The Occasionally Painful Honesty of Random Video Chatting (Chatrandom)

Most of us already know that one person who speaks their mind a little too freely. Whether it’s giving advice, admonitions, or simply their own opinion, they can end up ruffling feathers more often than not. However, this isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes you need the kind of friend who’ll be blunt when nobody else is willing to call a spade a spade.

As it happens, you can run across the same kind of honesty on video chat sites like Chatrandom, in all kinds of different scenarios. Your chat partners might not be critiquing the career choice you’re considering, but some of them will certainly comment on your appearance or social skills. But guess what? Once again, this isn’t something you should necessarily try to avoid. In fact, here are a few instances in which these interactions can actually turn out for the better. 

Scenario #1: Your appearance doesn’t live up to someone’s expectations

It isn’t that uncommon for jerks, trolls, or generally unpleasant people to target your appearance when they’re looking for a way to start an argument. If they can come up with an insult that you’ll take personally, you’re more likely to engage some random stranger on the internet. 

Random video chats definitely aren’t free from these types of people, so if you come across one of them (which is inevitable), just ignore them and move on. Also, keep in mind that you can’t please everyone, so if someone thinks you picked the wrong haircut, maybe they just have different preferences. 

That being said, these types of less-than-polite comments can actually give you a valuable perspective on yourself. The fact is, most people have a few photos stashed away somewhere that are absolutely cringey – but at the time the pictures were taken, you thought you looked like the cat’s pajamas. If you keep getting comments about the same aspect of your appearance, it could be that it’s time for your look to get an update.

Scenario #2: You get some playground insults here and there, but you realize that there seems to be a pattern

While you’ll probably enjoy chatting with most of the people you come across on a random chat site, there will also be plenty of people to ignore. Whether they’re just spouting nonsense, being inappropriate, or acting downright rude, there’s no reason to give them any more attention than you have to. 

Even so, you could still get a few insults, and they may even harp on the same subject. Maybe it’s something you can change; in that case, this could give you the impetus to get that particular ball rolling. Alternatively, it could be something that’s out of your control. If that happens, you could consciously start boosting your confidence in that aspect of yourself, rather than letting an internet troll put a dent in your self-esteem. Either way, you can still be the one who walks away with a win. 

Scenario #3: You keep getting skipped over by chat partners who just aren’t interested

Video chat sites offer thousands of potential chat partners, which essentially means that you have unlimited choices for the people you end up chatting with. However, this doesn’t mean that all those thousands of people will want to talk with you. 

This may sound harsh, but it’s the exact same in real life – you aren’t going to jive with everyone you meet. You’d typically recognize this in the people who seem less than enthusiastic about talking to you, but on a chat site, you’ll simply get skipped over by anyone who isn’t interested. 

The thing to pay attention to is how often you’re getting skipped over. Official statistics are hard to come by, but if you’re having a hard time getting chat partners to stick around, this probably means that something is off on your end. The good news? You could probably fix most of the problem with some improved lighting or a better background. A lot of the time, it really is that simple – and you have the bluntness of your disinterested chat partners to thank for pointing you to the solution. 

Scenario #4: Your chat partner thinks your ideas are incorrect or boring

There are thousands of people on most random chat websites, and all of these people have their own viewpoints. As such, you can’t expect all of them to agree with you – but there are many different kinds of disagreements. Most people tend to be fairly civil, but some might seem unnecessarily aggressive in their counter-arguments. However, it’s these more belligerent types that will give you a run for your money, intellectually speaking. A civilized debate can give you some mental exercise, but a passionate argument can really stretch your critical thinking skills.

As with any interaction on a chat site, if you feel like your chat partner is taking things too far, you always have the option to skip to the next chat. 

Scenario #5: You’re more enthusiastic about making friends than your chat partner is, and they tell you so

Sometimes the truth hurts, but if you’ve just gotten rejected in a random video chat, it shouldn’t hurt too much. After all, how much are you really invested in making that friendship happen? With so many other people to meet, it’s not like you’re losing your only chance at making a new friend. 

That’s not to say that these experiences won’t affect you, but you can still use them to develop a thicker skin and learn how to move on after a setback. And the more it happens to you, the easier it’ll be to brush it aside – both online and in real life.

Your chat partners can be a mixed bag, but there is one thing you have control over – yourself!

Whether someone’s being a little too honest, or they’re actually being rude, you can take each negative experience as an opportunity to learn. If you can learn to roll with the punches, you’ll have a better chance of enjoying the overall experience. 

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