait for a little bit, and get through all the below sections:

Unlocked Destinations

If you don’t know or have never played Sexy Airlines before, it’d be a new experience for you, and you need to know first that Sexy Airlines is a panel-clicking Android game.

In simple words, it offers you a clicking interface where you would earn money only with your clicking speed. Or we can say that it’d be damn hard to unlock maps within the game interface. In contrast, you can download Sexy Airlines MOD to get all the free unlocked termini.

Unlimited Money

You’re getting the following gaming privilege with the Sexy Airlines as unlimited money. Money is used within the game to enhance the player level, total destinations, and lastly, the purchasing of air attendants.

So choose all the attendants wisely according to their romance and hotness ratio to make more money with flights and text the boldest girls in the game.

Try the free infinite money of the modified version and relish that feature first!

Unlocked Messengers

The next and the soundest privilege within the modified version of the game is the Unlocked Messenger feature. Most people download this game only for texting with the humorous and cutest flight attendants.

But after installing it, they all feel pathetic, as the messenger feature of the game is locked at the initial. Now you can either put in your hard-earned money to unlock it or download Sexy Airlines MOD APK to get it for free.

MOD Menu

We all work to keep convenience at the first terminal of your flight and then work on other things, including additional features, unlimited money, and important stuff. But comfort is always the first step!

Comfort, then everything! We’ve developed this modified version with the most relaxed and simplistic app interface, including the MOD Menu.

This MOD menu will enable you to enable and disable any MOD when needed or not demanded.


After talking with you a lot about the Sexy Airlines MOD APK, we can’t resist downloading it ASAP on our phones and playing it to the final terminus.

Let’s not stop this urge and start changing destinations with the hottest air attendants having hand in hand.

Choose whichever you want, text whichever you want, and travel wherever you want with the game.

Note: Make sure to read MOD Info on the next page.

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