Cleaner for WhatsApp MOD v2.9.5 APK 2024 [Premium Unlocked]

File Name
Cleaner for WhatsApp
LookAndFeel Lab
Compatible with
4.1 and up
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Premium Unlocked
Updated on
Feb 8, 2024

Hi there! Do you want to throw away all of the junk that piles up in your WhatsApp storage? Yes, you definitely want that and you are thinking about this for a while. However, you won’t be able to obtain the right tool to remove those data from the storage.

There’s no denying that you have to constantly look at the file manager to access all of your photos, videos, and documents on WhatsApp messenger.

Besides this, it’s tedious work to perform in the first place. At the same time, if your device is running out of storage, you won’t even be able to download new files from the WhatsApp messenger application.

Cleaner for WhatsApp MOD APK

In that case, you can only do things that remove that junk. Here’s a Cleaner for WhatsApp that will help you with the above-mentioned problem. With that said, let’s know about this application in the following part.

What is Cleaner for WhatsApp APK?

The look and feel lab developed the Cleaner for WhatsApp, and they also have several apps under their name. Some of them help you retrieve text messages and photos, while they also provide QR scanner apps.

As for this app, you will obtain a complete solution to remove annoying junk from your WhatsApp messenger account. Once you have downloaded this app, the app will optimize the internal storage for you.

Cleaner for WhatsApp MOD

With that, you can effortlessly manage the internal storage of your smartphone without any hassle. Besides this, the app renders options to delete old files and help in creating an offline backup if you are switching to WhatsApp Mod APKs.

Moreover, the app also has a premium version in which you won’t find a single ad with the additional dark theme. But on the other hand, if you don’t have that money, then you can try out the modded version in the meanwhile.

What is Cleaner for WhatsApp MOD APK?

Generally speaking, WhatsApp media files become a huge toll on the smartphone if you frequently don’t clean those useless data files.

As a result, you won’t be able to download new media, and at the same time, low storage will hinder the overall performance experience. In that case, the Cleaner for WhatsApp MOD APK can assist you to come out of that tough situation easily.

Unlike the free version, the modded version will provide ample functionality and offers mesmerizing support to back up all of your WhatsApp messenger media and chat data in a compressed folder.

Furthermore, this mod apk will bring lots of new features and amazing dark mode. Following this, you don’t have to worry about anything when it comes to deleting data from WhatsApp.


Now let’s learn about the additional features that you will obtain from this fascinating Cleaner for WhatsApp Premium. With that said, let’s get started with the primary perk.

Ad-free experience

Since the Cleaner for WhatsApp is a freemium app, you will notice lots of ads inside the app interface, which make the overall user experience boring and dull as you will constantly face annoying ads.

However, once you have downloaded this modded version, you will receive total control of everything setting offered by this app, which means you don’t need to see advertisements again and again.

Enable Dark theme

In the premium version, you will gain the Dark theme. With this, you can switch between normal to dark mode in a pretty hassle manner.

Moreover, once you have enabled the dark theme, the battery life will be improved to some extent, while it also helps when you have accustomed to dark mode on your smartphone.

Easy-to-use Interface

One of the reasons why people like this cleaner application is because of the simple and easy-to-use interface that will make overall usage easier.

Moreover, you can quickly clean or back up the WhatsApp messenger data without any hassle since everything is present on the home screen. With this, you won’t face any problems using this application.

Remove media files easily

You are not limited to simply removing the data from your WhatsApp messenger account. With this app, you will notice different formats from which you can select data files and remove them specifically.

There are separate sections for Photos, Videos, Docs, etc. files, so you can delete them according to your requirements.

Offers Auto Clean options

The advanced feature of the Cleaner for WhatsApp Premium APK allows every user to automatically clean WhatsApp media data. Usually, you don’t have the time nor do you remember when to delete those data.

In that case, the Auto-clean app does come out as a great solution as it automatically tracks data and deletes it as your wish. You can set daily, weekly, or monthly formats.

Move and Backup WhatsApp data

The next big thing about this application is that you get backup options from which you can save your WhatsApp media data according to your conditions. You can quickly move data in the offline mode, which doesn’t require your previous mobile or WiFi data.

Support Multiple Languages

The best part of this app is that you will obtain various language options from which you can choose your preferred language and use this app’s features without facing any difficulties.


The Cleaner for WhatsApp MOD APK is a well-versed application for every user who wants to remove annoying junk from the WhatsApp messenger application.

With this application, you will receive numerous perks from identifying the different formats of media and data files in a pretty seamlessly smooth manner. On top of that, you won’t face annoying advertisements once you have opened this application.

Usually, I struggle to take backups of WhatsApp data. But it’s not a problem with this mod apk. If you also want to clean the media data of your WhatsApp messenger, it’s the best app that you can try. So, get the Cleaner for WhatsApp MOD APK and easily start the cleaning process.

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