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Silent Video Camera MOD APK v7.8.2 Download 2024 [Premium Unlocked]

File Name
Silent Video Camera
Compatible with
5.0 and up
10 MB
MOD Features
Premium Unlocked
Updated on
Feb 8, 2024

Are you looking for the Silent Video Camera MOD APK? Then, you come across at the correct place.

Here, you will receive the newest version with an ad-free interface, silent capture, and pro-unlocked features. It’s a superb treat if you want to record videos without shutter sound.

There’s no doubt using cameras in public places is quite problematic, especially when everyone can hear the shutter sound.

Usually, when you are using the stock camera application, you will notice a shutter sound whenever you would like to take a photo or record your pet. However, it might not be a hassle when you are using your phone at home.

But things are slightly different when you are in a public space. Everyone has their public space, and you would rather not bother anyone, right? Besides this, many people start judging you when you are recording your selfie video.

It’s quite annoying that many people start staring at you, while at the same time, you might lose focus from recording the video.

However, you won’t encounter any problems when you are using the Silent Video Camera app.

Silent Video Camera MOD APK

What does it do?

The Silent Video Camera APK can record videos without making noise. With this, you don’t have to care about the shutter sound anymore while you are in public space.

Moreover, this app becomes quite handy when want to record your baby or pet without disturbing their sleep.

On the other hand, there are various features offered by this app from which you can shoot still images while recording FHD resolution videos that would be child play.

Silent Video Camera

Moreover, it can record videos in dark environments and supports zoom and exposure control. With this, you will obtain clear details of each of your memories.

With this application, you can record videos with no trouble. Speaking of which, you can also receive the latest version with the newest features intact from this post.

Moreover, we are providing the modified version with pro subscription access. But before that, we suggest you complete the following requirements.


The Silent Video Camera APK is a modified version of the standard app that allows you to access premium features free of cost.

On the same note, the most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that this application requires an Android 7.0 or above operating system to perform video recording.

Aside from this, the users also require camera, audio, and storage permission. With this, you can record audio and video, and save them to internal storage.

Exciting Features

This application is one of the best video recording applications, which can silently record video.

Apart from video recording, there are tons of other features offered by the developers, so let’s head toward the next section to learn about the primary features of the Silent Video Camera app.

Discreet Video Recording

When you want to capture video without being worried about a loud shutter nose, then this application could be the perfect solution.

Besides this, it could be quite helpful where silence is essential. There are various noise-free environments where you can use this application.

For example, it’s an ideal choice for recording videos of your sleeping baby, pets paying, or recording wild animals.

On the other hand, the app also makes sure to respect the public space and without disturbing others, you can record your videos without any hassle.

Ad-free Interface

One of the core benefits of using this application would be that you will receive crisp image quality and visual enhancement alongside an ad-free user interface.

Generally, if you are using some free version app with silent video recording features, you might be interrupted by videos.

At the same time, you might miss the moment to capture the precious moment of your life. However, those problems won’t occur when you are using this app. You get a clean user interface, which assists you in recording videos silently.

High-Quality Download

The Silent Video Camera app comes with high-resolution video recording and saving fears. Through this, you can easily record crisp FHD videos and preserve your memories with exceptional clarity.

Plus, you won’t miss a single detail, while the app ensures to provide the highest quality possible. Thus, you can be at ease and relive your recorded moment easily.

Versatile Video and Photo Features

In addition to providing FHD-resolution video, the app also offers a wide range of video and photo features. For instance, you can capture stills from videos without any hassle.

To put it in simple words, you can grab photos from the videos. Besides this, you can create live photos with this app, while it’s also possible to switch between different modes to not miss out on single details.

Enhance Low-Light Recording

The silent video camera also provides impressive lowlight recording quality, while the users can use the built-in flashlight to get clear and vibrant video, even in a dark environment.

There’s no doubt that you can effortlessly record videos at night. Besides this, the app can even record subjects even in the dimly lit with ease.

Zoom and Exposure Control

With this APK, capturing details of distant objects is possible, thanks to the advanced zooming features. It improves the overall visual quality and provides control over the exposure of the video frame.

On top of that, the app comes with diverse exposure settings that can help you record videos in various lighting conditions. It also allows users to adjust the color balance and grant precise recording.


Usually, you will find options to stop the shutter sound in the camera settings in most smartphones.

However, if your device doesn’t provide this feature, you don’t have to worry about anything. Simply download the Silent Video Camera MOD APK so that you can silently record videos without any hassle.

On the other hand, this application can be useful in various situations, whether you want to record your pet’s video or shoot videos in the wilderness.

The app won’t produce sound, so you can start recording with ease. Now that you are aware of this app, don’t delay and download the latest version.

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