Translate Box - Multiple Trans

Translate Box - Multiple Trans

v7.4.4 by EVOLLY.APP Verified

Name Translate Box - Multiple Trans
Publisher EVOLLY.APP
Genre Utilities
Size 12 MB
Version 7.4.4
Update May 30, 2024
Mod Features Pro Unlocked
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Translate Box: Remote working is trending more than office work these days, which provided people with a source to get any job from any country using their online website.

Moreover, you can also chat with any country guy or girl these days instantaneously, without paying anything more than the internet charges. Well, the only place where things get tough is understanding the contact’s language messages, that’d become easier with this application.

You won’t believe me, but there are more than 7100+ languages spoken globally every second, and you’d find way more when you’d dig deeper inside every country.

Except that, there are tribal languages too, which we don’t need to learn at any moment, eh? LOL! Here, the Translate Box software includes 100+ professional languages, easier to get understood by every country guy.

This app includes all the globally important languages, like English, Hindi, Thai, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, Urdu, and Vietnamese.

You can use it to instantly translate the message your contact has sent you to your own language, or subsequently to translate your language message into your client’s language and send them accordingly.

Still, it’s a rigid manner, as the app includes lots of ads and blocked features, provided free in the modified version.

Translate Box MOD APK

What is Translate Box?

Translate Box is a virtual box that includes 100+ global languages to help you translate the message from any language to your mother tongue.

Whether you’re living in Europe, US, UK, India, Russia, Vietnam, or Africa, you can now understand your contact’s different languages using Translate Box as your default translator.

It’s an instantaneous technology that comprises the 8 best translator protocols, including Google and Microsoft translators.

Additionally, the app interface would also sound damn smooth to you, as it contains no bugs, and slickly delivers you a convenient way to just copy and paste the message on a window, and choose the language you want to translate it.

Translate Box MOD APK S1

Now, you must be thinking about how can Translate Box beat the biggest competitors like Google Translate and Microsoft Translate, right?

Fundamentally, it’s designed to make your work easier, and that’s where it competes at the topmost level. We all got annoyed typing Translate Blah Blah Blah… on Google and waiting for seconds till it browse and show results.

But this time, you can take free help from Translate Box, that’d provides you with translation by just opening the app and pasting the message. Moreover, it’s a fluent app delivering 8 results to check the success ratio.

What is Translate Box Subscribed?

No fantastic things come for free! Developers are working harder to make things way easier than they actually look, and that’s why they need the royalty of their work.

Translate Box MOD

Well, Translate Box developers arrange that profit from online advertisements, blocked features, blocked languages, and enormous barriers. You’ll have two options, where the first one would be to unlock all these features using money or the second to use Translate Box free app.

The altered version simply stands for the modified app version of Translate Box, including the exact app interface, but with free premium features. If you need them all officially, you’re ought to pay either 55.00 INR monthly, 360.00 INR yearly, or 850.00 one-time payment.

Translate Box MOD APK S2

Paying such a huge amount for the thing you can get free would be an unwise move, and that’s why our first recommendation would be there to download this scripted Translate Box.

Moreover, the translation looks way simpler with this revised version as it contains all the mind-boggling privileges as shown below.


Suppose the translating features you can’t even conceive in your dreams are extremely free in a modified app version. In that case, your vibe would get damn potent while using it. So, let’s not waste more time and acknowledge all the below-listed features –

Ad-free app interface

It doesn’t matter if you call online advertisements a myth and watch them always before translating your important messages and paragraphs, as we all feel annoyed doing that.

If you’re feeling the exact vibes we discussed above, you can employ Translate Box in your daily message translation. It’d deliver you all the privileges without those online advertisements on the app interface.

Instant Translation

We already discussed above the biggest demerit of translating languages with Google and Microsoft, which was the intense time taking. If you are an instant translating lover and want to mix that with your grind, choose this free modified version.

It provides you with all the translated results from 8 translating protocols within a second. You won’t need to wait for browsing and online surfing on websites after acquiring this MOD!

Offline Translator

Sometimes, people have trouble with their internet connection, and that’s where they get stuck using Google and Microsoft’s official translating software.

Nevertheless, the trouble is about to get solved with exceptional privilege. This app allows you to download all your favorite languages at applicable data charges and later use it as an offline service.

Photo Translating

This privilege in the series is the most valuable and effective for the book learners, who’re getting it hard to learn books in English, French, Russian, or any other language.

While reading books, it’s hard for us to grasp the different language texts from pages and paste them on the screen. Translate Box includes a photo translation option, where you can simply open your camera and point it toward the book for understanding the same in your language.

5+ Translators

We all have used almost all brand translators in this online life, but in most places, we got different results and consequently got scared of having errors or mistakes.

The same thing won’t ever happen again if you’d start using this modified version, as this app would list 8 translator results listed in your eyesight. You can simply compare them all and can go with the higher votes for best true proof.


The most crucial software that people need these days is an online language translating tool, as it can make our communication, relation, and bond more strengthened with contacts.

Today, we’ve here an Online + Offline Pro Unlocked tool, ready to help you with the proven protocol to translate results without a single ad interruption. Grab Translate Box MOD APK ASAP!

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