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Moon+ Reader Pro APK v9.2 Download 2024 [Paid for Free]

File Name
Moon+ Reader
Compatible with
5.0 and up
28 MB
MOD Features
Paid for Free
Updated on
May 6, 2024

If you like reading books, Moon+ Reader Pro APK is the perfect solution. With this app, get full access to the advanced features and unlock the complete library to use other customization features.

There’s no doubt that reading books is a pretty good habit, but carrying countless books during travel or for daily travel might be a big hassle if you don’t use a Kindle.

At the same time, many people also prefer to read books and PDFs to save money. But what if I told you, there’s a special app that allows you to read PDF books most conveniently?

We are talking about the Moon + Reader app, which grants many exciting and appealing perks.

Besides this, the app is loved by several online book readers since it offers an easy-to-use interface, various customization options to read books, changing layout, and more.

So, let’s have a glimpse of what this app is capable of.

Moon Plus Reader Pro APK

What does it do?

Have you ever wondered about reading books directly from your smartphone? Well, it might be possible if you are using the Moon+ Reader app, it will grant access to unlimited book reading facilities, alongside proper control and functioning to further enhance your reading experience. Although, you won’t find any books inside this application.

However, you can download the e-book PDF version to easily utilize the library features. Apart from giving complete online e-book library support, you can even customize the book layout according to your requirements. Scroll through the pages and increase your knowledge without any hassle.

Moon Plus Reader

On the other hand, the app got a pretty decent rating on the Play Store, while the app does have some premium features that can be unlocked using the Pro subscription.

Remember, the app supports a wide range of files, so reading books can be easier for you. With that said, let’s dive into the following section to learn the basic requirements to download this fascinating app.


The Moon+ Reader application is completely free to use, you don’t need to purchase this app. However, if you want an ad-free interface, more customization bars for reading, and Bluetooth features, then consider exploring the premium version.

Aside from this, the phone just has Android 5.0 and up, so the app can perform without any hassle. Besides this, you will also need to provide a few permissions to fully utilize this application.

Exciting Features

Let’s have a glance at the features that you can utilize using this app.

Visual Customization

There’s no doubt that Moon+ Reader offers a wide range of visual customization options, which allows the users to easily manage different fonts and formatting styles that fit best according to their reading experience.

Furthermore, there are tons of pre-installed themes, including dark (night) mode switchers. With them, you can get a personalized reading setup on your mobile phone.

Page Navigation

Undoubtedly, the app comes with multiple options to customize the page navigation so that you can easily consume the reading material without any problem.

You can even customize the touch response, and use volume keys or a back button to perform certain actions.

It also tailors your bookmarks, offers adjustments in the navigation settings, changes the font size, and modifies themes are some core features.

Enhance Reading Experience

The Moon+ Reader paid version is dedicated to providing a better experience while reading using various scrolling options.

You can choose between rolling, by pixel, by line, or by page. Besides this, it’s also straightforward to manage the scrolling speed in real-time.

Furthermore, the app comes with adaptive brightness.

Better Text Customization

You aren’t limited to the standard e-book paragraph choice. Through this application, you can easily select different paragraph formats that make sure you are getting an engaging reading experience.

Moreover, those personalized paragraphs can also improve readability, especially for small-screen phones.

Additionally, it also has an eye health option so that you can adjust the text size and background light.

Page Turning effects

When you use a regular e-book, you won’t get the book-reading experience.

However, the Moon+ Reader app comes with a realistic page running effect that will provide an immersive UI for the users.

Furthermore, you can also customize the page-flipping animation without any hassle.

Library Organization

Although, the app didn’t provide free e-books. But once you have started using this APK, users can organize their books in their personalized Book; shelf section.

From this section, you can easily pick the books from where you have left, while at the same time, you can create favorites, download, and add tags.

Moreover, this section will automatically search the book cover for you.

Text Formatting

Two factors make these features more important for the users. Firstly, it helps to justify the text alignment, so the text appearance improves to a certain extent.

Secondly, the users can use the hyphenation mode to modify the text layout according to their needs.

Screen Orientation

There are multiple modes from which the users can choose the screen organization, it has dual page mode where you can ideally read content on your device.

Aside from this, this app precisely supports four appealing orientation options that ensure an optimal reading experience for your device.

Dictionary Support

Because you might not know some words’ meaning. However, you don’t have to worry about anything since the app renders an inbuilt dictionary so that you can solve your curiosities without any further delay.

Multimedia Sharing and Cloud Support

There’s no doubt that you can use multimedia content, including video and audio, to further enhance the reading environment with plenty of attractive elements.

Furthermore, the users can back up or restore their e-book data through the cloud storage service provided by this app.

Additionally, you can use the Moon Reader app in 40+ different languages so that you can read regional languages books.


Moon + Reader Pro APK is undoubtedly a perfect app for all of the book readers out there. It provides a pretty simple interface so that your reading experience can be further enhanced to a whole new level.

Moreover, there are tons of additional features you can explore with our version. In that case, we recommend you get the newest APK version to enjoy reading your favorite books in one place.

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