How much can I spend? Premium v2.1.2 APK 2024 [Paid]

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How much can I spend? Premium
Alexander Y. Ivanov
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7.0 and up
8.9 MB
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Paid for Free
Updated on
Feb 8, 2024

The simple purpose of Android applications is about taking the worldly options in front of you with taking your desires to the future. There are many software that allows you to complete your daily tasks directly through your fingertips and just by tapping on that screen. A smaller device with large possibilities is right now offering you the function to track your remaining fund, using How much can I spend Premium APK.

The name of the app is a little bigger, but matches absolutely to the help it offers to all the Android users. Developers have already marked above that the app isn’t to track your expenses, but to tell you how more you can spend and when you should stop spending on what’s not relevant. It reminds you that you don’t have enough money until your next salary when you clear your complete spending threshold for the whole month.

Moreover, you can also use this app for seeking the value of a product you’re going to buy, whether your current budget can afford it or not. This function can help stop a lot of unimportant expenses as Robert Kiyosaki once said, “It’s through our expenses that we become richer or poorer, regardless of how much money we can make.” This app can work with the ideals of Robert to help you pay attention to your expenses.

How much can I spend Premium APK

What’s How much can I spend Premium for?

How much can I spend Premium app is the expense tracker aka remaining funds’ tracker application that comes among one of the top 20 finance related Android apps on the official Google Play Store. This software is one of the most downloaded premium finance apps, but it costs somewhat 270.00 INR one-time charges to get installed on your device with a few premium features, including infinite wallets, backup, and restore features.

How much can I spend Premium

The paid app can be free to use with the modded version, and that’s what we’re offering you without asking for any bucks or task completion. Actually, we have taken the app directly from the Google Play Store to keep your expenses safe and private, and added a few scripts so that you will not see any payment error by Google when using the premium version. It’s just a mere APK file that you can install on your device with ease.

Once you download and install it to your smartphone, you get the Daily limit section on the top of the user interface. Below on the major few tabs, you’ll see a Wallet tab where you can create unlimited wallets with the maximum spending limit, including for month and date. Afterward, the daily expense limit would be shown on the main page, and you can also see the statistics of your expenses related to days, months, as well as years.


Excellent Features

How much can I spend Premium APK S6

Once the developer Alexander Y. Ivanov went through the expense tracker apps for Android smartphones, he got the point that everyone is working on tracking expenses. Except from that, we need to keep a track on remaining balance to be more scared about what’s coming next and how we should react to our expenses. Afterward, he created this powerful app with the below listed features.

Wallet Customization

How much can I spend Premium APK S7

This Android app believes that you can have different bank accounts and different ways of keeping money, like Cash, Bank, or Bitcoin. So it allows you to customize different wallets in an outstanding way. When adding a new wallet, you can choose a different icon, unique color, label, and description about that wallet to be handy with it. Later, you can enter your expense and decide the same color where you spent money from.

Statistics Report

How much can I spend Premium APK S1

We aren’t only here to help you track your expenses, but also to help you get better through the Statistics report. It matters less on how much you’re spending, but more about how frequent you’re spending money. This software creates a simple statistics report where you can look for the money you spent through all the wallets including in terms of days, months, as well as years. It includes limits, savings, expenses, and debts.

Backup and Restore

How much can I spend Premium APK S2

This feature only comes with the How much I can spend Premium, and we need it most importantly on an expense tracker app. Like most recently when I was using a notepad, my entries got deleted when I resetted my smartphone, but it doesn’t happen with this premium app. Here you can create your own account and backup the database either locally or in the cloud to later reinstall the app with the same last data stats.

Multiple Languages

How much can I spend Premium APK S3

Everyone should keep a track of their expenses and that’s why we have created this mod version for the different regional people. It allows you to choose among more than 10 languages, including the most used English, Hindi, French, German, Japanese, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, and Espanol. You can also mail the developer through the language section, if you don’t find your preferred language, so he’ll help you as soon as possible.

Limit Widgets

How much can I spend Premium APK S4

Add-on Widgets are handier to check all the expenses that you’re making, and mostly the limit you currently have to spend. Thanks to How much can I spend Premium app, you can pick a few widgets differently for limit and balance. Moreover, it also allows you to customize these widgets because of secondary info, widget click action, and the background opacity as you want.

Daily Reminders

How much can I spend Premium APK S5

The best part that we personally loved about this app is its daily reminders. If you don’t find it simple to launch the app every day to seek the limit you have got to spend on your needs, you can enable the daily reminders. Just settle a reminder time and enable the toggle for Always Remind to be reminded every day about the limit you got left.


How much can I spend Premium is a smaller android app and so you won’t need any bigger configurations or higher generation of processor to use it. You can use it on any Android smartphone if it’s normal and having the below few requirements.

Operating SystemAndroid
OS Version7.0 or above
PermissionsStorage for Backup

Download latest version of How much can I spend Premium APK

If you want to know how much you can spend right now, you first need to go through the How much can I spend Premium APK, as there is no simpler way than that. It’s a convenient app developed just for tracking the limits you have. And so you don’t need to tag any category of payment you have made, and it’ll allow you to use all the premium features with the unlimited wallets.

Add them all to your app interface and track your different wallets uniquely. But have the added statistics to keep a track on how much you’re spending, how much you’re saving, and most importantly, How much you can spend.

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