Showbox APK Download v5.35 Latest 2020 (Official Version)

The human being needs a break from their hectic schedule to keep going. Movies and tv shows are the stress busters that save the mind in a relaxed and active stage. But you cannot afford the time and money to see every film in the theatre.

Showbox Apk is the solution for you. The app brings all the movies and tv shows together for you so that you can enjoy your leisure time. You can watch the tv shows and movies in your android wherever you want. From the boring traveling time to the leisure time where you binge on your favorite snacks lying on your couch.

So, whatever you prefer, being alone or with friends, you can enjoy your leisure time, watching movies online on Showbox. Showbox provides you a platform where you can watch your favorite videos without any additional charges.

What is Showbox Premium Apk?

Showbox was the favorite spot of many people to browse the latest movies and tv shows. But unfortunately, it is not available on the play store anymore, and it started displaying service error. But you do not need to stay off for a long time as the solution has come in the form of Showbox apk.

Showbox apk is an application that you can download and install in your android to get the same service as Showbox. This application is an alternative to Showbox app that provides access to all the movies and tv shows, that you get with Showbox was giving access to.

Showbox Premium Apk Features

This app comes with a package of many extensive features that make sit favorite of many users. Some of its features are:

Smaller size

The file size of the Showbox apk is minimal. The size is 39.1 MB, which is not a large file. It takes only seconds to download the file. The size of the application is smaller by which it can be quickly and easily installed. It does not require you to clear an ample space in your android.

Free of cost

The services of Showbox apk are absolutely free. It does not have any hidden payments. You can browse unlimited music and your favorite TV shows without spending a single penny. It takes care of your entertainment and pocket together.

Download for offline time

One of the best features of Showbox premium apk is that it allows you to download an unlimited number of movies and tv shows for free of cost. You can access all your downloaded records in case of the absence of a network as well.

This feature is beneficial while you are traveling, especially by flight. It saves your data and helps you in not getting bored during the long travel hours.

Stream music

With the latest update of Showbox apk, you can get access to unlimited music as well. This is the newest feature added to Showbox apk. You can stream and download all your favorite music tracks on Showbox apk.

Sort movies

Showbox has a lot of videos. If you are facing a problem in deciding a movie, you can use the sorting feature of Showbox apk. You can sort the movie search by genres, release date, time duration, etc. after sorting, you can select your favorite movie or tv show and watch it with your favorite snacks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it safe?

It is not a legitimate software, which means that the server records your history, and the movie studios can access it any time. Showbox apk has this primary privacy concern as it is not a legal entertainment service.

It cannot be found on google play store because it is not authenticated. It does not have a virus generally, but you need to download it from a safe and secure d=site to make sure that it creates no harm to your device.

Can I download movies for free?

Yes, you can download an unlimited number of movies and tv shows for free of cost and enjoy them when you are offline. All the access to movies and tv shows is free of charge, and you do not need to spend a single penny. You can also download it for free of cost.

What is the quality of video on Showbox apk?

The videos on Showbox apk are of high quality. Users can select from 360p, 480p, or 720p to view the movies and tv shows. Also, the quality of the video depends on your internet connection.

Wrapping Up

You can download and install Showbox apk in your android and also you can use this app in other devices as well. You can enjoy all your favorite tv shows and movies in a single place without spending single money.

Download the latest version of Showbox APK to enjoy the new feature, which allows you to stream online music for free. Make sure that you download it from a safe and secure site to keep your device safe and sound.

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