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YoWhatsapp APK is the latest Whatsapp mod developed by Yousef Al Basha. This app comes with a lot of new and improved features and also all bugs have been fixed in the latest version. You can install this app on any android phone.

This mod is only available for android users, you can’t install the app on iOS as no Whatsapp mod is developed for iOS devices. The best part about this app is it offers new and unique features that you never see on the regular Whatsapp application. Also, you can install YoWhatsapp APK on Rooted as well as Non Rooted android phones.

Below we are sharing the direct download link of the Latest YoWhatsapp APK, you can download the apk and install it on your android smartphone.

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Whatsapp is the most used application for real-time chat. But WhatsApp has certain limits which sometimes annoys the users. YoWhatsapp APK is an advanced form of WhatsApp, which breaks all those limits which were kept by WhatsApp. Adding to it, YoWA APK also provides some additional exclusive features to make the chat game more interesting.

People across the world are using it because of its additional features. You can Download YoWhatsapp Latest APK to enjoy its latest and updated features. This article will guide you with the YoWhatsapp APK Download process.

Why Use YoWhatsApp APK?

Though WhatsApp provides the platform to chat with each other, send multimedia, catch up people on video and voice calls, follow happenings of other’s life and many more. But every feature of WhatsApp has certain limits. The main domain of YoWhatsapp is that it breaks all those limits as it has some really advanced and exclusive features that allow you to do everything you wished to do using Whatsapp. In a nutshell, it is the more advanced feature of WhatsApp.

YoWA APK was developed by Fouad Mods, they modified the official Whatsapp App and added some magical features to it. This mod is similar to GBWhatsapp and Whatsapp Plus. But here is why this mod stands out of all other WA mods, YoWhatsapp comes with lots of great features which you will not find it on any Whatsapp Mods.

The very popular feature that YoWA offers is the Anti-Ban feature. If privacy and security are your main concern then you must try out this app it some great features that offer more security features than the official Whatsapp app. However, as this is a modified version so we don’t assure you that your Whatsapp Account will not get banned.

Top features of YoWhatsApp APK

YoWhatsapp comes with some exclusive and advanced features that everyone is going for them. Followings are some of the features:

Your Friend Is Online

The first advanced feature of YoWhatsapp is that it let you know that your friend is online. In WhatsApp, if your friend has enabled online visibility settings, then only you can check whether he is online or not and that too by going on his chat window. But in YoWhatsapp, if your friend comes online, a notification pops on the top. Isn’t it cool?

Translate Messages

This is an exclusive feature of YoWhatsapp. It allows you to translate the language of the message into your desired language. For example, you get a message in the English language, and you don’t understand English. You can select the entire text, and translate it in your desired language.

No More Status Screenshots

YoWhatsapp allows you to download the status of your friend whether it is an image file, video or text file. This means if you want to share the same Status as your friend did, you need not ask him for the video or take a screenshot. You can download it and share it as your status.

Share An Entire Movie

WhatsApp allows you to share video files that are up to 16 MB in size. But YoWhatsapp has extended its limit up to 1 Gb, which means you can share an entire movie with your friend. That’s an amazing feature, right? I like this feature very much as before I have to upload it to cloud storage then I have to share the link.

Now it’s straightforward, this is the reason why still Whatsapp Mods exist and people are loving it very much. You can see from its download how popular this app is becoming.

Privacy On Top

YoWhatsapp allows you to hide a chat from a specific person. Suppose you don’t want those people who have access to your phone read your personal messages with X. in such case you can either put a lock on the chat or completely hide it.

Share Your Entire Video

Whatsapp allows you to share a video clip of not more than 30 seconds on your status, which often results in the breaking of the video in many parts. Using YoWhatsapp, you can share video up to 5 minutes without any breakage.

Delete Chat Even After Seen

Suppose you had a conversation with someone, but you don’t want the person to keep some texts which were sent by you to him. YoWhatsapp exclusive features add a facility where you can delete a message anytime even after the person has seen it. That message will appear as “this message has been deleted” to the contact as it appears in WhatsApp.

Message A Number

If you want to send a message to a new number, you first need to save the number by name in your contacts. But YoWhatsapp offers the outstanding feature where you need not save the number of a person to message him/her on WhatsApp. At the top corner of the YoWhatsapp application, you can find the option of ‘message a number’ by clicking on that you can message anyone without adding them to your contacts.

Inbuilt App Lock facility

To put app lock on YoWhatsapp you don’t need to download any extra app lock application. It has an inbuilt app lock option by using which you can put either a pin or pattern lock on YoWhatsapp.

People Also Ask

What is YoWhatsapp APK?

This app is basically a modded version of regular Whatsapp application and is very similar to Whatsapp Plus app. It was developed by Yousef Al-Basha, a great android developer. You can install YoWhatsapp on any android and the best part about this app is you don't need root access in order to install the apk fine on your smartphone. You will receive updates every month on this website itself. We will provide the latest apk once it gets released so if you want to be updated with the latest version of YoWhatsapp then do Bookmark this post.

Is YoWhatsApp for iPhone available?

No, YoWhatsapp is only available for android smartphones. But you will get lots of websites on the internet that claims to provide YoWhatsapp APK for iOS but trust me all those are fake and do not provide any sense visiting them. However, in the future, if this app will develop for iOS then I will surely update the download link on this page.

YoWhatsApp Vs Whatsapp Plus, Which one is better?

You can't compare which one is better and which is not. As all Whatsapp mod comes with its own unique features. So, you as a user have to choose which one matches your taste. The best way to choose best out of many is by looking into the feature, look the feature of both and whichever offer more then consider downloading it.

Do I need to Uninstall Official Whatsapp to use this app?

Yes, you have to Uninstall the official Whatsapp application to install this app. If you try to install YoWhatsapp without installing the regular Whatsapp app then you will get an error App not installed. So, if you want to successfully install the APK then make sure you uninstall the official app.

Is the YoWhatsApp app completely safe?

The digital world feeds on data. YoWhatsapp provides various extensive features but as we all know, nothing special comes without a cost. And here the price is your 'privacy'. Since it is a Mod application which is not hard to develop but it gives the manufacturers access to your data. Whatever data you have in your phone can be at a privacy risk as they can be accessed by the manufacturer and can be used for their personal benefits.


We have discussed almost everything about YoWhatsapp. The latest version of YoWhatsApp 8.75 APK provides new and improved features. Thanks to the developer for adding lots of features to the app. I am hoping to see many more features in future updates. You can get lots of Whatsapp mod on the internet but trust me if you want the best experience then YoWhatsapp APK 2020 Latest is for you.

Also, one more thing I would like to clear about download links. Sometimes you may see that download link not working so it’s my request don’t panic just use the comment section. Add your comment as update the new link and within 10-20 minutes we will update the link it’s our guarantee.

All our apk file is hosted in Google Drive and as you know google doesn’t like apk files. So, the file gets removed but don’t worry we will give you the new link just after the removal. For the latest apk updates keep visiting ApkCunk.com. Also, if you have any questions related to YoWA app then make sure to ask in the comments.