EPIK MOD APK v4.4.3 Download Latest 2024 [Premium]

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EPIK - AI Photo Editor
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SNOW Corporation
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8.0 and up
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Mar 16, 2024

We have had so many hyper technologies for ages, but the Artificial Intelligence of AI that we’re using these days is damn fascinating. You cannot compare it with any other tech as it automates most of the things so that the convenience gets at an utter level. If you have used the ChatGPT technology for making AI generated text answers for your questions, we have the EPIK MOD APK with edits for your photos.

This app can be used for multiple things related to photo editing, where it covers the face retouching, frame adjusting, as well as decorating photos with the AI filters. Besides, it’s also known for some outstanding AI collage filters that make it possible for us to create the different collages with the AI backgrounds and smoothly remove contrast. There are more advanced options in this app when compared to the smartest editor, PicsArt.

The only reason why this app is not that well known to this world is just the paid premium plan which covers most of its futuristic features. The premium of EPIK AI Photo Editor is somewhat between 79.00 INR per month to 449.00 INR per year. You can also have a free trial for 7 days if you send a credit card to the app, but that won’t be needed after you’ll download the EPIK modded APK on your smartphone.


What’s EPIK App for?

EPIK MOD APK is the free modified or altered version of an AI based photo editing software only for the Android smartphones. When it comes to photography, we don’t think so much and just kick out our phone’s camera to get started capturing the best pictures of ours, nature, backgrounds, or roads. Even if it’s Snapchat or Instagram, the filters are becoming more boring every day as we have gone through them many times.


We want something new and that can only be enjoyed within a new photo editing app like the EPIK This app is for those photo editor freaks who love the premium features of EPIK like Depth Layer and AI Collage options, but don’t want to pay the monthly charges. We won’t even let you pay those charges, as the EPIK Premium APK is here for you with the pre-included premium subscription with it.

The subscription that actually costs a few dollars monthly subscription can be free for you, and you can evade those online advertisements while taking access to some never before features and filters. We know that it’s not so easy to start using a new app and understand it completely at once if you’re a newbie, but this app has so many AI based tools. In such a case, you can make the best edits without even struggling with frames.


When you’ll ask me what EPIK app is mostly known for, then I’ll reply with the depth effect feature. This effect actually made most of the app’s traffic pay actual monthly charges for it, and still, there are many features yet to be known by millions of photo editing freaks reading this article. The modified version contains most of the paid privileges for free, where some of them are as follows.

Depth Effect


Depth Effect is the first aesthetic feature of the EPIK APK. It’s the same feature that most of the brands are using for branding their products, with some text or art in the depth of those products. The pictures that you think are created as graphics, are actually the depth effect art, and you can also make that for your own picture. It’s an easier tool, where you can choose among text and art to edit it as a depth effect behind.

AI Collage


The AI College works with the pictures with removed backgrounds and gives them a background responsive to their types. Currently, there are more than 10 templates from which you can choose, and the developers are working hard to create some more templates in the next update. You just need to be patient with all your photos that you want to add to the College; but until then, enjoy the templates we have there.

Multiple Layouts


Besides the AI Collage templates, you can also choose among the multiple Collage formats, where there are collages for three, four, five, or even up to eight pictures in a single image. You can use such an art to draw it on a birthday cake, event picture, or a big framed photo of the collage to gift someone special. All these features without paying any premium charges to EPIK.

AI Enhancements


EPIK app will make your editing professional with the AI Enhancement tools. Once you click this AI Enhancement tab for any picture, it automatically adjusts everything, including the blemishes, pimples, dark spots, teeth whitening, face fat, nose size, eye length, lips size, etc. Moreover, you can also customize what you want in real time with the actual AI data.

AI Cutout


AI Cutout is the automated background removal tool that works perfectly with the pictures with single color backgrounds, and still good with the images with multiple backgrounds. All you need is to pick a picture from which you want to cut the background and choose this feature. The AI function will automatically remove the background from your picture and ask you to either save it or use it with the AI Collage.

More features with MOD

The modified app has its privileges for what it’s known for. If you’re downloading an app from a third-party developer, it must be a privileged one, and otherwise there is no meaning of going that way.

That’s why the EPIK Premium MOD APK will provide you with some features like Watermark free exporting, no advertisements, unlocked AI features, as well as a massive library of templates. There are more features, but you should enjoy them with your experience after downloading the free premium app.


EPIK app is really an AI-centric application which allows people to edit pictures fluently with a giant range of features. But it won’t make you feel any worse about the device requirements. It can work on almost any Android smartphone as a video editor app can ask just for a few requirements as follows:

Operating SystemAndroid
OS Version8.0 or Above
PermissionCamera, Storage, etc.

Download EPIK MOD APK latest version for Android

AI can make mistakes in answering questions, or finding the texted images, but won’t be less efficient in editing pictures. The current era is about automating most of the daily tasks to the Artificial Intelligence and once you’ll download EPIK MOD APK, photo editing would automatically be done.

Some epic features are there in this app like Depth Field and AI Collage, which are actually worth trying without a single halt. Click the below download button and download the app right now.

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