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Name GTA 4
Publisher Rockstar Games
Genre Games
Size 380 MB
Version Latest
Update May 27, 2024
Mod Features Port PC to Android
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Are you searching for GTA 4 for your Android Smartphone? If that’s what you want,  enjoy the open world experience with the application we are providing in this post!

There is nothing Android Smartphones can’t do these days. They are capable of photo editing, video designing, coding, OS installing, rooting, as well as using Microsoft Office tools, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

You can complete every task compatible with your laptop or PC on your Smartphones these days, as they include such gigantic compatibility. Moreover, you can also play high-graphic games.

Open World games on Android Smartphones, Are you joking me? No, we aren’t! We’re providing legit information that you can play the FHD Rockstar Open World games these days directly on your Android Smartphones, like the GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City, and your favorite, GTA 4. Everything with zero need of a graphic card or any additional third-party installation.


GTA 4 is everyone’s favorite GTA series creation, as it includes incredible missions, and three different story modes, at the smallest size, while compared to the other GTA beasts.

Now, you can have the exact GTA 4 on your Android Smartphone without paying money to Google Play Store. All you need here is the modified game version already verified with the Play Store, GTA 4!

About Grand Theft Auto 4 Game?

GTA 4 is one of the most prosperous editions of Rockstar’s Open World GTA creations. You surely have played Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty City, and even GTA 5, but if you haven’t glimpsed GTA 4 yet, you’re unaware of a hidden gem. This version of Rockstar Games, the GTA 4 is also available on the Google Play Store and ranked among the Top 20 Action genre Android games.

This GTA’s creation includes a highly explosive armory, including your favorite Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Molotov Mocktails, and Hand Grenades. Moreover, you’ll also glimpse so many amazing vehicles within this game, including classic vehicles, muscle cars, and the supercars like Tunisia.

All of these gaming privileges can be yours at just a simplistic cost, i.e., 182.00 INR, the exact cost as that of GTA San Andreas. Now, thousands of professional gamers can’t afford money for gaming, and consequently, we’ve developed a modified version for them. This version includes the exact gaming interface with resources but offers everything free; get it below!

What is GTA 4 MOD Privileged?

GTA 4 Privileged sounds cooler than the GTA 4 official Android game, and it’s because of the premium sign inscribed within its name. However, you aren’t getting any additional privileges inside this gaming version, but what you desire the most is gonna be all yours after downloading GTA 4 APK.

This one is the modified version of the official GTA 4 game available on the official game stores but in the premium format. Basically, the GTA 4 delivers you the exact game access for absolutely free.


Yeah, you won’t need to pay a single penny to play GTA 4 on your Android Smartphone, as the GTA 4 has finally taken the place of an official game with an eternally accessible interface.

The modified version would also offer you the cheat code implementation, after which you can enjoy the premium weapons, cars, and magical game features with just a single phone click. Just open your phone inside the game, click the Cheat Codes section, and choose your favorite privilege to get it instantly.


The open-world gaming interface won’t be enough for you, as there are many of them around the online app stores, and we have got obsessed with them. Keeping that in mind, the privileged GTA 4 delivers you some advanced gaming features as listed below –

Open World Gaming Interface

Suppose an online virtual world, where there are individuals, cops, doctors, gangsters, and the national army. You’re too in that space and have accessibility to play with them all virtually. It’s overwhelming, right?

This overwhelming game interface can be all yours with a simple click on the link below. You can download it from below and enjoy a realistic open world with enormous weapons, vehicles, and AI gamers.

Three Adventurous Characters

For making you stick to the game, the GTA 4 developers have included three adventures in the game, each with different missions and different characters.

First one, you would have Niko Bellic, the main character with all the fantastic missions and amazing friends. You can date girls, drive them to pool parties, and do many things during the game. Later, you would have two more character missions, the Gay Tony and Billy Biker.

Coolest Vehicles and Weapons

Next after having the adventurous gaming missions, we finally landed on the most prosperous benefits we all love within the GTA console games. Yeah, I’m talking about super vehicles and highly explosive weapons.

The free modification of GTA 4 won’t disappoint you at any moment, and that’s why it offers you 50+ cars and 20+ weapons within the game interface. You can unlock all this stuff by completing missions or using cheat codes as we acknowledged below.

Mobile Cheat Codes

Do you know why we all love playing the GTA games? The major part isn’t the open world but the funniest in-game cheat codes. Cheat Codes make us capable of doing the premium fun inside these games that we can’t do without in-game money.

Likewise, this game also comprises all the crucial cheat codes, including cars, guns, armor, health, and wanted level reducer. Moreover, it’d also make you enjoy the game with some funny codes for becoming a magnet, shortening size, and armored pedestrians.


It’s an unbeatable GTA modification that includes a sufficient number of privileges that you can’t get on any other open-world Android game.

It’s a little the same as the other GTA games, but in the long term, you would feel something more impeccable that you haven’t enjoyed yet with any GTA open-world game.

So why are you waiting? Waiting means losing, so now it’s time to make this modified open-world game all yours. Just hit the below download link, download GTA 4 MOD APK at the first instant, and get unlimited money to make infinite purchases. Enjoy it!!

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