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Textra SMS MOD v4.70 APK 2024 [Pro Unlocked]

File Name
Textra SMS
Package Name
Compatible with
6.0 and up
36 MB
MOD Features
Pro Unlocked
Updated on
Feb 8, 2024

Messaging friends and family have become a consequent habit these days as we all love messaging way more than calling. But do you remember all those old days when there wasn’t any role of a third-party app like WhatsApp and still, we chatted with our friends, family, and partners the whole night?

Those days were really sparkling, and we didn’t need any apps as we also hadn’t access to such smartphones.

However, you should know that you’re skipping your message packs these days. You get more than 100 messages every day in recharge packs and you’re still using WhatsApp, being a privacy-lacking app.

We have a better option for you what’s known as the Textra SMS Pro version or the modified version of the app.


Using the message packs got to an end because there wasn’t a good interface, features, and message transferring speed in any default messaging app.

Textra SMS MOD

Textra is ready to change that completely because it contains some exaggerated features, customizations, filters, and eternal new updates in the way. But you shouldn’t use the official version as the pro is free here.

What does Textra SMS do?

It’s not possible that you never used the Messaging app on your phone, you must have been there for some while, like for getting an OTP, Brand Store discount messages, and web links. Textra SMS MOD APK is a similar application designed for the official messaging that comes with your monthly recharge plans.

You can use your career plan messages in a beautiful way that you will extremely forget using WhatsApp. Textra offers you privileges like pinning messages, muting messages, changing colors, sharing any contact instantly, and adding any contact to the home screen. Moreover, it’s the smartest and fastest way of messaging as Textra helps you send messages even faster than your official Messaging app.

Lastly, the app also contains a creative overall compatibility as you can use it with your Android Auto Car, Pushbullet, MightyText, Android Wear, and almost all your smart devices or cloud-controlling systems. There are benefits to using Textra SMS Pro and you’ll get through them all in the words below.


Textra Pro APK and the official app include almost no differences between them and you need to have the same compatibility to work in the pro version as you required officially. We’re also listing below all the basic requirements you need to comprise for enjoying Textra Pro on your phone.

Version6.0 or Above
PermissionsDefault Messenger, Camera, Contacts, Location, etc.

Amazing Features

This section will comprise all the amazing features you’re getting with this coolest messaging application and the things you craved a lot before from your phone’s official messaging application. Read the below list and understand what’s the importance of this app as a messenger.

New Themes

Textra isn’t a simple messaging app as it contains different themes for you. There is the official messenger which is wholly simplistic and contains two only modes, i.e., Light, and Dark modes. Whereas this amazing app includes different themes and styles to change the interface of your messenger. This will also make your messaging vibes creative and amazing.

Amazing Colors

Bubble Colors are all changeable within the app interface. By the bubble colors, we mean the messages, contact buttons, and insider reaction bubble too. Suppose the moment when you’re capable of choosing different bubble colors for different contacts as that’s what’s possible with this pro version of the app. Every contact would look different here!

Schedule SMS & Send Delay

You can choose a delay for the message, in the state that you typed a message, but you want to send it after 10 minutes. In such a case, you can long-press the Send button and it’ll ask you for the delay seconds, minutes, and hours. Furthermore, you can also schedule messages using this app for the next day, or even next month, anytime you want to schedule it.

Font Sizes & Styles

Messaging fonts aren’t always defaulted while having the Textra SMS app on your phone. The default Arial or Calibri fonts won’t be any longer in your way as now you can choose among 50+ font styles. Adding to that, the font sizes are also variable within this app, where there are more than 21 font sizes to choose from.

SMS Pinning

Pinning messages is the same feature we all used before in WhatsApp. All the important messages can get pinned on the above so that we can get them whenever we’re in a hurry at the top of the list. It’s not all the same as the last Starred Messages feature in default messenger. That feature still required you to struggle a little for finding these messages, whereas SMS Pinning doesn’t want you to open any folder for finding them.

Emojis & Reactions

Emoticons became the heavenly messaging feature these days as people use them all like real emotions these days. There are emojis for laughing, crying, being wise, being generous, being positive, winking, and different reactions. Textra allows you to use iOS-style emojis and message reactions on all your messages to make it similar to WhatsApp or Telegram messaging.


Compatibility is the last thing and the best among all features as we people are busy and using all the smart devices and cloud services every day for being notified every moment. Suppose you’re driving a car and using Android Auto service on your car’s screen, Textra will notify your messages there as well as other cloud services, such as PushBullet, MightyText, and Android Wear.


There aren’t many drawbacks to using Textra SMS Pro APK as it’s an already-tested android app. We have uploaded it on our website premises after testing it very well for viruses and bugs.

Third Party scripts

Still after being a bug-free app, you need to know that it’s a third-party application and modified development, so it may contain some scripts linked to your app permissions. Use it with ease and choose permissions wisely.

Slow and Lack Syncing

You must have hundreds of old messages in your default messaging app and Textra will try its best to sync them all as per the time and dates. But still, there would be some older messages that get skipped if you have got them in a huge quantity, like more than 500 messages. But after you start using it as a default messaging app, all the messages would get synced properly.

Download Textra SMS Pro v4.70 Latest Version APK

Time to get ahead of the ultimate messaging aura and make the most fabulous messaging app on the internet all yours. We have sectioned below the latest version of Textra SMS MOD APK, i.e., v4.70. You will get all the newest features along with the old pro features, color styles, font styles, compatibility, and some advanced features.

Later onwards, whenever you’ll see the app version being old, you can again download a new update from the same website as where you’re right now. Bookmark it for more updates!

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