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AdGuard VPN MOD v2.6.25 APK Download 2024 [Premium]

File Name
Package Name
AdGuard Software Limited
Compatible with
5.0 and up
29 MB
MOD Features
Premium Unlocked
Updated on
May 7, 2024

Do you use Thunder VPN or ExpressVPN to visit different websites that are blocked in your country? If yes, there’s a high chance that you might have heard of the AdGuard VPN MOD APK.

It’s one of the classic VPN service providers that grants impressive features to users and enables different servers so that the user can do anything they want.

Usually, VPN services are used to mask your internet protocol address as a short-form IP address. Generally, every website you visit on a daily basis can track your location and show your personalized advertisements.

It happens because you are leaving a trace everywhere you visit. But sometimes, you want to visit some sites anonymously if you are not using your personal device. For example, in your school or office.

Usually, you can only go to a certain website in places like offices and schools. However, once you have downloaded any VPN service app you can easily access those blocked websites using your phone.

I have an amazing recommendation for you – AdGuard VPN. Let’s get more information about this application in the following part.


What is AdGuard VPN?

The AdGuard VPN is a better way to optimize your online activities, while it provides an additional layer of security. Generally, other VPN apps are bundled with lots of third-party advertisement that makes the overall user experience dull as you have constantly encountered ads inside the interface.

However, the AdGuard VPN is easy to use and also doesn’t have any advertisements inside the app. Therefore, you can freely use the VPN services without any problem. Furthermore, you can easily Kill the Switch from the settings menu to always on the VPN services.


Following this, you can create a list of websites that you want to blacklist or even build a selective list in which you want to access the VPN services. Not to forget, you can also mask IP addresses on specific apps.

For more advanced features, there’s also a premium subscription that allows access to worldwide servers and provides additional speed and data for your usage. If you don’t have that money, you can try out the following alternative.

What is AdGuard VPN MOD APK?

Everything that has been limited in the official version of this application can be surpassed through this modified app.

The app permits users to choose any server according to their wish, while you won’t be bothered by constantly sluggish internet speed or limited amount of data. Those distances won’t appear on this application.

With that said, if you want to visit your favorite sites without being annoyed by ads and access restricted content, you should definitely check out this AdGuard VPN MOD APK.


Before you download this apk, you need to know about the key features that you can utilize once you have downloaded this apk. So without any further ado, let’s start the list.

Advanced VPN Provider

The unique VPN protocol has evolved to offer an anonymous environment that allows the device to roam anywhere on the internet unnoticed, all thanks to this amazing mod apk. It provides an excellent disguise that allows the users to wander around different sections of the web. The ideal situation is to be able to access the site without being tracked or losing any privacy privileges.

No More Ads

Unlike any other VPN application, the AdGuard VPN is one of the few applications that provide Ad blocker features. If you aren’t using this app, you’ll need to download an extension or a third-party application to block advertisements that appear on various websites. All files attempting to read cookies, history, or data stored in the user’s device memory will be blocked by the application. Additionally, it stops advertising from being present in javascript files. While at the same time, maintaining the privacy of your personal information from third parties.

Enable All Location

With this application, you don’t have to rely on a single location, and you can choose any worldwide server location according to your requirements. Since the servers are connected to one another without any specific policy restrictions, the coverage area will be global. Usually, the free version is limited to one location, which makes the overall user experience boring. However, with the modded version, you can get access to every server.

Unlimited Speed and Data

The free version only has a limited internet speed and due to that, you can’t stream content at high resolution. However, once you have downloaded the AdGuard VPN MOD APK, you will be able to use unlimited speed and freely stream games, and media, and enjoy high-speed internet surfing. On top of that, once you have done and closed this app, everything will be deleted from the history.

Create Blacklist

There will be a virtual key in the AdGuard VPN interface that you may use to make a list of websites you do not want to visit. By selecting the listed names and adding them to the exclusions section, the user needs to make a choice. Those websites won’t interfere with your leisure time or working hours and you can stay focused on what you are doing!

Create Selective list

There are two modes in the Exclusion section. The General mode is in which you can create a website blacklist and they won’t disturb you. On the other hand, there’s a selective mode in the AdGuard VPN, which only masks your IP address of that specific website. Once you have added the website URL, you won’t be able to track it to some extent.

Exclusive Streaming Support

You won’t be able to access some series because of the geographical restriction of content, even though the content you desire to watch is available on the streaming platform. Do you also face a similar situation? In that case, you can use the AdGuard VPN to access the desired content from the streaming platform without any hassle.

MOD Features:

  • Premium Unlocked
  • Private Proxy
  • Browse like ninja
  • Leave no trace
  • Set your own rules
  • 50+ locations
  • No Ads


Getting a VPN app for mobile devices is easy, and AdGuard VPN MOD APK is a wonderful example of software that offers good service, and ad blocking, and is absolutely free. In this post, you now have a better understanding of what AdGuard VPN can perform. Please download it and use it to enjoy all of the amazing privileges of this fascinating VPN application.

On the other hand, if you come across any problem, do let us know about it in the following comment section. Meanwhile, if you have already downloaded the mod apk, do let us know about your experience in the subsequent section.

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